What does it offer?
The very first Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest took place in 2016. Done in Blyka's Engine, the game was a launching point for what would become a much larger series. Being the first installment of the series, there are plenty of quirks all over the place - there are only 20 entries, there are no infinite lives, the rubric is copied from MaGLX2 and borderline incomprehensible, the weapon set has a lot of overlap due to the voting not being set into categories, and the game is absolutely full of bugs.

Regardless of the quirks, the game still set the foundation for the much bigger games after it - five people judge levels based on certain criteria, they are placed into tiers, Wily stages by judges are included, and everything is compiled into a big game in the end. History must be preserved! Play at your own risk - there are loads of bugs and the whole game is full of jank.

Rumor has it that a remake may be on the way...

Mega Man
  • 20 regular levels, 4 tier bosses and 6 Wily levels to blast through.
  • 8 Special Weapons voted in, as well as the ever-present Rush Coil and Jet.
  • A shop with several different upgrades to buy, including a Proto Man costume.
  • Several secrets such as secret boss fights and a boss rush in the Arena.
  • Loads of ridiculous bugs to provide hours of entertainment.