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Version 1.3.1
 Created by: ThatEntityGuy Date: 13-11-2017 , 0 Replies
This update includes some important fixes, like making Wily 4 not literally unbeatable. Link to download page:


Critical Errors Fixed * Fixed the final electric ceiling at the end of Wily 4's sakugarne section. * Reverted milk and strawberry hitbox changes, which completely broke the latter fight. * Fixed stuck spot in Shin's NaV room. * Fixed invincibility issue with Lava Factory custom met. * Fixed leaderboard timer breaking in true arena when you fight one of the tier bosses. Other Fixes * Added solids to the Wily 4 water just below the final nickel so there's no clipping issues * Strawberry milk jets now spawn properly if you lose to them and retry the fight. * If you somehow have excessive EE and NN it now forces the maximum 126 and 220 numbers retrospectively upon loading the main hub. * You can no longer grab the Wily 4 weapon changers with Hornet Chaser. * Raised ceiling in M-Tank room in Deep Thoughts so that the poor Yggdrasil Joe can spawn "properly". * "Not Mega Man" skin is now correctly known as "Mega Man?". * Fixed a few frames in Mega Man?'s skin, including his scarf in his jumping firing frames, his buster in his sliding frame, and his boot in his step frame. * Fixed colouring on Joe Man's Rush sprites. * You no longer automatically regain full health when initiating the Wily Core fight in the True Arena. * Fixed hub vertical scrolling when leaving Bouncy Castle and Coyote Man. Other Changes * Added moving ladder to Cheat Man's room in Deep Thoughts. * Disabled weapon switching during the credits. * The pixel coordinate that indicates a custom costume's ability to use contest weapons is now the "skip" pixel instead of being a new pixel at the very bottom
Version 1.3
 Created by: SnoruntPyro Date: 12-11-2017 , 2 Replies
1.3's finally out! Yay! It's been too long. Hopefully, this should be the final major patch. Changelog: Download Link: As usual, get the game from the download page. Simply extract the zip and run the game. Your saves will transfer over. Level Tweaks: * Wily Star II, Stage 4   * The spikes in the Sakugarne and Super Arrow sections have been changed to electrically charged blocks that do 7 damage.   * The start of the Sakugarne section has been nerfed a bit to let the player get used to Sakugarne more.   * The 'awkward' jump mid-Sakugarne section has been replaced with a new obstacle.   * Some spikes in the Wheel Cutter section have been removed.   * Some extra platforms have been added to the Super Arrow section to create more of a difficulty curve.   * Autobounce's Grab Buster attack has been nerfed to recover less health and shoot one less shot. * Swiss Hotel   * The infamous door has had a safety net placed under it, and the Crash Lifts go away so as to not crush you.   * Some other doors have had safety nets added.   * A sign has been added to make it more clear where the Noble Nickels are versus the boss.   * Fixed an error in the other sign that referred to the boss of an older version of the level. * Null and Void   * A new area, the Null Terminal, has been added. It allows you to travel to any floor you've reached.   * You can now toggle music variety in the level (on by default). Each room in the level will reuse existing music from previous levels.   * All rooms now have checkpoints bar two of them (no good place for them). To get back to the NAV hub, you use the Exit utility.   * An obstacle in R4 Pyro's room has been changed to make things easier overall.   * Nerfed Zieldak's maze room - there are now clearer hints as to where the fake tiles are.   * Fixed a nonfunctional bottomless pit in the Komuso Man room.   * Fixed an easter egg room in Cruise's room being blocked off for some reason.   * Fixed some tiling errors in Zieldak's maze room and Cruise's VVVVVV room.   * Fixed the Virtual Boy autoscroller not using the correct Yoku Block sprites on the first cycle of them.   * You can no longer leech health with Grab Buster or Haunt Pumpkin from the bounce switches in Beed's room.   * Hopefully fixed being able to glitch disabled weapons into the no jumping room. New Features: * You can now press F3 to change the screen size of the game without having to go to the options menu. * A new cheat has been added to round out the cheat number - No Boss I-Frames. * You can now take ingame screenshots by pressing F9. Critical Errors Fixed: * The hub cutscene lock bug has been fixed - for anyone wondering, it was caused by exiting out of the game when the first cutscene at Chateau Chevalresque was in progress. If your save has been affected by this bug, simply reload your save, go back to the Chataeu, and then all cutscenes will be reactivated and will play sequentially if you exit and reenter the main hub. * The black screen custom costume bug should (hopefully) have been fixed. * Fullscreen should now fully work properly and not cause black screens on some computers. * Finally fixed all cutscene Energy Element weirdness. Tier X will only activate at 111 Energy Elements no matter what, and you can no longer trigger the second half of the Wily Star cutscene early. Other Fixes: * The file completion percentages for saves actually maxes at 100% and not 99% now. * Wily Stage leaderboards are now functional and viewable ingame at the Dojo. * Hopefully fixed many custom costume bugs - skins should no longer all be called 'Woman', and you can no longer glitch Contest Weapons into the skins. Instead, you can enable them on a per-skin basis by putting a white dot at coordinates 1430, 772. * Ruined Lab has been manually tiled and had its animation objects changed, which has decreased load times significantly. * Wily 6's maze has had its animation objects swapped out for another object, which has decreased load times significantly. * You can now use D-Pads if you want to use a supported Gamepad. * Fixed getting stuck underneath ceilings on occasion with Air Slide enabled. * Fixed a bug where you could kill Btd'nhan while not in its boss room in Wily Stage 2. * Fixed a bug where some wrong code setting and saving rendered the actual Pit completion cutscene completely inaccessible. * Severely reduced the glitchiness of the grass section in Mario Land. * Fixed a bug that gave you free movement while the Boss Gallery menu was still activated. * Some bosses in the Boss Gallery have had some Arena-caused quirks fixed: Wishing Star now has his low gravity, Haunt Man now drops health pickups like the original fight, the Yggdrasil bosses have had their original damage values restored, and the Boss Whopper rises to his Orbital Station position. * Fixed weirdness with using the Bouncy Castle cheat while fighting Revenge of Toad Man. * Fixed a bug where you could double kill some phases of Absolute ZERO if you used a multihitting weapon like Slash Claw to deal the final blow. * The level select in the Pit no longer causes odd bugs if you try to start a new regular run. * Fixed being able to select Groovity Man in the Boss Gallery while in Co-Op mode. * Fixed a bug allowing you to buy more than one M Tank in the pit. * Fixed a random pit in Wily Fortress VR not actually killing you. * Fixed being able to see a random Pharaoh Man sprite occasionally on Gamma's weak point. * Fixed Spiked-Wall Man's shooter tiles being misaligned. * Fixed collected Noble Nickels still showing up on the Level Mapper. * Fixed signs in Biplane Bay, Sector Upsilon 6 and Null and Void calling you Mega Man regardless of costume. * Fixed some clipping issues with the character versus magnet machines. * Fixed Bubukans and Spring Heads having some clipping issues with walls. * Fixed Mag Flies dropping you through the ground on occasion. * Fixed the wind gimmick in the second section in Goblins N' Ghasts. By 'fixed', I mean, 'readded because it mysteriously disappeared'. * Tweaked hitbox of Milk and Strawberry Milk to hopefully fix clipping issues with them. * Fixed CATS interfering with and/or permanently turning on the Flashman85 cheat in the Arena and Boss Gallery. * Fixed player being misgendered when told to burn in hell. * Fixed some projectiles lingering if you made Galaxy Man go into critical mode at the wrong time. * Fixed ACESpark's comment comics not displaying in the proper resolution in fullscreen. * Fixed the quick lasers in AD 2101 being instakill instead of doing 8 damage as originally submitted. * Fixed the mutants in Quarantine Woman dropping items - an aspect not intended by the submitter. * Fixed a bug where Jewel Satellite's ammo would sometimes overflow past 28. * Fixed a stray teleporter at the spawn in A Light Challenge allowing you to skip the whole thing. * Fixed some spikes in Slipperly Snakes being nonfunctional. * Fixed misaligned animated tiles and the nonfunctional spawner in Junkyard 81. * Fixed a weird double save occuring after defeating Holo Dragon. * Fixed the health bar being visible during certain cutscenes and the ending. * Fixed the Tier X particle effect and the player healthbar being visible in the Sonic CD time travel cutscene thing in Tier X. * Fixed a random rainbow block being visible behind Launch Man in Tier X. * Fixed being able to move and pause the game during a random moment when controls should be locked in the Absolute ZERO fight. * Fixed the background in Absolute ZERO phase 4 mirroring itself when the boss changes directions. * Fixed the skip teleporters in Neon Man and Sector Upsilon 6 missing green particles. * Fixed the Dragon Coins in Mario Land using the wrong sprite on occasion. * Fixed controls not being properly locked when riding Launch Man into Tier X, which lead to several crash bugs. * Fixed a bug in the 25 Energy Elements cutscene where Rush would get stuck in the ceiling if you triggered the cutscene coming back from Tier 6. * Fixed a masking error in Proto Man's Slash Claw frames. * Fixed Family Friendly mode being ignored by randomized judge comments. * The roster for the Surprise Bosses cheat has been changed to have less bosses that crash everything and more of the Fortress and Tier X bosses. * Fixed Coyote Man's ice attack bypassing the Invincibility cheat. * Fixed M Tanks being called 'Weapon Tanks' in the pit shop. * The Mega Man? skin is no longer called just "Mega Man" by NPCs. * Fixed MrKyurem's username being typoed as "MyKyurem". * Fixed the Joe Man skin using the incorrect name (Sniper Joe). Other Changes: * The game's sleep margin has been changed to be 10 by default (the same as Mega Man Maker's), so hopefully this can fix some computers' issues with the game. * Wily Machine SWORD no longer robs you of your skin if you fight it in the Arena or Boss Selector. * A Tier X collectible total is now visible by Launch Man in the hub. * Final Toad now takes extra damage from charge shots in the Arena. * You no longer fight Phase 4 of Absolute ZERO in the True Arena - instead, it skips directly to Zero Heart. Hopefully, this should make a 'Phase 5' feel less stupid. * The costume shop has been spiced up a bit - the window for the costumes is now bigger, and you can now see in the shop which skins can and can't use the Contest Weapon Data. * Several skins can now use the Contest Weapon Data, including Proto Man, Bass, Roll, Mega Man?, Super Saiyan, and a few others. * The VIP Pass on the save select has been replaced with an icon for the Contest Weapon Data. The challenge marker will now only appear if you have the VIP Pass. * An icon for the Contest Weapon Data has been added to the pause menu with the other upgrades. * Your cursor position is now saved in the Boss Gallery, so now you won't have to scroll through pages to get back to where you were. * Quick Weapon Switch buttons can now be used to instantly swap pages in the Sound Test and Boss Gallery. * Noble Nickels will now save the game on collecting them, ala the MaGMML3 sample level judge pack. * Beating an Arena will also now immediately save the game. * You now get infinite E Tanks and M Tanks while in the Boss Gallery. * Crusher Joe and Napalm Man no longer taunt you if you lose to them in the Boss Gallery. * Added proper Noble Nickel hints for Wily 4 for Crystal Man. * Hazard Trapper is now affected by Bouncy Castle bouncing. * The Air Man miniboss from Mario Land has been added to the Boss Gallery. * Zero Heart is now selectable seperately from Absolute ZERO in the Boss Gallery. * The Flashman85 cheat now no longer forces Family Friendly mode to be on. * Your health and ammo are now refilled when exiting a single level from the Pit's level select. * Kalinka won't appear if Co-Op mode is on, since the Costume Shop is closed in Co-Op. * Lowered the volume of the Crash Bomb explosion sound effect. * Losing to Wily Machine SWORD now just respawns you outside of the room rather than having to trek through the empty hallway again. * Removed Quint's name changing in the Arena depending on costumes. * Updated Rokko Chan's skin with some fixed, less weird looking frames. * Changed the FUSION background in the Scorch Men fight to be green to make the actual boss easier to see. * Changed the question in Deep Thoughts involving Changeable Caverns to something easier. * You can now Air Slide in HCMMCAS and Wily 6 when Super Mode is enabled. * Made Galaxy Man less susceptible to Triple Blade. * Tweaked some dialogue in the Wily Star cutscene to remove a plot hole. * The Mega Man? skin now has its own READY text. * Replaced the broken Stone Man platform in Jupi's Wily 6 room. * Losing to Mega Man Sprite Game will no longer make the cutscene play again. * Censored 'prick' in Family Friendly mode in Mega Man Sprite Game's dialogue. * You can no longer PRESS 2 during cutscenes, to prevent glitch hell from occurring. * Added damage flashing to Absolute ZERO to make it more clear where and when the i-frames are. * The MM9/MM10 palette option now works with the me irl, Mega Man? and Super Saiyan skins. * Tweaked some of Cheat Man's dialogue when he rewards you the Cheat Menu slightly. Super special thanks to Beed here - he was a huge help in getting a ton of these fixes in.
Post Release Feedback Form
 Created by: ACESpark Date: 22-10-2017 , 3 Replies
We're interested in hearing what you think of the game, and have a feedback form up here: Click Here! Feedback IS being taken into account for MaGMML3, so your input is welcome!
 Created by: ACESpark Date: 17-10-2017 , 0 Replies
People on the discord have asked for a Wiki, so we've added one here: It's very early, so we ask people to plug in info where they can. Inform me of any downtime that may occur, and save regularly as there have been some teething issues with the software.
Other Unlocks.
 Created by: ACESpark Date: 11-10-2017 , 0 Replies
The rest of the unlockables have been added to the website. If you think you're missing something, go check it out!
Version 1.2
 Created by: SnoruntPyro Date: 11-10-2017 , 5 Replies
Changelog: Download Link: As usual, get the game from the download page. Simply extract the zip and run the game. Your saves will transfer over. New Features * A Boss Gallery has been added to the Dojo! Now you can refight most bosses at any time. You unlock the bosses as you complete levels and Challenges. * Noble Nickels now no longer permanently disappear and instead return in a greyed-out form. Collecting the greyed out nickels in non-Skip Teleporer rooms will give 20 bolts. Critical Errors Fixed * Cruise Elroy's section in Wily 6 no longer immediately crashes the game. * Renhoek's maze room in Null and Void no longer has infinitely dying Rong Rongs and portals that kill you. * The Bright Man teleporters from Identity Crisis work again. (I still don't know why they broke) * You can no longer softlock yourself by pausing mid-Slash Claw. * The Mega Man hitbox applied by Stone Butterfly is no longer destroyed by Jewel Satellite and its variants. Other Fixes: * Galaxy Man is now immune to the Contest Weapons. * Fixed the Za Warudo shader persisting in the Knight Man fight if you transitioned to the next phase while the attack was still on. * Super Mode flying can no longer be toggled in spaceships. * Escape Sequence has had its autotiler removed and manual tiles added, which should drastically decrease load times. * Mega Man now counts as a costume on the file select, bringing the total to an even 28. * Sound Test now displays the proper level names for Lacked the Depth and HCMMCAS if you have G-rated text content on. Other Changes: * Wily 6 has been tweaked further. The right path in the loop is now permanently open. * An extra two checkpoints have been added to Swiss Hotel. * A sign has been added to the Tier X hub to make it more clear where the final level is. * Completed Null and Void rooms now display crowns above their teleporters. * Super Mode is no longer allowed in any of the Arenas if you haven't cleared said arena. (get good megavile)
Version 1.11
 Created by: SnoruntPyro Date: 08-10-2017 , 0 Replies
Changelog: Haha end me (Some known bugs are still present in this build. We're just getting this out now to fix the stupid Wily 6 crash.) Critical Errors Fixed * The crash vs. the Chimerabot in JupiHornet's Wily 6 section no longer occurs. * Custom costumes will no longer sometimes inexplicably break the game. * Challenge 30 (Masochism) can now be completed and has been changed to "beat the final arena without spending weapon energy". * Swirling shots from Super Mode will no longer crash Spiked Wall Man and disable Volt Man the Assimilator's hitbox. * Dying to Hardcore Parkour's boss should no longer cause an autowin. * The Knight Man battle should no longer crash due to a shader bug present on some computers. * Fixed the wrong amount of Energy Elements triggering the Tier X cutscene if you finish collecting all Energy Elements in tier 10. Other Fixes: * Metall K1000s now play the proper sound effect. * Names in the credits now properly swipe offscreen no matter where they are. * Some depth issues in the title screen credits have been fixed. * Odd text formatting in CATS' text in AD 2101 has been fixed. * Some odd coloring in the Arena hubs has been fixed. * Fixed the mob room alarm in Joe Man not animating. * Fixed being able to skip over a barrier and break one of the rooms in Null & Void. * Some NPCs always referring to you as Mega Man has been fixed. Changes: * Some parts of Wily 6 have been changed slightly. For example, the The Stage Nobody Asked For room no longer requires foreknowledge of the level's gimmick. * The Roll costume has been updated to look less odd in some frames. * You can now speed up the credits by holding Jump. * The objective description for Challenge 5 has been made more clear. * Some more costume-exclusive dialogue has been added.