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Version 1.2

Download Link:
As usual, get the game from the download page.

Simply extract the zip and run the game. Your saves will transfer over.

New Features
* A Boss Gallery has been added to the Dojo! Now you can refight most bosses at any time. You unlock the bosses as you complete levels and Challenges.
* Noble Nickels now no longer permanently disappear and instead return in a greyed-out form. Collecting the greyed out nickels in non-Skip Teleporer rooms will give 20 bolts.

Critical Errors Fixed
* Cruise Elroy's section in Wily 6 no longer immediately crashes the game.
* Renhoek's maze room in Null and Void no longer has infinitely dying Rong Rongs and portals that kill you.
* The Bright Man teleporters from Identity Crisis work again. (I still don't know why they broke)
* You can no longer softlock yourself by pausing mid-Slash Claw.
* The Mega Man hitbox applied by Stone Butterfly is no longer destroyed by Jewel Satellite and its variants.

Other Fixes:
* Galaxy Man is now immune to the Contest Weapons.
* Fixed the Za Warudo shader persisting in the Knight Man fight if you transitioned to the next phase while the attack was still on.
* Super Mode flying can no longer be toggled in spaceships.
* Escape Sequence has had its autotiler removed and manual tiles added, which should drastically decrease load times.
* Mega Man now counts as a costume on the file select, bringing the total to an even 28.
* Sound Test now displays the proper level names for Lacked the Depth and HCMMCAS if you have G-rated text content on.

Other Changes:
* Wily 6 has been tweaked further. The right path in the loop is now permanently open.
* An extra two checkpoints have been added to Swiss Hotel.
* A sign has been added to the Tier X hub to make it more clear where the final level is.
* Completed Null and Void rooms now display crowns above their teleporters.
* Super Mode is no longer allowed in any of the Arenas if you haven't cleared said arena. (get good megavile)
You guys should probably announce which version number is being released. I nearly missed this release since I thought this announcement was for version 1.1 still.
Super Mode is disabled for Arenas now? Welp, there go any chances I had at 100%ing the game.  I honestly thought that you guys just made anti-cheating measures because I couldn't damage Volt Man the Assimilator AT ALL in Super Mode. I guess that 93% above my save file is here to stay.

Speaking of save files, how do I transfer mine between versions?
Don't worry about it, they're stored elsewhere. Your new saves will transfer.
Where is the download link to these updates?  I can't find it anywhere....thanks in advance!
They're on the download page on the website.

@casualChris volt man the assimilator being unkillable in super mode was a bug. It's fixed now.


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