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Say Hello! - Introduce yourself here!
I'm Pachy. I made that ice level thing in the contest.

Umm, yeah. That's it...

I also like Touhou, I guess.
Hello! I'm Cheez. I was a judge for the first MaGMML contest, and, well, I meant to participate in the second... Anyway, I love Mega Man and I love making things- videos, levels, short stories, you name it. Hope to get to know you all!
Hi, I'm the guy who made the Super Mario Bros. 3 level. Sorry about the enemy spam! I also made two levels for the Pit levels and two levels for the Megaman Endless fangame.
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also I made that level in Tier 8.
Hello! I'm milesiscool123, (why do i still use this name) that one guy that actually had nothing to do with either of the MaGMML games. However, I think that it's a cool game, and I'm planning on maybe making a level for MaGMML3!
I'm DragonFaku, how are you guys doing? I already beated the game and i must say, the ammount of details and love that was put into this game is phenomenal. It was enjoyable from beginning to end. Congrats to all the contestants.
Hello! I am happygreenfrog, also known as AgentAdamantium, as well as a few other nicknames that I have mostly stopped using that no longer really matter. A lot of people in the past have noted that my forum posts are rather long, and that is rather true admittedly. I also have made a few games, but nobody really cares about that, do they? You probably care more about whether I've eaten salad today (I haven't), or what color my eyes are (blue, BTW), or whether or not I live in the USA (I do). Or maybe you actually do care about the "indie game developer" more?

I'm also a bit of a jokester at times, even if my jokes can be pretty bad, such as that previous one I just made about me treating those fairly mundane things as though they were more interesting. I also spend plenty of time playing video games when I'm not making them, as well as plenty of time questioning why politics are.

Oh, and I also really enjoyed MaGMML2 and am hoping to at minimum be able to submit a level for MaGMML3.

Well, it is rather late where I live, so I best be getting to bed soon. See you around!
Non-hater of Mega Man X7, developer of some rather obscure indee videya gamez, and creator of Mega Man Maker meme/joke levels, as well as the creator of a few non-meme/non-joke Mega Man Maker levels.
Hello! I am IrrelevantMage, a common person who enjoys games like Megaman, Final Fantasy, etc, besides having enjoyed a lot of MaGMML2 and wanting to do a level for MaGMML3, and I hope to be a videogame developer in the future.
Hello, I'm TheRetroDude! I made that one level with the blue cursor guy.
Socially awkward and just trying my best
If I upset you it's probably on accident sorry
Hello, I'm Dragon Fogel, some people here who go to Talkhaus might know me.

I played through both MaGMMLs recently and enjoyed them a lot, figured I might as well pop in here.


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