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Full Version: Version 1.1
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The most notable changes to this version, is it is now possible to reach the Endgame. Good luck!

Critical Errors Fixed
* Wily 5 Boss softlock has been fixed.
* Buying the Boss Health reducer in the pit no longer softlocks the game at Galaxy Man.
* Tier X stage Mario Land now saves its Energy Elements correctly.
* There is no longer a crash during the Cyber Man fight. Ditto for Cyber Sheriff.
* The missiles in Launch and Shuttle Man's stage are no longer invisible.
* Tier X stage Wily VR can now be beaten.
* Fixed crashes involving Glue Devil and Mushroom enemies.
* Volt Man should no longer get stuck in the ceiling in the arena.
* Wily Machine's crash has been fixed.

Other Fixes:
* Hairless Rockman has been altered to not have palette issues.
* The game now asks for the correct Number of Energy Elements to enter Tier X.
* Various Tier bosses can now have times submitted to the leaderboard.
* AD2101 leaderboard submissions no longer count as cheating unless you actually cheat.
* Sasorrenu now checks to see whether Flash Stopper is in use.
* Davwin skin unlock is now correct.
* Butter Nezumi's music resets correctly.
* Cloaked Guy should no longer get stuck in the floor.
* The Exit utility should no longer get "stuck".
* OOB errors in Wily 6 have been corrected.
* Skelefellow (Haunt Man)'s eyes use the correct graphics now.
* Collision errors in the Wave Bike segments of Wily 4 and Rush City have been fixed.
* You can no longer move on ladders whilst using Slash Claw.
* City Under Siege's Rush Jet segment no longer screws up the player palette.
* Some sound effects play correctly now.
* Certain NPC's now refer to you as the correct character.

* The Game's Version number is now displayed. The game may ask for a connection to the internet, that is fine, it's checking to see if a new version is out.
* Various NPC dialogue has been updated, some now have exclusive text to certain costumes.
* More skins can now use the unlockable MaGMML2 weaponset.
* Helmet-less Rockman has been altered slightly.
* Dr Light's stupidier frames have been replaced. The skin may be wholly replaced at a later date.
* Dr Light now uses both weapon colours on the palette.
* The game now displays the version number.
* Wily 4 Boss has had one of its attacks nerfed speed-wise.
* Match Blast has had its ammo halved.
* A warning sign has been added to Orbital Station.
I feel like this is a good place to ask. How would I get my save file on version 1 on to version 1.1? I want to update before I play any farther.
(10-07-2017, 09:29 AM)TheRetroDude Wrote: [ -> ]I feel like this is a good place to ask. How would I get my save file on version 1 on to version 1.1? I want to update before I play any farther.

Both updates i've downloaded just grabbed the save automatically despite putting the versions in separate folders. I think MaGMML2 saves it to somewhere outside of the folder it's in.
That is indeed the case, the save file is in appdata rather than the game folder.