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MaGMML3 Question about the program used
I know it's Game Maker, but what version of Game Maker would it be? Would it be the classic Game Maker's 8.1? Would it be that expensive Game Maker Studio thing? Would I need Pro to make a level? If I want to enter but can't use Game Maker, am I simply just barred from entry, or can I collaborate with another user to help create my level?

p.s. sorry if this is the wrong category for this thread, I'm new to these forums
We're using Studio, but Studio is able to be obtained legally for free. You can force install it to your Steam account with this.
Which version of Studio?
Hey, this actually is suddenly very relevant to this because Game Maker Studio just introduced version 2, and took away the free option, even making for Windows is 40 bucks. I'm not sure how this is going to affect the contest and wanted to see what you're intending to do.
What if we used Mega Man Maker instead?

edit: nah, that would suck, you can't add custom assets or logic to your levels, but then are there any other engines out there to use?


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