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Chapter 2 : BlocBunker

Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero

This stage brings a new meaning to the term, "Cold War".

BlocBunker is the seventh level on the path to the Icicle Chip in Chapter 2 of Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero. Detecting an Energy Element inside a mysterious missile base, Zero must fight his way past Soviet-themed Coltons and their air support to reach the base, which is filled with not just icy surfaces and swinging hammers, but also numerous missile types from the destructible to the indestructible.


The level starts in an outside area, with Winter Coltons and Bombiers as the only enemies guarding the uneven path forwards. At the end of this path is some ice-covered ground (causing Zero to retain momentum when stopping), and a ladder above spikes. Going up the ladder, Zero is introduced to Ballade Missiles blocking the way forwards in two rooms, the second of which feature Propeller Eyes. After climbing up through three rooms, Zero must jump across icy terrain while avoiding several pits, with Mizziles, Winter Coltons, and Bombiers trying to knock him down into them. If he makes it through, he will drop down into the first checkpoint, with a large Health Energy on offer.

Teckyuns shaped like swinging hammers litter the next several rooms, with the focus placed on avoiding them than on fighting enemies, though some rooms have Propeller Eyes and Ballade Missiles as additional hazards. After passing through a room with a small spike-lined floor and a Hammer swinging on the ceiling, another platforming section with icy terrain, Winter Coltons, and Mizzile-filled pits presents itself. Once Zero crosses it, he climbs into a barren room with another large Health Energy pickup, above which is the second checkpoint. Going right leads to a battle against a Hindjoe, but by going up the ladder on the left, Zero will find a CD resting on a small platform. To reach it, he needs to climb and airdash up a series of ladders while avoiding more Hammers.

After defeating the Hindjoe, Zero is presented with a five-screen long vertical climb upwards. Here, he encounters invincible Missiles that spawn infinitely from chutes in the walls and fly in one direction. If one hits him, he risks falling back down to a prior screen. Additional hazards on each screen include Winter Coltons, a Hammer, and Ballade Missiles. At the top of the climb, Zero encounters a shutter leading inside the base, with a checkpoint on the other side. Three Propeller Eyes await him in the next room, and a ladder up top leads to another vertical climb with more Missiles flying across each room. Here, careful positioning and timing is needed to avoid being hit and falling down while jumping from ladder to ladder. At the very top is a room with a Mizzile and Winter Colton guarding the exit to the top right. The final stretch of the stage is another short platforming section with Mizziles lurking in pits, before Zero encounters another Hindjoe. Defeating this one will make it drop the Energy Element, ending the stage.

Z-Phone Dialogue[edit]

Contact Transcript
ZPhoneWily.png Dr. Wily BlocBunker?

Woohoo, another military base. This one isn't that dangerous, though. Just remote and fairly inactive.

I bet they secretly appreciate you running around, because they think of you as target practice, or something like that.

It's a good thing I masked you so well.

Otherwise, the military would probably be hunting me down because of you. Hehehe...

ZPhoneKrantz.png Agent Krantz Krantz: BlocBunker?

That place is home to various missles, including Ballade Missiles, Mizzles and... normal missiles.

Zero: Quite the variety.

Krantz: Well, yes, but they also have hammers!

They move back and forth, but at a regular interval. Time your movements through their hilt and you should be fine.

Zero: OK, but... what is a Russian-style missile base doing here?

Krantz: That information is classified.

Zero: But-

Krantz: Class

Zero: ...

Krantz: ...I'm just kidding! Well... kinda...

I'd tell you what it was if I knew, but it's above even my clearance, which is saying a lot.

ZPhoneGalaxy.png Galaxy Man When it looks like the road's about to diverge, take the upper path up the ladder!

Dodge all the stuff all the way up there, snag the CD, and you'll be on your merry way!

ZPhoneYamato.png Yamato Man Yamato Man: Hindjoe? It just floats left and right firing homing missiles!

Sometimes it fires out a barrage of bullets right in front of it, but that's it! Why are you calling me for this?!

Zero: Truth be told, I thought that large quantity of Joes riding the helicopter might be a problem.

Yamato Man: Don't worry too much, when the helicopter goes down, they go down with it.

Zero: ...Do they not even attempt to escape?

Yamato Man: Not at all, they go down with the ship. Now THAT'S honour!

If my Dojo goes up in flames, I'm going down with it! And I'm going to make Tomahawk Man join me too!

Zero: I believe you went from honour to murder with that last sentence.

ZPhoneKnives.png Knives Knives: Zero... Do you believe love can blossom on the battlefield?

Zero: Very strange question, but to give you an answer, yes.

Knives: ...E-Even between us?! A robot and a human?!

Zero: That is the one exception.

Especially if it is with you.

Knives: W-What if I told you I'm a Robot Master then?! Like you!

Zero: Not only do I doubt that, but as an experimental robot, I possess free will unlike any other...

Romance with a robot that is limited to pre-programmed thoughts is simply not something I can fathom...

Especially if it is with you.

Knives: Let's meet halfway then! I'm an augmented cyborg!! Half human, half-

Zero: I am hanging up.


  • BlocBunker seems to evoke Cossack Stage 1 from Mega Man 4; not only is it a Russian-themed ice level, but it uses many similar level setpieces (such as a small climb up into a horizontal area filled with pits hiding enemies, and a long vertical climb with the background getting progressively darker).
  • This level, along with Refurbished Pyramid and Shift Posting, are the only levels in Episode Zero to have a midboss enemy drop an Energy Element.

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