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A couple of suggestions
I'm posting here because I'm at work and can't get on Discord, and I want to make sure to get these out before I completely forget to again.
  • D-pad support. In the MAGMML2 engine, controller support was pretty good, but it lacked built in support for a controller's d-pad, only using the analog stick instead. I'm not sure if there was a specific reason for this, but after digging around a bit, I've been able to add perfectly functional d-pad support to my own build of the engine, and unless things are handled differently in GM:S, it should be pretty simple to add there as well. NEVER MIND IT'S ALREADY IN MAGMML2, I'M JUST DUMB
  • Knowledge of game systems. Things like potential skin systems and how they'll be handled, such as name variables and stuff like that, so that players using alternate skins can be addressed in levels, or at least to allow dialogue to refer to the proper name for whatever skin the player is using.
  • Basic story elements knowledge. For example, MAGMML2's festival, where each level is presented as a simulation. Basically, just a quick run down of the story sense in which levels will be presented, in case people want to potentially make use of that, or work their levels specifically around it, story wise.
  • NSF support. Borrow it from Mega Man Maker, possibly? It could definitely help keep the overall game size down quite a bit, considering about 70% of MAGMML2's size is MP3s.
I think that's all I've got at the moment. If I think of anything else, I'll add it in here!


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