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Version 1.4
Surprise! Here's a new patch! Lots of new stuff! The game is definitely done now. Unless new game breaking bugs are discovered, the game will not be patched.


Download Link:
As usual, get the game from the download page.

Simply extract the zip and run the game. Your saves will transfer over automatically. However, with this new version, saves from 1.4 will not be compatible with older versions. Your current saves will transfer to 1.4, though.

The torrent is not updated as of the moment, so just get 1.4 through the Drive or Mediafire mirrors.

New Features:
* EIGHTEEN new cheats have been added, ranging from small jokes to big gameplay changes. Not gonna spoil all of them here, that'd be lame!
* Two new Contest Weapons have been added, as originally intended for the game - Launch Rocket and Shuttle Jet! Launch Rocket is essentially a souped-up Magnet Missile, and Shuttle Jet is Super Arrow but on crack.
* Two new important NPCs have been added to the hub - the Costume Lord and the contest weapon data fanatic. The Costume Lord will give you hints for costumes you haven't obtained yet, and the fanatic will tell you more about any Contest Weapon you have equipped (including the full name). They appear after the batch costume and contest weapon data rewards, respectively.

Critical Errors Fixed:
* Fixed the 'infinite pause menu' glitch, where more and more pause menus would keep appearing as you tried to close it, softlocking the game (observed in the hub and Yggdrasil).
* Fixed the random crashes caused by the Surprise Bosses cheat.
* Fixed a bug where returning from the Boss Gallery would sometimes randomly crash the game.
* Fixed a bug where any cutscenes running in Tier 9 could be completely screwed up by pressing Down for the leaderboards as long as you were standing on a teleporter.

Other Fixes:
* The ingame leaderboards now properly display times over an hour.
* Fixed a GAZILLION bugs related to Mario. The infinite jump bug, the crouch clipping bug, and the iframe enemy stomp bug (kind of) have all been fixed. Mario also no longer falls off the world if you enter certain hub areas as him while playing as him via Cheat Mode. He also doesn't crash in the Gamma fight anymore. DO NOT REPORT ANY BUGS RELATING TO KNIGHT MAN, I DON'T KNOW HOW TO FIX THEM.
* Super Mode flying has been rewritten completely, fixing all the ridiculous clipping bugs and enabling a few new things. It now works in the Tier 8 hub, and Match Blast now synergizes with the flying. Sakugarne now won't work with the flying to prevent weird interactions.
* Fixed a bug where the Toad Man rain in Just an Ice Level would randomly clip you all over the place whenever it felt like it.
* Fixed the bug where on EXTREMELY rare occasions, Holograns would randomly load the tileset of Mario Land instead of their regular star background. The original, intended easter egg that this bug came out of has been restored as a result.
* Fixed a bug where if all utilities except Wire were disabled, you couldn't select Wire from the pause menu (observable in Wily 2, Bouncy Castle, etc.)
* Fixed a bug where you could teleport to an area via hub fast travel but couldn't enter the teleporter/door until you moved off and on of the area. All hub fast travels now take you straight to the teleporter as a result of this fix, and you can just teleport and immediately press up to enter.
* Fixed that the Drill Man levers (Holy Crap Mega Man Can Airslide, Donut Observation Center) were faulty and not actually hiding their solids properly.
* Fixed Lord Elewoofro, Mecha Bubble Man, Btd'nhan, and Milk spawning Energy Elements if they were killed while summoned from Surprise Bosses.
* Fixed being able to kill Surprise Bosses on the first frame they spawn, spawning an Energy Element.
* Fixed Mega Man Sprite Game taking you to Wily 6 if spawned via Surprise Bosses.
* Fixed a bug where the Challenge Tent monitor could be activated while on Rush Jet/Super Arrow/Match Blast, causing a menu storage bug that glitched the game out.
* Fixed a bug where the cloaked figure would appear in the pub before they were supposed to for the first cutscene.
* Fixed a bug where quick travelling to Light's Lab right when the third or fourth hub cutscenes were supposed to start would get the cloaked figure stuck in the floor.
* Fixed a bug where constantly pausing the game during the fights with either Cyber Man or Chimerabot 5 would have the chance to make the bosses disappear and softlock the game.
* Fixed the stupid boss door clipping glitch in the Arenas and Boss Gallery.
* The Grab Buster and spike upgrades in the Pit now actually work (!!!!).
* Avoidance Cherry now disables shooting and pausing like it's supposed to.
* Fixed the Hornet Man/Bright Man switching room in Identity Crisis not working properly.
* Fixed a bug where reflecting Mega Man Sprite Game's slam dunk attack with Jewel Satellite or Badge Barrier would crash the game.
* Fixed a bug where dying while on the submarine in Metallic Ocean would crash the game.
* Fixed a bug where dying to Jet Man would sometimes crash the game.
* Fixed a bug where using the Bad Scissors Day skin while fighting Cheat Man would attempt to load dialogue that doesn't exist and crash the game.
* Fixed a bug where dying in the Freeman/Stove shadow gimmick room in NAV after the checkpoint would glitch out everything.
* Fixed a bug where pausing while you were fighting Stone Butterfly would cause bad things to happen.
* Fixed a bug where you could softlock the game by entering the Super Pharaoh Man fight by entering on Sakugarne.
* Fixed a bug where the Energy Element spawned from the Launch Man and Shuttle Man fight could get stuck in the floor.
* Fixed a bug where hugging the rightmost wall while Ombuds Man does his ninja teleport attack would get Ombuds Man stuck offscreen.
* Fixed a bug where hanging out in the top left of the screen during phase 1 of the Knight Man fight would make Knight Man jump offscreen and never return.
* Fixed a bug where the bouncing platforms in the true final boss fight could cause upwards screen transitions and softlock the game.
* Fixed a bug where Super Knight Man's iframes would get disabled when he's switching to another healthbar, allowing for quick and dishonorable Force Beam kills.
* Fixed a bug where the spikes in the pit level Slippery Snakes didn't actually function as spikes.
* Fixed a bug where the Moon would absorb the health restore projectiles from Grab Buster/Haunt Pumpkin as if it was a weapon.
* Fixed the collectible count from Tier X looking for the wrong Energy Elements as well as the collectible counter itself being placed too far over from where it should have been.
* Fixed Chomp Claw interacting really weirdly with the Tier X rainbow effect.
* Fixed a bug where Mag Flies would pull you upwards even when you were still teleporting in.
* Fixed some bugs with the Cursor Curse cheat.
* Fixed the Bouncy Castle cheat interacting with the boss intros in Misty Lake, Rad Gravity and TSNAF.
* Fixed Baby Metalls having a really hard time with existing in general and just clipping wherever they want to.
* Fixed the rainbow teleporters from Tier 9 and NAV breaking if you used Rush Jet/Super Arrow/Match Blast to ride past them.
* Fixed a minor bug where you could detonate Neapolitan Bomb manually after the main shot had been reflected.
* Fixed a bug where Neapolitan Bomb would only go to the right when fired with the Huge Weapons cheat on.
* Fixed a bug where Chill Spikes would ignore the Skull Amulet.
* Fixed a bug where you could skip Galaxy Man's pinch attack by using Slash Claw on him. (megavile die)
* Fixed the cutscene after defeating Galaxy Man being bugged and having Mega Man very slowly fall down instead of slamming down as intended.
* Fixed a bug where Super Arrow while the Flashman85 cheat is active wouldn't play the sound effect that it was supposed to.
* Fixed a bug where killing yourself in the hub would cause the music to freak out if you were standing on certain screens.
* Fixed a bug where killing Door Man right as he was entering from a door would get the flashy silhouette effects stuck onscreen.
* Fixed a bug where killing Cheat Man while he was charging up his HP-to-1 cannon in Deep Thoughts would get the flashing telegraph stuck onscreen.
* Fixed a bug where on rare occasions Grab Buster and Cyber Distorter's shots would get stuck when reflected.
* Fixed a bug where the missiles in Wily Fortress VR were 8 pixels over from where they should have been.
* Fixed a bug where the costume shop posts would load the wrong GFX for a frame when entering the hub, as well as a bug where the dialogue would talk about costumes that weren't actually there.
* Fixed a bug where equipping Super Arrow and switching to another costume would load the wrong colors for that costume.
* Fixed a bug where jumping into the character-switching balls shot by Wily Machine SWORD while charging would keep your charge's outline palette.
* Fixed the starting timing of the final cutscene in NAV (it started before the game clear fanfare could finish).
* Fixed Rokko Chan's Sakugarne sprite being the stuff of nightmares.
* Fixed a graphical error where reflected projectiles from Jewel Satellite or Badge Barrier would turn into carrots if you were using the Karrot Man skin.
* Fixed Rush not playing some sound effects in certain cutscenes for whatever reason.
* Fixed that a certain pit in Wily 4 didn't actually have the pit object.
* Fixed a bug where using New Game+ and trying to skip the intro cutscene with quick travel would cause the intro cutscene repeat on subsequent visits to the lab and reloads of the game.
* Fixed a bug where buster shots shot by Rush Coil and Jet would not affect Surprise Cans.
* Fixed a bug where switching to the buster while on Sakugarne with the Lingering Weapons cheat would drain the buster's "weapon energy" and eventually render it unusable.
* Fixed an error in Magic Crash Pit Ride where you would get hit immediately by the Ben K.
* Fixed an error in Logan's Runner where the Yudon was not working as intended.
* Fixed a bug where the homing Energy Element shots from the Wily Core fight would go after the megablocks, even after they were destroyed.
* Skeleton Joes and their bones now properly die when Flash Stopper is used on them. (Yes MegaVile this is intentional.)
* Fixed the "treds" typo in the tier 4 boss cutscene.
* Fixed the looping of the fortress boss song in the sound test being completely wrong.
* The Met skin's Rush Jet sprites are now properly aligned.
* Fixed some co-op bugs, including the jittery camera, ice physics and some Jewel Satellite bugs.
* Fixed that wavy text in Tier 8 wouldn't animate for some reaosn.
* Fixed 128-Up's username being wrong.

Other Changes:
* Updated the Cut Man and Rokko Chan skins to be more polished all around. Rokko Chan now can use Alter Weapons as a result. Thanks MystSvin and InUniverse!
* Proto Man, Bass and Roll now all get their own Rush Coils and Jets. Some frame alignment issues with Bass' skin have also been fixed.
* Chomp Claw and Carry have been buffed. Chomp Claw can now be set off early by pressing the fire button again, and it will do its best to let you stand on top of it, but sometimes it can't pull it off Sad. Carry has been buffed so that you can have three Carries onscreen at a time.
* Cheat Man now hangs around in the hub after unlocking Cheat Mode. If you talk to him, he will warp you to the cheat menu.
* Eddie can now be revived by going to the shop or purchasing the Eddie item in the Pit.
* The Pit of Pits level select has been significantly spruced up - it now shows the level name and author, has a proper cursor, and plays the proper Pit theme once you select a level. The controls for the shop have also been tweaked.
* The cheat menu has been streamlined - the controls for it are much more consistent now, and there are more sound effects. You can also now use quick weapon switch buttons to quickchange pages.
* The Contest and Music randomizers have been split into seperate cheats. I counted the music randomizer as a new cheat when counting, don't judge me.
* The randomizer cheats now always randomize every single time you use the cheats.
* Added an easter egg to Wily Star 4 - if you return to it after defeating Dr. Wily, you'll be able to find a teleporter to play the original, un-nerfed level. The unnerfed level got some visual touchups, such as drop shadows and the weapon changers being different colors depending on what weapon you'll get.
* Added seperate leaderboards for Strawberry Milk. As a result, a way to refight regular Milk after defeating Butter Nezumi has been added. Hold down your Pause button while entering the teleporter.
* Fixed leaderboard errors with Mario Land and Star Road not submitting.
* The Hornet Man and Bright Man skins will now retain their original colors when using their weapons.
* Quint now has his original green palette while riding Sakugarne.
* Mount Sabre's ending theme has been restored - it got lost in the importing over a year ago. It is now song 250 in the sound test, unlocked after 100%. A nice even number.
* The game now has a notification whenever you take a screenshot.
* Proto Man's whistle intro will now stop the music and resume it when it's over.
* The arena item droppers now will display the skin's current 1-Up rather than Mega Man's 1-Up.
* The Rush Jet in Phase 2 of the Knight Man fight now uses your skin's Rush Jet.
* The Noble Nickel gathering cutscene in the third phase of the Knight Man fight has been sped up.
* Knight Man's meteor attack has had its RNG tweaked to help prevent unfair trapping situations.
* Knight Man now tells you the controls for Super Mode after being defeated, and you now return to the pub instead of Light's Lab after the fight.
* If Quick Travel is unlocked, the Exit button in the hub will be replaced by a Map button.
* Tier 10 now has a Galaxy Man portal at the bottom of the tier that takes you straight to the top, and vice versa. Quint has been moved to that empty platform as a result.
* Changed the pool for Surprise Bosses slightly to get rid of some weirdness and bugs. The glitchy Quarantine Woman, the Splash Woman copy, and the fake Joe Man from Metallic Ocean are all gone now.
* Corrected some missing tile issues in ParmaJon's fire wave NAV room.
* Improved the FG/BG contrast in Entity's buzzsaw NAV room.
* Unbeatable Air Man's tornadoes in the third phase of the fight no longer pierce invincibility frames. Air Man himself has also gotten a contact damage nerf.
* You no longer teleport away before the Kid's last-ditch attack plays out in the boss gallery.
* Corrected the music sources for City Under Siege and Wilys 2 and 4 and added the source for Combust Man's theme.
* The Wily 2 skip has been re-added, this time fully intentional. It requires a specific weapon now though.
* You can now skip the intro and Tier 1 cutscenes by PRESSING 2. (this fixes a crash bug as well)
* You can now unlock the Davwin costume through the arena (but not the boss gallery, as the infinite E-Tanks would cheese the challenge completely.)
* ACE's NAV room's intro now uses your custom skin's mugshot instead of a generic image.
* Added a new easter egg to the Bouncy Castle cheat in the hub.
* The Flashman85 cheat has had several new sound effects and one new easter egg added.
* The Tier 1 and 6 hubs actually have ceilings again, all while Rush doesn't actually get stuck in the ceiling!!!
* Moved the ceiling in the third nickel room of Coyote Man down a tile to prevent an unintentional break.
* The Knight Man beer spawner no longer spawns beer during the Wily 6 cutscene.
* Wily Core's healthbars now have different, less ugly colors. They're definitely not stolen from Spiked Wall Man.
* Fixed a graphical error with the Wood Man NPC in Tier 2.
* Fixed a few graphical errors and a visual clipping issue with Zook Hero Scorch Man in the tier 4 boss fight.
* Fixed a x origin graphical error with the Magic Man NPC in the pub.
* Fixed a very small graphical error with Lightning Lords.
* The energy and weapon energy spawners now spawn Yasichis, to speed things up for speedrunners.
* Tweaked some dialogue in certain places (namely Wily 6) to be less cheesy and/or make more sense.
* Tomahawk Man's dialogue changes now if you beat Wily.
* Tweaked the wording of the prompt before Wily Star to avoid confusion.
* Updated the MM8 Sled sprites. They're just slightly different. Quack made me do this.
* Updated the Die Sign sprites in NAV.
* Updated Ren's icon for the Wily 6 author credit skull thing.
* Galaxy Man's kiss graphic has been moved over 8 pixels. Shocking.
* Updated Enjl's Colorful Hall comment and Garirry's judge intro.
* I may or may not have added some easter eggs to Tier X post-NAV clear.
* Some NPCs got new dialogue, including Plug Man, who now is blessed with the power of 'his dialogue is tied to the server so we can change it at any time we want'.
* Jupi is in the credits for the Noble Nickel name now. :triumph:


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