Air Trick

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4th : Air Trick

Make a Good 24 Hour Mega Man Level

watch out megaman, the copipis are behind you!

Air Trick is the fourth place level in the Make a Good 24 Hour Mega Man Level contest. It includes several puzzles involving Wind or Cloud Platforms, sometimes combining them with unique enemy challenges.


The level starts with two rooms featuring Cloud Platforms, with Lyric spawners as obstacles. Following a drop down in a room with Lyric spawners and an E-Tank is a room with a curved path, where Pipis fly overhead and wind will blow Mega Man around when behind a sky background tile. Dropping down at the end of this room leads to a room with a ride up a Cloud Platform surrounded by Lyric Spawners, followed first by an empty room and then by a windy room with both Lyrics and Pipis as obstacles.

Below the windy Pipi/Lyric room is another area with sky-based wind, as well as Pipi egg spawners. To the left is a drop leading to a room with Cloud Platforms over a pit leading to a ladder, with the ladder leading to another pair of Cloud Platform jumps, this time under a spiked ceiling and with a Lyric at the end. The room to the left includes a pair of Lyric spawners that Mega Man must deal with for about 33 seconds while he waits for the Yoku Blocks covering the room's exit to disappear. Dropping down through the exit leads to a fight against Toad Man.

Judge Comments[edit]

Judge Comments
Pachy ParmaJon ParmaJon : 66 / 100
Up front, I'm gonna apologize that creation code stuff would've been fine but the rules were kinda vague :/ Also not gonna hound ya about the length of the stage, time constraints are a thing. Man, the box you got lined up perfectly and felt like everything belonged together. The whole stage felt really natural to playthrough and flowed really well.

My main issue is that there doesn't feel like there's any real threat. It's most certainly possible to die, however other than the last room with the clouds I didn't die and on my second or third run, I nearly no hit the stage.

MiniMacro MiniMacro MiniMacro : 76 / 100
This level was kind of strange. It was a solid level, but at the same time, it was designed really strangely. At the beginning, there s a boss door that does nothing (why?) and several times throughout the level, it s not clear where you re supposed to go. At times, it was hard to tell the platforms from the background, and the blue used for the wind segments (which honestly felt generic) was eye searing against the rather dark level. Sometimes, the Lyrics felt like a bit too much (probably could have slowed down the spawn rate) and what was up with that one room with the Yoku blocks at the bottom? I honestly felt confused about that and I was unsure if it was a glitch of some sort or not. Also, I couldn t tell if Toad Man was the end boss (except when I beat him) because there was no signal that he was. Now I m going to elaborate on what I mean by generic wind segments. They didn t seem to be put to good use. They were just used for the average go faster room, and didn t seem to try to do anything different. When I got to the room with three cloud platforms and a ladder, I expected it to be windy, like the rest of the parts of the level that have wind. That would have made that room actually fit into the difficulty curve, too. The tileset and music were nice, but generally didn t set the level apart from a lot of other wind levels I ve seen. Overall, though, it s a solid level.
CreshMan CreshMan CreshMan : 75 / 100
No super arm blocks. For shame :(

The first thing that strikes me as odd about this stage is that the custom spawners are unlimited. This is cause for a few problems, considering that the one weapon that would help to clear away large groups of enemies is completely unusable.... Similarly problematic is the spawner room with the invisible enemy spawners and the disappearing blocks that takes a fair bit too long. However, the rest of your gimmicks and elements went in pretty well, pipis weren't annoying as they usually are, cloud platforms made for interestring challenges, there was a fair bit to like here, in pretty much every room that didn't have 'not telly'.

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