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Say Hello! - Introduce yourself here!
I'm JupiHornet and I have been called the most disagreeable judge in MaGMML 2.
Hello, I was a judge for MaGMML2. I also made Wily 4. I am a Mega Man fan, and I like making games. I don't know what else to say.
i make the cool graphics and the cool beta testing
hello, i'm Freeman. i didn't actually work on the dev team but i was half of the team on the 3rd place level
Hey everybody! You'll probably know me as the guy whose level got disqualified due to breaking ACESpark. But I did some beta testing and minor programming on the game too, which I enjoyed doing!
I'm gone-sovereign. I was the guy that submitted the 21st place level, "City Under Siege". It was bad.

I'm an amateur graphic artist. I like professional motor racing and the kind of emo music that people probably stopped caring about around 2011. That's pretty much it.
im only here because mini macro wont report bugs for me
Hey there everyone, it's dracmeister/Zatsupachi. The guy infamous for various mishaps such as:
Impatiently Waste on Zebes(MaGL X2)
Burning Kingdom(MaGL 3)
Yggdrasil(MaGMML 2)

Also I have various on-going projects such as Cream's Adventure(an MM/X-esque) and Rockman Doomsday which I do in my spare time if I'm not doing thesis work.
Hey there, I'm Karakato Dzo and I do art from time to time.
Hello, Stormer Aurion here, figured I'd sign up for the forums since I play the game.


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