Dr.Wily Stages
When 65 Energy Elements have been collected, the Wily stages will unlock.
Each Wily stage was made by a different judge, and you finally get to find out for yourself, the judges certainly talk the talk, but can they walk the walk?
Wondering about the final Wily stage? Play the game to find out...

Wily 1: Water Ducts

The entrance to the castle itself. The main gimmick is Centaur Man-esque ceiling water that will constantly smash down and retract. You'll have to master the timing to make it out of this! Some gimmicks from entries also return. A familiar Wily castle boss lies in wait at the end...or at least that's what I heard.

Wily 2: Classic Castle

Wily looks back on his oldest attempts at taking over the world, and creates a homage to his 'classic' Wily Castles. Traditional in feel and design, plenty of enemies from the classic series return here, as well as plenty of spikes and the dreaded Yoku Blocks. The boss certainly isn't traditional, though.
Enjl Enjl Enjl

Wily 3: Lever Oriental Enchanted

The equivalent of the castle's air ventilation. The player must traverse through tight spaces and flip various levers that cause strange things to happen. Once it looks like you're finally out, three identical robots challenge you to a fight...
Garirry Garirry Garirry

Wily 4: Inner Sanctum

One of the innermost parts of the Wily Star, the player will be put to the test on their various special weapons, before a bike ride to the finish and a fight with Autobounce, a distinctly Wily boss in design that will change its weakness every time you hit it. Sometimes, screams of agony can be heard while walking through the sanctum's halls.
ACESpark ACE Spark ACESpark

Wily 5: Unobtainium Mine

A mine built into the asteroid that the castle was built into. There are plenty of magnets in use here to help with the mining, and they aren't exactly decorative. The mine is split into two sections, connected by a space board ride. A mysterious foe also seems to hang around near the end...