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MaGMML2 Wily 3 Riplings Softlock

I'm playing through MaGMML2 and am currently on Wily 3, but the Energy Element does not spawn after defeating the Riplings. I've tried beating them with as many methods as I can possibly think up(beating the last one in the air, grounded, with all the weapons, etc.) but the element has never spawned for me. I also tried closing the game altogether and replaying Wily 3, but nothing worked out.

Is there a certain issue I'm not catching here? I've already updated to 1.4 if that helps.

Thanks for your help!

Edit: I figured out my problem. I just joined the Discord and saw that there was a quick fix for this. I re-downloaded 1.4 and everything works properly now. I'm leaving this up in case anyone else forgets to update and runs into the same problem.


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