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Auto Scroller
Animated GIF of the Auto Scroller gimmick in action.
Animated GIF of the Auto Scroller gimmick in action.
In-Game Information
Type: Transport
Location(s): MaGMML(1R):
Cannon Deck
Everything's Blowing Up1R
Forgotten Fortress
Orbital Station
Shovel Knight
Cossack's Other Citadel
But It Lacked the Depth to Convince Me That This is Really Hell
Sector Upsilon 6
Launch Man & Shuttle Man
Water Ducts
Reality Core
Hardcore Parkour
The Pit of Pits
Null and Void
X Factory
Breaking Ground
Up 'n' Duck
MaGMML3 Judge Application Levels:
X Factory
MaGMML: Episode Zero:
Gusty Gorge
Skyhigh Ridge
Hot Steps
Pepsi Zero
Out of Order
Ice Breaker
Null and Void
Programmer(s): Unconfirmed
Series Information
Official Game Appearances: Mega Man 2
Mega Man 4
Mega Man: The Wily Wars
Mega Man 8
Mega Man & Bass
MaGMML Game Appearances: MaGMML(1R)
MaGMML3 Judge Application Levels
MaGMML: Episode Zero
Megamix Engine
Auto Scroller object icon

The Auto Scroller is a gimmick in the classic Mega Man series, first appearing briefly in the first Wily stage of Mega Man 2, but more well-known for its use in the third Cossack stage in Mega Man 4. It causes the screen to scroll by itself, at its own pace.

Auto Scrollers appeared in the original Make a Good Mega Man Level as a gimmick unique to the Wily stage Cannon Deck. Make a Good Mega Man Level Remastered added it to the revised iteration of the Wily stage Everything's Blowing Up, as part of its difficult secret route.

Auto Scrollers returned as a devkit gimmick in Make a Good Mega Man Level 2, where they appeared in eight entries, as well as the Wily stages Water Ducts and Reality Core, the Tier X stage Hardcore Parkour, the Pit of Pits sub-levels "To the top" and "Trash Dash", and in Null and Void. They also appeared in the Make a Good 24 Hour Mega Man Level entries X Factory and Breaking Ground (including the former entry's reappearance as one of the Make a Good Mega Man Level 3 Judge Application Levels), and the Wily stage Up 'n' Duck. In Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero, they were used in seven stages.


Auto Scrollers will scroll the screen in the designated direction at a consistent speed, disregarding Mega Man's position. Mega Man will be pushed to stay on screen if he lingers to the side during a horizontal Auto Scroller, and he can be crushed by solid objects if caught between them and the side of the screen being scrolled away from. Auto Scrollers stop once they reach the end of the room.

Auto Scrollers have four creation code values:

  • dir - The direction the screen scrolls in. Setting this to "h" (quotation marks included) will make it scroll horizontally (the default direction), while setting it to "v" makes it scroll vertically.
  • mySpeed - How fast the screen scrolls, measured by pixels per frame. Setting this to a default value will make the screen scroll to the left for horizontal Auto Scrollers, or up for vertical Auto Scrollers. Default value is 0.5.
  • waitFrames - How many frames to wait before activating the Auto Scroller once Mega Man is in range. Default value is 64.
  • unlockBounds - Determine whether or not the camera will unlock (i.e. allow Mega Man to around the entire room instead of just the final portion) once the Auto Scroller stops. Default value is false.