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Bass Mugshot
Bass Mugshot
Artwork by Capcom
Artwork by Capcom
In-Game Information
HP: 28 (Player Character)
56 (Boss, Total)
28 (Boss, Phase 1)
28 (Boss, Phase 2)
Weapon: Bass Buster
Variable Weapon System
Affiliations: Dr. Wily
Main Stage: The Greatest Show of All Time
Misc. Information
Japanese Name: Forte
Script: フォルテ
Romaji: Forute
Designer(s): Hayato Kaji
Programmer(s): MystSvin
Artist(s): MystSvin, Spin Attaxx (phase 1)
Ndraxian0_TD (phase 2)
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Red
Series Information
Official Game Appearances: Mega Man 7
Mega Man 8
Mega Man & Bass
Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chousensha
Mega Man 9 (cameo)
Mega Man 10
MaGMML Game Appearances: MaGMML(1R) (NPC, Costume)
MaGMML2 (NPC, Costume)
MaGMML3 (Boss, Costume, NPC)
MaG48HMML (NPC, Costume)
MaGMML: Episode Zero (NPC)
"He who hesitates is lost!"
―Bass, Mega Man 7

Bass, known as Forte in Japan, is a Robot Master created by Dr. Wily to imitate Mega Man's design, along with Treble, an imitation of Rush's design. He was created based on a research conducted on Mega Man with the intention of surpassing his power sometime during or before the events of Mega Man 6, and made his debut in Mega Man 7. Bass is the prominent anti-hero of the classic Mega Man series, and his goal is to become the most powerful robot in existence. Although Bass and Mega Man are rivals, at times they team up to take down mutual enemies of the two. Despite being created by Dr. Wily, Bass frequently rebels against his creator, usually for his own purposes.

In the original Make a Good Mega Man Level, Bass appears as an NPC in Dr. Light's Lab after collecting 16 Energy Elements; Make a Good Mega Man Level Remastered also adds him as a purchasable costume. He reappears in Make a Good Mega Man Level 2 as an NPC in the main hub, and is one of the few costumes that can be bought from the start. He appears once again in Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero, this time as an NPC in Dr. Wily's Secret Bunker, and as usual he voices his frustrations with Wily's plans. He is also seen in the latter game's credits, battling Proto Man in what looks to be Surveillance Canyon, before both of them get distracted by a portal opening up in the distant sky.

In Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level, Bass reappears as both a costume and an NPC on the SS Elroy, standing in front of the elevator to Tier 11. He is just as plot-irrelevant as ever; however, his dialogue changes based on what tiers remain unfinished, making him a useful means of gauging progression.

Bass finally gains plot relevance in Make a Good Mega Man Level 3, where he is one of Mega Man's rivals in the Worldwide Sixth Sponsored Robot Tournament and appears in a few cutscenes. He becomes one of the eight finalists, but as part of a plan by Dr. Wily to humiliate Mega Man, he accuses Mega Man of cheating; however, Wily goes against the plan at the last minute and disqualifies Bass for his behaviour. He then reappears as the first boss in the final Wily stage, The Greatest Show of All Time, wanting to fight Mega Man regardless. In addition to his role in the story, the Bass costume makes another appearance; this time, it is available by default without needing to be bought.


MegaBusterWep.png I'll beam you out after I finish my soap opera.

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Phase 1 (Bass)[edit]

At 14 HP, Bass will equip Treble Boost, giving him access to flight and a spread shot.

After his health bar is emptied, Bass will destroy the floor and land in a pool of water below, transforming into a form better suited for the environment.

Phase 2 (Killer Bass)[edit]

In his new fishy form, Killer Bass moves freely in the water and has a new suite of attacks to use against Mega Man.

Killer Bass can be captured with Bait Bobber, as can his summons.

Bass Mode[edit]

Bass is a playable character in MaGMML2, MaGMML1R, MaG48HMML, and MaGMML3 through the Bass Mode cheat. When active, Bass replaces Mega Man and functions identically to his Mega Man 10 appearance. His Bass Buster can be rapid-fired in seven directions, but unlike Mega Man he cannot use Charge Shots, run while firing, or shoot through walls. Additionally, his slide is replaced with a dash that gives Bass extra momentum if he jumps forwards after using it. Unlike Mega Man & Bass, however, Bass cannot double jump. In MaG48HMML, he gains access to the Treble Boost, which replaces the Rush Coil and Rush Jet and lets him fly and fire triple-shots as in Mega Man 10.

When the Bass Mode cheat is active in MaGMML2 and MaGMML1R, the Costume Shop is closed, preventing Bass from changing costumes. In MaG48HMML, Double Action Boutique remains open (and the Love Survivor sidequest can still be activated), but it is impossible to buy or change costumes. Unlike previous games, MaG48HMML's Bass Mode also substantially rewrites dialogue in cutscenes, though the overall story remains the same.

In MaGMML3, Rush Coil and Rush Jet are replaced with Treble Boost, just like in MaG48HMML. Bass can still visit Maker Man's costume shop at Victor Heights' second floor, but he's only able to equip "Bass.EXE" costume. His dialogue is significantly rewritten for majority of the plot - up until Ernest Will's tournament finale. Additionally, Bass gets his own spot at Victor Heights hotel - [B13] Secret Lab (which is identical in function to Mega Man's Hotel Room).


  • Bass is the only rival in MaGMML3 to never appear anywhere in the hubs or tiers as an NPC.

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