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Extra Make a Good 24 Hour Mega Man Level
[Image: R180GPI.png]

Make a Good 24 Hour Mega Man Level

Hey everyone, I know this is kind of unexpected but here's a small treat a few of us put together. We put together a private mini test contest (mostly as a proof of concept) where contestants were given a box of 4 random items (2 enemies and 2 gimmicks) and had to make a level in 24 hours. We ended up getting 6 entries by known designers and they got scored by three judges.
This was all done in a version of the MaGMML2 devkit started on May 30th 2016. The contest ran for about two months then fell into production hell until this winter.
Questionably more important than this contest itself is that we will be running another similar contest open to everyone once the MaGMML3 devkit is public.
Yea, the games a bit rough around the edges but it should still be a fun experience!



Why didn’t I hear about this?
The contest was only known about in a private server with about 20 people, it was just easier to run in a small closed environment to work all the kinks out.

Can I join this server?
No, it’s a private hangout server.

How were the judges selected?
A few of us knew wanted to try judging so this gave us an opportunity to judge on small scale and see how we liked it without trying to get into one of the main MaGMML’s.

How were the weapon choices chosen, it genuinely puzzles me that people would’ve selected them?
Honestly we just kinda threw about 10 names for weapons out there and voted. Since we weren’t even sure if this would be released as a game or without any foresight there was no thought to selecting decent or balanced weapons.

When will the next contest be?
Whenever the MaGMML3 devkit is out. In that one it will be organized and structured much better with a different judge set. 

My game wont save
Make sure it doesn't share a folder with another game that has main.sav and file.sav otherwise there will be a conflict. If you are unsure keep it in its own separate folder

My game wont work properly
The file you download is a .7z, make sure you use 7zip to extract it. If you don't extract it it won't work properly.

Nice rompy MaGMML game.
Well this was unexpected.
[Image: uGYiktH.jpg]

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