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Say Hello! - Introduce yourself here!
Sup, I'm some guy named MegaBoy.

I'm special because i'm in the credits for Mega Man Maker
Hi I'm BraveBowmanTBW, I'm an amateur YouTuber, sprite artist, and webcomic writer. I really love demaking Mega Man (classic, x) sprites, and using the Mega Man style of spriting. I had nothing to do with the first or second MaGMML games, I just joined so I could share one of my skins.
The Guardian of the Multiverse and Spriter Extraordinaire

[Image: x_and_zero_s_idle_animations_in_8_bit_by...bp264f.gif]
I don't think I've ever introduced myself, so hi! I'm Reflux, and I've been a huge Mega Man (classic, X, ZX, Battle Network, Star Force) fan for many years, but I never really worked up the nerve to get myself into the online MM community. So, here I am now!
MegaManTechno here, I'm a lethargic fart who needs to get back to making sprites.
hi im duorogue and I exist

I made this pfp myself
Hey, I'm Snessy the duck, a name which some of you might recognize from the SMBX, VGR or Mega Man Maker forums. I heard about MaGMML2 from the Mega Man Maker forums, decided to give it a try, loved it and here I am.

Also shoutouts to Enjl he's awesome.
I'm Uzendayo and I'm here to yell at Jupihornet
Hi, I'm Eclipse, i'm from the Discord and I liked MaGMML2 alot, also I want to participate on MaGMML3, kaks.


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