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(Help needed on my WIP)
[Image: Dragon_Armor.png]

I think it's easy to guess why I got the idea to do this: one of the secret bosses in the MAGMML games is Harvest Moon FROM Cocoron, so... why not. This is just a WIP, but I have a problem...

[Image: Help.png]

When I try to play with it, I get errors. The mugshot has white background, when it shouldn't. Worse off, the Dragon appears as a solid color rather than the green and off-white that it should be. What did I do wrong?
Hello? Anyone?
Your image has a white background with the mugshot, there's no transparency there...Also, the image is too tiny, I can't even make out the problem with the masks. You may have just done the color option wrong, but I can't explain anything about that since I know nothing about how to make a custom skin.
[Image: Dragon_Armor.png]

Try this.

Edit: Try saving them.


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