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(Tutorial) How to Make a Good Mega Man Level
sup guys today we're gonna learn how to make a good mega man level ok lets go

First off, you gotta make sure that your stage uses literally everything in the devkit because people like variety a lot. For enemies, I recommend using Pakatto 24s, Apache Joes, UpNDowns and Bladers a lot because they are the best enemies that will challenge the player in a fun way. Also make sure they're placed in a way that will make them almost impossible to dodge because we don't want the stage to be too easy.

Next, think of some fun stage gimmicks. Again, make sure to use everything in the devkit because we don't want the stage to be repetitive, do we? Be sure to use Count Bombs a lot because they've always been the best gimmick in any Mega Man game. Also be sure to use lots and lots of Force Beams because Quickman's stage is the best level ever and also make sure to make them come out of the wall randomly because that was what made Yggdrasil so much fun it should've really won MaGMML the second one. Also make the level have a million different branching paths with collectibles in each to make the player always come back for more.

Next, the asthethics. This step really isn't that important, no one really gives a shit about them so just throw a bunch of random placeholder graphics together and use the default music. Oh and random invisible and fake blocks are a really fun and fair challenge you should definetly use them.

Oh and one last thing: don't put checkpoints in your stage they are for wussies.
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you forgot spikes that dont look like spikes
You also forgot that the longer the stage is the better it is. It should be at least four times as long than an average stage from an official title.
Oh right, I forgot: You gotta make the stage 5 billion hours long because that's always fun and make sure to use a lot of fake spikes because that will make the stage more fun.

Also, always remember to NEVER USE CHECKPOINTS!
[Image: uGYiktH.jpg]

My Switch friend code: SW-5399-6466-3493
oh yeah you gotta rip off a devkit stage and delete the boss


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