Welcome to the official website for the Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest series! The MaGMML series is quite possibly one of the biggest things to come out of the Mega Man community, with the sizes of the games unparalleled. You'll find lots of info about the series here, plus (once everything is ready) everything you'll need to participate in any upcoming contest, but feel free to join the community on Discord or the forums!

What is MaGMML?
The Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest series is all about what the title says - making a good level! Inspired by the Super Mario-based Make a Good Level contests, the MaGMML games are based in contests that are run sort of anually. Contestants are provided a 'devkit' with the most up-to-date Game Maker version that is either free or abandonware. The devkit currently is based in WreckingPrograms' Mega Engine. With this devkit comes tons of premade assets from the classic Mega Man games, with the amount of premade content increasing each game.. Contestants are then challenged to make the best level they can, and then submit the level to a panel of five judges. The judges all score the level based on a rubric and leave a comment, and eventually compile the full results!

Once the results are done, the compilation game is put together. In the past, the results have been revealed on-stream by community streamer Flashman85, but who knows what the future will bring? The game is then fully completed, featuring bonus content like a Wily Castle with levels by the judges, and then released to the public. Wash, rinse, and repeat.

There's a few misconceptions about the contest as a whole: One important aspect is that there is no quality control. ALL levels are accepted and put into the final game, unless they break a stated rule such as 'no NSFW content'. There are also no predefined 'rules' for a 'good Mega Man level' - creativity is encouraged, and there is no need to follow a rigid ruleset based on what the classic games did. Let your imagination run wild!

Frequently Asked Questions
* Q: What do I need to do to participate in the next contest?
A: Well, right now, submissions for MaGMML3 are not opened, but once it IS, a devkit will be provided for download. There will be a submission form once it opens to guide you through the rest.

  • Q: Do I need to know coding to participate?

  • A: Nope! You can make a great level with using only the premade assets. Check out Citadel Basement from MaGMML1 and Komuso Temple from MaGMML2 - the former is entirely premade assets and the latter only has a custom parallax object, and they both got into the top tiers of their games!

  • Q: * any question being directed to snoruntpyro *

  • A: Actually, for MaGMML3 things will be a little different! The third contest is being co-hosted by Mick Galbani and ACESpark, since snoruntpyro wanted to take a backseat for a bit and participate for herself, to shake things up. Direct all your questions to them!

  • Q: Who are the judges for the third contest?

  • A: Aside from the two hosts, who were guaranteed judge spots, the three other judges were decided through a two-step application process. The judges for MaGMML3 will be Mick Galbani, ACESpark, Shinryu, Flashman85, and Pachy.

  • Q: Where are the tutorials for the devkit?

  • A: The tutorials for the MaGMML3 devkit do not exist yet, as the devkit isn't up, but if you want a reference, ACESpark made three tutorial videos that can be viewed on the MaGMML2 Devkit page.

  • Q: What version of Game Maker will I need to participate?

  • A: MaGMML3 will be based in Game Maker Studio. Right now, Studio is almost abandonware - you cannot obtain a new copy anywhere legally. Don't worry, though - the devteam is working on a solution. You can attempt to force install the free GMS to your Steam account (if you have one) with this link, though it hasn't worked for everyone.

  • Q: Will you add X feature to the devkit?

  • A: Pop over to the forums or Discord and suggest it! We're open to suggestions for the devkit as long as they're reasonable to do and include.