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Help with green stars
I don't usually ask for help on finding collectibles, but a few of the green stars have me at wit's end. And Crystal Man doesn't help with them, so yeah. And yes, I'm actually going to get all of the green stars. Probably one of three people crazy enough to do it. Anyways, I only have four left.

1) Apparently in the Tier 9 hub. It says 25/26 collected, and I have all of the ones from the levels, and the star found in the upper corner near the rainbow pillar. I've covered every pixel in this area and can't find it.

2) In Goblins and Ghasts. I have the one in the first area over a pit near all the guillotines, and the one in the last area that's under the falling ground with wind pushing you back. I've played the level like 10 times, and I can't find the last one.

3) Two left in Null and Void. I have the one in Renhoek's Volt Man DOS room. There's another one in Beed's bouncy castle redux room. I found it easily, but oddly enough, it seems unobtainable. It's in the cave area, tucked away in a corner where it seems like you absolutely need to use utilities to reach it, but that room disables all utilities. The remaining nickel evades me completely, and I am NOT playing all of NAV again just to find it. 

Also, Changeable Caverns' teleporter does not display it having green stars, even though it does.
In theory wherever the other one in tier 9 is, it'd be in the hub. There's only 3 stars per stage and 3 doesn't divide evenly into 25.

That said I haven't found it yet. Maybe it's a mistake?

Edit: Yeah the one in Bouncy Castle Redux seems outright impossible, unless you can use a cheat for it like reverse gravity flip on command, though I dunno if that'd even work.
I have 310/314 green stars, and the tier 9 sign says 25/26, has to be there, yet I find myself completely stumped. I talked to every NPC, popped all the balloons, and even checked up and down the entire rainbow pillar. Nothing. I'm at a loss. 

And yeah, it's like the Bouncy Castle redux nickel was placed by someone who didn't check the pause menu. I really don't think you can get it without using other cheats.
Well at the very least I can confirm you should be able to use the gravity flip on command cheat to get the one in Bouncy Castle Redux, since the Green Star Mode doesn't disable it. It's not ideal but it should still work.

I had to use it order to force my way past soft locks in Orbital Station.
Well, I got the impossible star. Did it with a Burst Chaser and Air Sliding combo. And I STILL haven't found the other three. At this point, I'm starting to think that they don't exist. I mean, they should, but I've tried literally everything I can think of and have had no success.

Also, another weird glitch with the green stars I just noticed. In Boil Man, there is only 1 green star, but it counts as 3 stars. Not game breaking by any means, but certainly odd.
Speaking as someone who's obtained all but one star (I spent 5 hours last night trying to find that last one in NaV!), I can safely say that two of those are definitely not unobtainable.

1. The 26th star in Tier 9... actually isn't in Tier 9 at all! There's someone hogging it in the Chateau Chevaleresque.
[Image: ts3JtMs.png]

2. Man, Goblins N' Ghasts' second star is hidden way too well. After a lot of "pixel hunting" traversing every inch of the second part of the stage, I found it... in the moat. Right in the middle, underneath the fifth falling bridge segment.
[Image: eHyLFFB.png]
Okay, while I REALLY should be kicking myself for not checking the chateau...why would I expect one to be in there? Tier 9 and the chateau aren't anywhere close to one another. That's just dastardly and, well, dumb.

And I swear I tried falling into that moat. I guess I never fell into the dead center. Of course not. I wouldn't have it any other way.

The last NAV star...hmm. I feel it's in either a floor 3 or floor 4 room, since one star is on floor 1, and another is on floor 6. It would strike a good middle ground. But it's just a random hunch.
Well, holy shit, I actually found it. Now excuse my incompetence; I can't capture a screenshot, so I'll try my best to explain it.

It's on floor 3, in Zieldak's maze room. Progress through the segment normally until you reach the room with the floating turrets from Cyber Man, the fire breathing lobster from Boil Man, and the ghost devils. On the right side of the room, near a Battle Network-type Met, is a strangely marked wall. Slide through it to drop into a room with a wall cannon, ghost devils, and a single met. 

Here's where it happens. Kill the wall cannon and the met, then jump to the ledge the met was perched on, and slide. You'll enter a hidden Metroid-styled room. Grab the M tank if you want, and then slide through the pipe with the arrow on it. The star is in the pipe.

Not gonna lie, I only found this by sliding against every wall in the area, hoping to find something. I'm stunned that it actually payed off. Only reason I did so was because I just had a hunch that it would be in that segment. It's so large and confusing that it only makes sense.

Btw, if there is a reward for finding all of the stars, I haven't found it yet. Something tells me there isn't one. You DO get a solid green-tinted crown on your save file, though. So there's that?
(03-09-2018, 04:53 AM)Mr. G-Force Wrote: Btw, if there is a reward for finding all of the stars, I haven't found it yet. Something tells me there isn't one. You DO get a solid green-tinted crown on your save file, though. So there's that?
You mean to say that having a sense of pride and accomplishment isn't enough?

Yeah, didn't think there was going to be anything special besides the obvious green crown. Ah well.
Yep, you get literally nothing from the stars lol. There's no reward so people don't feel obligated to go get these horrible children I dumped in the levels on a Friday night.


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