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CDs are collectibles that can be acquired in Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero. Between zero and three CDs can be found in a given stage (the exception being Dr. Wily's Secret Bunker, which has eight), with various difficulties of obtaining. Separating itself from other collectibles in the MaGMML series is the fact that CDs, much like those in Mega Man & Bass, have information regarding various characters and bosses from not only the MaGMML series, but a few from the Mega Man Archie Comics and other sources.

By beating Construction of Constructions, Galaxy Man can be called to receive hints on the locations of missing CDs. In total, 104 CDs are available in the game.

List of CDs[edit]

No. Character Level Information
001 Zero Explosive Freefall Once a prototype for Dr. Wily's ultimate robot, he was damaged beyond repair years ago, and hastily converted into a decoy robot to cover Wily's escape. Despite his grotesque appearance, he is rather intelligent and well-versed. His power and combat skill was originally very low, but he has since been upgraded with a saber and burst weapon to make him a stronger force to be reckoned with. But does he truly know what he's fighting for...?
002 Zero (2) Vertical Hunger Upgraded with Sophie Hyde's Drive System, Zero can use special chips that alter the properties of his weapons. With them, his weapons can be charged with fire, ice, electricity, a strong cutting field, and even experimental psychokinetic energy. Beyond upgrading his arsenal, Zero can also use the Drive System itself as a weapon, with each chip altering the system's output drastically. However, each chip can only be in use for a limited time, and cannot be used again without a special recharge. Better make each use count, then!
003 Mega Man Abandoned Lab The world-famous hero hailing from Mega City (which, in fact, was renamed in his honor). As the story goes, after the nefarious Dr. Wily took control of his rival Dr. Light's original six Robot Masters, his humble house robot Rock volunteered to be converted into the battle robot Mega Man to save the day. Since then, he's gone on dozens of world-saving adventures, armed with his trusty Mega Buster and Variable Weapons System. Recently, Mega City has begun to hold festivals in his honor, and the next one is rumored to use cutting edge simulation technology.
004 Dr. Light Robot Ink Printing Facility The father of modern robotics, and the foremost authority on robot AI technology. He is the founder of the Robot Master line, and is the surrogate father of the first members of the line - Blues, Rock, and Roll. His creations, known as the "Dr. Light Numbers", have been integral to making society what it is today. Nowadays, he is working alongside Dr. Cossack and the festival committee in order to stabilize the simulation technology. However, rumors have spread about an additional project of his, seemingly connected with a failed IC chip revision.
005 Dr. Wily Volt Man Factory A notorious mad scientist who wants nothing less than world domination. The longtime rival of Dr. Light and archenemy of Mega Man, he's created many robots to destroy his nemesis, and isn't above stealing others' creations to further his own goals. Persistent to a fault, he never lets failure get in the way of his schemes. Even after his most recent defeat, he's already begun plotting his next plan: this one involving his latest invention, the world-altering Reality Core.
006 Dr. Hyde Construction of Constructions A member of the festival committee, and a researcher into simulation technology. The creator of the Drive System, she is happy to give it to Zero to help him stop SRARA. She is known as a skilled programmer, creating many facets of simulations that confounded her peers, and she's rumoured to be working on a simulation that uses a person's memories as a basis. Though, perhaps someone should tell her to stop pulling all-nighters...
007 Roslyn Krantz When Spike Drops Freeze Over Roslyn Krantz - Rosie to her friends - is a federal agent who works alongside her partner, Agent Stern. Unlike her gruff partner, she's more approachable, laid-back, and trusting of others, particularly robots. Even though she's the "good cop" of the two, she's still devoted to her job and will risk her life to stop criminals, whether they be terrorists, a mad scientist, or a quartet of robots causing havoc.
008 Gilbert Stern Frosty Fields A federal agent, Gilbert D. Stern is known for his imposing build and his grumpy character. Unlike his younger partner, he's more cynical and distrusting of others, and of machines (especially robots). He also has a reputation as a conspiracy theorist among his colleagues. Despite this, he genuinely believes in truth and justice, and when someone manages to get past his rough exterior, he won't be ashamed to show genuine care for them... in his own way.
009 Galaxy Man Construction of Constructions A Robot Master built by Dr. Light to instantly calculate rocket trajectories, with a love for stargazing. He was originally scheduled for destruction under the Robot Expiration Date law, but was used by Dr. Wily in one of his schemes shortly beforehand. A legal loophole enabled his survival afterwards (as Mega Man had destroyed him in battle) until the law was fully repealed. These days, he's looking down to earth, making plans for some sort of giant pit attraction.
010 Yamato Man The Red Woods Originally created for the First Annual Robot Tournament, Yamato Man is a fierce Robot Master originating from Japan, who ever since the end of the Mr. X incident has been attempting to establish large training facilities to make the general public "stronger". He has taken Tomahawk Man under his wing as his apprentice, and together, their latest project has proven their greatest success yet, with an official dojo being under construction for the second festival.
011 Pirate Man Wicked Waterworks A former member of King's army, Pirate Man was created to attack and loot cargo vessels at sea. A compulsive criminal with no scruples, he continued to rob and steal even after King's revolution was quelled, both hiring himself out to the highest bidder and plundering for himself. Lately, he has started operating his own radio station, broadcasting without a license (he despises the thought of getting one fair and square).
012 Bass Entrance Succession Based on Mega Man's design, Bass was created using Bassnium, an extremely powerful energy source. Though determined to destroy Mega Man, he has on occasion fought alongside him to stop Dr. Wily when the latter interferes with Bass's plans. Compared to Mega Man, Bass is more agile and has a wider range, but his Bass Buster's energy output is weaker. Lately, Bass has found himself sidelined during the doctor's more ambitious plans, much to his chagrin.
013 Treble Midnight Aurora Created as Bass's counterpart for Rush, he is capable of fusing with Bass utilizing stolen upgrades meant for Mega Man. Extremely loyal to Bass, Treble is probably the only robot Bass would willingly call "friend". As a result, he's generally aggressive towards most other people.
014 Reggae Skyhigh Ridge Even mad scientists get lonely within their castles and factories, and one such day Dr. Wily felt especially lonely. He's nothing if not a problem solver, however, and so he built Reggae as a loyal pet and companion in his never-ending quest to rule the world. He may not be as cute as smaller birds, or as friendly as a dog or cat, but Wily wouldn't dream of scrapping his precious Reggae... even if he's noisy and loves laughing at his master's many blunders.
015 Mega Man Killers Forgotten Fortress: The Lab A trio of battle robots made by Dr. Wily for the sole purpose of fighting and destroying Mega Man. First came the proud but gloomy Enker with his energy-reflecting Mirror Buster, then the independent-minded and sawblade-armed Punk, and finally the competitive (if simple-minded) Ballade and his powerful explosives. Technically speaking, all three of them were completely destroyed after their battles with Mega Man; they were rebuilt, but have completely new cognitive circuits. Can we even consider them the same robots?
016 Genesis Unit The Red Woods A trio of elite robots Dr. Wily developed after receiving inspiration from an ancient folktale. The rowdy, immature Buster Rod G leads the group, the intelligent Mega Water S comes up with plans and strategies, and the carefree, easily-flattered Hyper Storm H acts as a powerful enforcer. Wily created them as a special taskforce, but all three were completely destroyed on their first assignment - the takeover of the Chronos Institute. Since then, they have been rebuilt with new cognitive circuits.
017 Shadow Man Midnight Aurora Formerly a member of the "Kuiper Droids", an ancient unit of extraterrestrial soldiers lead by the Stardroids, Shadow Man was found by Dr. Wily alongside his master Ra Moon after thousands of years of hibernation. Shadow Man was then remodeled into a stealthy ninja robot with deadly poison blades, and fought against Mega Man in the doctor's third plot. After his revival, Shadow Man continued, and has continued, to serve Dr. Wily as a right-hand man of sorts, remaining fiercely loyal even after so many years.
018 Tomahawk Man Hot Steps An American Robot Master built for the First Annual Robot Tournament. After the tournament's cancellation due to the Mr. X incident, Tomahawk Man's only purpose has been to train and become stronger, until he can become a fighting champion. Recently, he's been training under Yamato Man, with hopes of becoming as powerful as him; though sometimes he questions some of his training methods, such as brewing coffee and getting kicked into somersaults.
019 Justice Man S.R.A.R.A. HQ Created by Dr. Light to assist Mega Man in his "Rock Force" project, Justice Man was built to match Mega Man's combat capabilities, as well as to test a more advanced build of IC chips. Unfortunately, the IC chip proved to have a dangerous defect discovered after its distribution, leading Justice Man to go insane and take drastic measures to fight for the cause of abolishing the Robot Expiration Date law. While Justice Man was killed in the struggle, he succeeded in his goal in the end.
020 Xander Payne When Spike Drops Freeze Over The leader of the Emerald Spears terrorist organization, Xander Payne was a fanatical and dangerous criminal with an anti-robot agenda. After an incident at the Chronos Institute (where he was arrested), his grasp on reality worsened as he claimed to have seen mankind's end at the hands of robots. Some time later, Xander mysteriously vanished, leaving behind numerous etchings of the letter "X" on his cell walls. He remains missing to this day.
021 Quint Psionic Space Station An eccentric green robot wielding a jackhammer weapon known as the "Sakugarne". Was one of Dr. Wily's strongest enforcers, used during his takeover of the Chronos Institute. A similar robot - or possibly the same robot - appeared much later, leading the "Dimensions" before being defeated by Mega Man and Bass. Supposedly Mega Man from the future, albeit few believe this tale. However, scientists have taken a great interest in him due to him apparently having been drastically affected by dimensional instabilities.
022 Mr. X Forgotten Fortress: The Lab A mysterious billionaire who ran the X Foundation. He sponsored the First Annual Robot Tournament, during which he took control of the strongest participants and declared his intention to conquer the world, having funded Dr. Wily's past schemes. He was later revealed to be Dr. Wily himself, causing the Foundation's dissolution. While Mr. X is dismissed by many as a fake identity, there are some who believe he was a real person, and that Wily had disposed of him and stolen his identity for his own ends.
023 Ra Moon Looping Growth Garden A mysterious and ancient supercomputer found in the Lanfront Ruins, South America. It was destroyed years ago, though analysis of Ra Moon's remains show it was made of a metal not found anywhere on Earth. It's thought to have been powered by an extraterrestrial energy source, with the closest known match being the Evil Energy Dr. Wily abused during one of his world conquest schemes.
024 Dr. Cossack Code Landfill A Russian scientist whose engineering skills are second only to Dr. Light himself. While he once faced public scorn for his apparent attempt at world domination (in reality a ploy involving blackmail by Dr. Wily), he has since won back the world's trust. Dr. Cossack has conducted research into simulation technology, as well as the potential for Energy Elements to power them. Unfortunately, an accident with the latter caused the Wargate phenomenon to become widespread, prompting him to send his robots out to prevent otherworldly foes from taking advantage of his mistakes.
025 Skull Man Rainbow Ravine When Dr. Cossack was blackmailed in Dr. Wily's fourth plot, he created Skull Man as a pure war machine, balanced both in offense and defense. His Skull Barrier protects him from almost any attack, giving him time to observe his enemy's weaknesses and then exploit them. Though he no longer works for Wily, his passion for combat hasn't left him; indeed, he is so focused on fighting that he knows almost nothing else, hampering his social skills. Lately, he has exploited the Wargate phenomenon to satisfy his urges, picking fights with other realms while simultaneously fixing his creator's mistakes.
026 Energy Elements S.R.A.R.A. HQ One of the strongest, if not the strongest, energy source in the world. They were first used to power the peacekeeping robot Gamma, and after Gamma's failure, they fell into disuse. Lately, more advanced technology has demanded stronger power sources, and as such, Energy Elements have returned to widespread use. However, previously unheard of reactions and energy signals have been emitting from the Elements despite their inherent safeguards, suggesting that there are unknown alien substances interfering with them.
027 Wargates S.R.A.R.A. HQ Mysterious portals that link to other dimensions. While not an entirely new phenomenon, they began appearing in great numbers thanks to an Energy Element experiment by Dr. Cossack going mysteriously wrong. While the incident was quelled thanks to Skull Man, their appearances led to new discoveries in the field of dimensional analysis - in particular, revealing that the gates are seemingly leaking in from a "shattered" dimension, closely linked to our own.
028 The Moon Midnight Aurora A mysterious being made entirely out of rock. Resembling a sentient moon, it can alter gravity within its immediate area and pull small, lightweight objects into its "orbit". No-one is sure if it came from another world, or is the result of a bizarre secret experiment. Whatever the reason, it's thought to be connected to a strange gravity-warping phenomenon that affected one of the areas used for the first festival.
029 Birdo Kingdom Crisis A robot modelled after a creature from an alternate dimension. It was created to act as a mascot for a nature park modelled after a land from its template's original world. However, Birdo's designers were unable to replicate the original's ability to instantly create and fire eggs, and so used ping pong balls as a replacement. Nonetheless, Dr. Wily took interest in the robot's design, and created his own improved version with a small black hole as a power source. Not only did he re-add its egg-shooting feature, but the absolute madman also made it entirely out of Magic Glass!
030 Glass Man Stormy Spire A robot hailing from Dubai, created to manufacture glass. Originally he relied on tanks of sand built into his arms to create glass, but the invention of nanite-controlled Magic Glass (a.k.a. Vitre Noveau) allowed him to undergo a remodeling that let him manufacture glass from air particles. Despite his stoic, unapproachable personality, his skill at creating glass and shaping it for sculptures and architecture made him highly demanded for the first festival, but sadly also a target for Dr. Wily, who reprogrammed him into an enforcer and entrusted one of the stolen Energy Elements to him.
031 Shadow Gacha Force Facility A large transport robot that houses a very mutagenic, unstable, yet otherwise virtually indestructible liquid called Megatal. With this, Shadow Gacha is able to produce temporary gooey copies of Wily's lesser minions. Thanks to some of the Megatal seeping into its CPU and a freak accident involving black paint, Shadow Gacha isn't the sanest of Wily's robots, developing both a weird obsession with Hot Topic, and - as its boastful ramblings on Twitter dot com make clear - Gacha assumes it's way more powerful than it really is.
032 Air Capsule Gusty Gorge Originally one of Dr. Wily's old UFO's, Air Man customized it and upped its combat prowess, turning it into his own personal flying machine. Dubbing it the Air Capsule, Air Man was content to simply use it for joyrides and scaring birds in flight, until Dr. Wily ordered him to use it to hold off Mega Man's approach through his castle. It possesses a modified version of its creator's Air Shooter, as well as Gyro Man's Gyro Attack, a sweeping laser turret, and standard energy shots. While it was destroyed in its battle with Mega Man, Air Man is said to be working on a new and improved model from the ground up.
033 Wily Machine TROPHY Surveillance Canyon The latest in a long line of Wily Machines, Dr. Wily modelled this one after a trophy to symbolize its status as his greatest one yet. Knowing Mega Man would bring all the stolen Energy Elements directly to him, he built the machine to use them as a power source, greatly increasing its strength. In addition to built-in missile launchers and energy weapons, the machine has a guided boomerang shaped like a handle, and even copies of Mega Man's own Special Weapons. Wily's UFO lies within the machine as both an escape capsule and last resort, and is capable of harnessing the Elements if the machine itself should somehow fall.
034 Haunt Man Scarlet Temple Haunt Man was created with the ability to possess inactive robots and take control of their bodies. Due to the unique way he was created, his own body is incredibly frail and can easily break down. However, given enough robot vessels, Haunt Man can keep a fight going indefinitely. He relishes in seeing the look of fear on someone's face when scared. As such, he tends to surround himself in objects generally seen as frightening in order to capture the moment of terror. He's often mocked for the shrillness of his laugh, though he still finds himself laughing maniacally all the same.
035 Quarantine Woman Toxic Tunnels A Robot Master designed to function in Class A hazardous environments and safely contain dangerous materials. Her armour resists most known biohazards, though she often wears an external hazmat suit so she doesn't have to be disinfected. Her line of work makes her responsible and efficient, but also something of a loner and outcast. Her reclusive nature has sparked many rumours about her, particularly around what might or might not lie behind her always-on mask (and if bees were involved or not). One particular rumour says she's very fond of ice cream...
036 Cyber Man Cursor Corruption A Robot Master created to enter cyberspace, as no organic life can exist there. With the ability to manipulate the virtual world's laws to his whims with his Cyber Distorter, Cyber Man is almost omnipotent within his own realm... which led to him going completely mad with power, and seizing the Master Computer (a virtual CPU) he was assigned to build for his own purposes. Despite his cruel demeanour and near-complete disregard for nature, he's known to be very creative, and cares deeply for his pet, Digi.
037 Launch Man & Shuttle Man Horizon Zero A pair of Robot Masters built for space programs. The hefty Launch Man is a risk-taking daredevil who can reach escape velocity with ease, while the diminutive Shuttle Man can perform human-like tasks in low gravity. Normally, Launch Man would charge head first into situations he can't handle and Shuttle Man would flee at even the slightest sign of trouble, but together they keep their impulses in check. When they're not on duty, they love to race each other high in the stratosphere.
038 Sheriff Man Surveillance Canyon He was originally built to perform in robot Westerns, and was so popular that he earned one lead role after another. Over time, however, he desired to truly be a noble, respected sheriff, rather than merely playing one in film and on TV. To that end, he modified himself to use a shield shaped like four giant badges, and left to walk the Earth, stopping criminals wherever he could. His years of playing the good guy has made him a genuinely kind-hearted and brave robot, but also one that's old-fashioned and often unintentionally corny. While he's mostly left the acting business, he will still give autographs to fans and even appear in the occasional film or two.
039 Match Man Scarlet Temple Match Man was created to compete in the Robot Showdown tournament, and was one of its strongest participants before he left to explore the world. Using a matchstick as a template, his unusual body type gives him greater mobility and evasion than most battle robots, while a powerful thermal system built into his head lets him counterattack with scorching hot flames - a tactic that came to be known as the Match Blast among crowds. Unfortunately, its close proximity to his integrated circuit caused him to develop a major anger problem - and even on his good days, he can come off as particularly annoying and irritable.
040 Taco Man Shocking Wacko Stage A small taco restaurant created him as a mascot, capitalizing on the popularity of robots like Plant Man. However, their knowledge of Robot Master engineering was basic at best, resulting in a bizarre, simple-minded robot. His voice synthesizer suffers from a defect that makes him speak in illegible, randomly-generated tones. Despite being able to instantly create tacos, he has yet to produce one that is actually edible. Supposedly, no new customers have been attracted to the chain since his creation - in fact, many say his presence has turned them away.
041 Neon Man Force Facility The first design of a scientist fascinated with the arts of visual trickery, the passionate and ever so confident (not at all egotistical) Neon Man manifests the illusion of a tricky, ever-warping city at the heart of what was once just an empty trash hill. Neon Man's tricks aren't just for show... or at least that's what he'd like you to think - in truth, his city is as phony as Dr. Wily's promises to quit evil. Neon Man's illusions serve as both a distraction and a talent showcase in battle. He also comes equipped with spreads of ignited gas lasers and cover fire from his Number 1 fan, an Apache Joe.
042 Seven Force Lily Airpad During the construction of Wily's latest scheme in space, he made frequent contact with passing alien scientists. One (flamboyantly) offered to trade Wily a machine he'd picked up in his travels: the 7th Formation Offense Radioactive Carrier Engine, or (Seven F.O.R.C.E), a robot that can reconstitute itself repeatedly from any local scrap metal and energy. Initial efforts to use Seven Force to help mine asteroids were successful, but the robot would constantly drain energy from Wily's machines to fuel itself. Realizing its high maintenance was why its previous masters got rid of this powerful machine, Wily quickly deactivated the thing, choosing to save it in case of a real emergency.
043 Excalibur Man Refurbished Pyramid Excalibur Man is the master of the Ghastly Heights theme park, and uses solid light holograms to entertain tourists and fight off "monsters" in the park as part of his act. He is good friends with fellow theme park mascot Shade Man, as they both share a nerdy love for the CAPCOM arcade series, Ghouls N' Ghosts. Shade and Excalibur have themed their parks after the SNES and Mega Drive games, respectively. They often place bets on which one of them can scare the most visitors in a season, with Excalibur's Skullder robot and Shade Man himself being the real masters of spookiness.
044 Steel Massimo Code Landfill The main character of one of the most popular comic books currently published. After his master was killed by the Rebellion Army, he took up his master's armor, and while he started off weak, he grew into a confident warrior that fights for justice, thanks to the friends he made along the way. He wields a variety of halberds that he uses to strike down villains with impunity. Thanks to his insecurity, however, after every battle, he constantly thinks to himself that he needs more power.
045 Wario Bubble Base A super-powerful action star and billionaire game designer, the generous Wario weighs in at a modest 308 pounds. Constantly brought down by the corrupt plumber Mario, the great Wario is not one to give up in the face of cheaters, teaming up with the respectable Waluigi to take down Mario and Luigi, who's a total scaredy-cat. Of course, every hero has multiple villains, and this sturdy man is no exception. Pirates, Kings, and even my own treasure! Can you believe that? Now I've got some huge trident guy messing with my latest endeavors! One thing's for certain though: I'M-A GONNA WIN! WAHAHAHAHA!
046 The US Military Surfboard Showdown One of the biggest militaries on the planet. Their current project is the "Salt and Ketchup" aircrafts, which are large, imposing, but also cost-efficient ships equipped with a ridiculous amount of cannons and bombs. They've reserved a spot in the middle of the ocean, evacuated of sea life through underwater fences, in order to test these new weapons, but when Zero finds himself cruising through the area in order to collect a stray Energy Element, he is considered a threat, and the Salt and Ketchup aircrafts quickly see their first real use in combat.
047 Knuckles the Echidna Surfboard Showdown A calm, collected, and smooth warrior hailing from Angel Island, a floating isle from another dimension. As the last of his kind, it is his duty to defend the Master Emerald. It is unknown what his role is in this government protected area out in the ocean, but knowing his gullible nature and bad luck, it is very likely his precious Master Emerald has been taken. Again. He likes to flex his muscles.
048 Construction Workers Mojo Dojo A small construction company consisting of four brothers: Conchobar, Petey, Ali, and Alister. Their relatively low fees compared to other companies have made them extremely popular choices for small businesses. However, their shoddy craftsmanship and lack of safety measures, combined with a tendency to take everything literally, make one wonder how they've continued to score jobs up until this point. After their experience at Yamato Man's Dojo, they've been rethinking their career decision.
049 A Truck In the Flesh One of the most infamous crime bosses in the galaxy, striking fear into its enemies with its mere presence, or even the color of its paint. Rumor has it that it's able to travel across dimensions freely, continuing its operations in several different alternate universes. No sound is scarier to anyone in the world than its signature "Honk Honk".
050 Tornado Man Skyhigh Ridge Tornado Man was built to delay the formation of storms, and was stationed at a tropical weather regulation station. Under the Robot Expiration Date law, his period of use eventually expired and he was to be destroyed, but he was reprogrammed by Dr. Wily and went rogue beforehand. When Mega Man destroyed him, he was technically scrapped by law, allowing Dr. Light to rebuild him afterwards. Though he continues his job, he still makes time in his schedule to attend Splash Woman's karaoke sessions; supposedly, he listens to a playlist of her covers while on duty.
051 Splash Woman Bubble Base Dr. Light designed her to rescue people from shipwrecks, making her an expert swimmer at the cost of land mobility. At one point, she was doomed to be scrapped by law (and became a pawn of Dr. Wily to avoid this), but when Mega Man destroyed her, a loophole allowed her to be rebuilt. Her favourite pastime is singing karaoke, but despite her beautiful voice she has turned down many record deals and show business invitations. She still has her fans, though - Tornado Man and Fefnir appear to be among her biggest ones.
052 Fighting Fefnir Scorched Factory Robots based around fire tend to be the most aggressive and explosive, and Fefnir is no exception. He'll take any chance to take part in a battle, as long as it's clean and fair, as he does it for the thrill of it. He often challenges Bass for a one-on-one duel, and when he heard about Zero, he couldn't wait to take on a new worthy opponent. Although he's a battle-loving general, he strives for peace, with his primary purpose being destroying pollution. He frequently hangs out with his buddies Tornado Man and Splash Woman.
053 Giant Spear Man Defeat the Giant Spear Man! A mysterious bandit from another dimension, who, after countless defeats at the hands of the sleazy treasure hunter Wario, has escaped to somewhere it presumes it will be safer in, only to be proven very wrong. However, its strength is in its resilience, and every time it is defeated, it comes right back packing new moves or allies. One could think of the Giant Spear Man as the antithesis of Wario - a determined warrior on a quest for victory and personal strength - a dichotomy of which cements him as one of Wario's eternal rivals.
054 Thwomp Man Kingdom Crisis The leader of a strange group of robots built for one of the attractions in the first festival. After its conclusion, they somehow took over the entire area with very little resistance, and no one has thought to call pest control yet. It's unknown why the leader attaches itself to a replica of Concrete Man's body - it may have simply stolen a leftover costume lost in the so-called "chaos".
055 Dethgerbis Skyhigh Ridge A mysterious statue artifact found deep underground which has quickly become a worldwide sensation since its discovery. Going by many names in different cultures, such as "Temple of Terror", "Gerbis the Satanic Death Idol", and "Shadow Beast Demon Statue Dethgerbis"; they all depict the artifact as having dark origins. Nobody knows where it came from, but an Energy Element has seemingly reactivated some of its functions, and its hostility matches up quite well with its image as a truly evil being.
056 Honey Woman Twilight Terrace A pollinator and botanical cataloguer robot, built by Dr. Noele Lalinde. She is based on an unused robot design by Dr. Light, who was creating a robot to manage a large garden (ultimately, Hornet Man was built). Her real name is Vesper Woman, but when she took on honey-farming as a side job, she chose to use "Honey Woman" as an alias for reasons known only to her. Her cute appearance matches a playful, pun-loving prankster, who loves to get a rise out of her "sister", Quake Woman.
057 Doc Robot Abandoned Lab A powerful combat robot created by Dr. Wily during his plot to steal the giant robot Gamma. Although it is nothing more than a near-mindless shell, it can house the data of a robot and emulate their abilities with a myriad of built-in devices. The earlier models could only house one robot's programming at a time, but rumour has it a more advanced model capable of storing and using multiple robots' data at once was in development...
058 Giga Kuwagata Vertical Hunger A monstrous battle program formed after several copies of a smaller battle program (codenamed "Boomer Kuwanger") were erroneously created and went haywire, eventually fusing together. Modelled after a stag beetle, the program can grapple its opponent with its pincers, which it can manipulate remotely. The tower the program is housed in received exorbitant government funding under mysterious circumstances, and nearly all information about it and the origin of "Boomer Kuwanger" is heavily classified.
059 Elemental Aces Scorched Factory A pair of robots designed for temperature maintenance at the factory, repurposed by Fefnir to hold Zero back as he causes havoc. Each of them is equipped with technology capable of creating extreme heat or cold, allowing for quick temperature manipulation of entire rooms. Despite their opposing elements, they don't fight often, only really arguing when visitors come to the factory.
060 Fire Boy GH Hot Steps Formerly just another one of "the [fire] boys", this robot developed delusions of grandeur upon brute-forcing their way through a poorly-secured door and stealing a bunch of old-fashioned machine parts, duct taping them together to create what they call "the ultimate weapon". The machine has caused very little damage thanks to it not actually being able to leave the room it was unleashed in, so "Fire Boy GH", as they have become known as, has been left to pretend to be a world conqueror with their limited tools on a daily basis.
061 Blade Man DOS Dispute Over Sawblades A Robot Master used by Dr. Wily in his second attempt to control the CRORQ supercomputer. No one is sure if he's a Wily Number or someone else's creation, but nowadays he acts without a master, becoming a vigilante of justice. Armed with his Blade Launcher, he can quickly fire razor sharp blades at his foes. He has never been seen in the same place and time as the more well-known Blade Man (a prominent figure during the Roboenza crisis), who insists he's never even heard of his so-called "imposter".
062 Sparky Horizon Zero An advanced war machine whose origins are as enigmatic as the entire "Horizon Starport" area it patrols. Supposedly, the area is a recent military base with an unconventional design, but rumor has it that the area simply appeared one day out of nowhere in open water. Since then, the site has become a popular location for urban explorers, but even more ghastly rumors have begun to spread about a monstrous starship far more dangerous than "Sparky" patrolling the area as well.
063 Blizzard Man When Spike Drops Freeze Over A robot once built to monitor Antarctica's weather, Blizzard Man has proven himself to be a renaissance man among robots. He has since been a powerful tournament contender, a weather reporter for the news, a ski enthusiast, a Robot Olympics athlete with three consecutive gold medals to his name, and a dangerous world-conquering soldier for Dr. Wily (though he would rather everyone forget this last feat). These days, he uses his Blizzard Attack to create his own private ski slopes, but he can still use it to get rough with enemies if he needs to.
064 Stomp'n Violet Nocturnal Assault Ah... what's there to say about good ol' Stomp'n? One of my best friends out there, honestly. Resilient, courageous, even gets right back up whenever it's defeated. Me and the boys head down to the bar every night and Stomp'n's always there to really bring the party to life, you know? He's got a great sense of humor, but behind all that is a kind heart and an intelligent mind. He's all that you could ask for in a friend, really. He's picked me up at the worst of times and been the highlight of the best of times. Good ol' Stomp'n.
065 Hindjoe BlocBunker Two Joes piloting a relatively standard-issue military helicopter. Legend has it that neither Joe pilots the helicopter willingly - one day, some of their coworkers put glue on the seats and tricked them into entering the helicopter, and the rest is history. Unfortunately for them, the helicopter is too resilient to self-damage, and as such their only hope of getting out is to cause an incident that will gain the attention of the government. As the saying goes, "pranks can be mean sometimes".
066 Neapolitan Man Metropolitan Neapolitan A Robot Master initially created to drive ice cream trucks to and from a large ice cream factory. His quirky and fun design, however, made him explode in popularity among customers, almost making him a mascot for the factory. Neapolitan Man is known to be very calm and easy-going, taking things at his own pace while trying to make people happy. Despite having no hands, he's a skilled engineer, having modified a number of robots to efficiently make ice cream, as well as building his own custom ice cream truck, the Wafer Wagon. However, rumour has it he has a mean streak only seen when someone tries to steal his deliveries or secret recipes...
067 Force Guard Force Facility Large, somewhat old-fashioned robot guards created to protect and manage an energy harnessing facility. The guards were given control to redirect the facility's energy lasers to their own weapons systems in case of an emergency. Less and less money has been spent on maintaining them over time, however, due to public criticism of the government spending too much money on these facilities, derisively nicknamed "laser institutes".
068 Pepsi Man Pepsi Zero Originally a character created by Pepsi in the year 19XX, the advancement of robotics and development of intelligent robots prompted the company to revive the vintage mascot as a Robot Master. Equipped with a variety of distillers, he can turn almost any liquid into a drink of cool Pepsi. He is also able to run as fast as a moving car or truck, without ever getting tired. However, he displays both a bumbling tendency and a strong hatred for rival soft drink brands (particularly Coca-Cola), for only two words dominate his programming: "DRINK PEPSI".
069 Quick Man Entrance Succession Designed as one of the fastest robots ever created, Quick Man is quite confident in his speed. Initially volunteering for a guard position in a high-intensity laser facility on a remote island, he's become apathetic in his duties after learning Octobulb already manages everything inside. Without a need to keep himself trained, he's formed a Cool Robots club to pass the time, learning techniques from fellow club members Yamato Man and Ballade.
070 Volt Man the Real Volt Man Factory An off-putting, outdated Robot Master model that somehow took over an abandoned factory and used it to begin producing modernized clones of himself. Nobody knows their true purpose, but what is known is that while the robots seemingly stay inside the factory deactivated during the day, strange whispers and noises can be heard throughout the night. At least one child has gone missing in the area, and no evidence of their fate was ever found.
071 Alastor Shocking Wacko Stage Built with the intention of replicating another sword with the same name for "authentic cosplay", Alastor was isolated into a factory due to faulty programming in its targeting system that resulted in heavy damage to a video game convention center. Its ability to store heavy amounts of electricity intrigued a group of scientists into conducting research on how Alastor would be viable as a means to reduce overall electricity costs; that is, before abandoning said research after suffering a huge electrical discharge that put the majority of the group out of commission.
072 War Blur Out of Order The midboss of an early simulation prototype, this lively lark once led a laid-back, leisurely life. An anomaly in the simulation's power source changed everything, granting it sentience and corrupting its reality. Weeks spent alone under constant influence from the anomaly have taken their toll, and thus it rampages across its discarded domain, reshaping it and all within to its frenzied whims.
073 Totem Polen EX The Red Woods The legend of Totem Polen EX is one quickly spreading across campgrounds worldwide. The story goes that someone, after a night of partying, decided to stack all of their decorative Totem Polen robots into one large robot. After another night, and against their colleagues' warnings, they then bought more and more Totem Polens, and stacked them higher and higher to create the world's tallest robot. Then, one night, the giant Totem Polen vanished into the darkness, perhaps possessed by an evil spirit, perhaps horrified by what it had become. It's said to hide in the woods to this day, aggressively attacking those that find it.
074 Bone Dragon String Theory A rare breed of dragon said to only be found slithering on ancient towering structures. One is rumored to have been living in a now-destroyed castle formerly owned by a vengeance-seeking, oil-smelling vampire. Another had been hanging around at the top of an abandoned building overgrown with plants, munching away at any instance of vegetation that it sees.
075 Recluse Woman String Theory Designed after a Brown Recluse, Recluse Woman was designed to help create the foundation for large-scale cloud servers. The web-like strands on her head are actually specially coated wires that can send 2TB of data a second. She can also lift objects the size of a fridge while climbing, allowing her to move servers to any floor in the facility if need-be. Though stubborn, she's an optimist that participates in charitable causes. Bizarrely, she has a strange hatred for birds.
076 Internet Destroyer Bubble Base An experimental computer program with artificial intelligence. It was intended to help users navigate the internet, as well as frequently provide useful tips for them. However, it was received negatively by focus groups (who claimed it was slow, annoying, and unstable compared to other programs), and was left to languish in cyberspace. Perhaps its hostile actions towards users since then are fueled by jealousy, masking a deep desire to be accepted?
077 Cursor Cursor Corruption A Pointan modified to enter and manipulate cyberspace. Hoping to avoid the mistakes made with Cyber Man, it was decided that a more simple-minded robot be used to accomplish his tasks. The result (codenamed "Cursor") proved to be more controllable, lacking its predecessor's megalomania, but it grew a fickle tendency. In particular, it loves to play practical jokes on people both in and out of cyberspace, dragging "objects" around and even deleting some outright. Despite this, there have been talks about mass-producing Cursor as a user interface tool for aspiring simulation developers.
078 Sakuya Izayoi Temporal Pillar As the chief maid of the Scarlet Mansion, Sakuya performs most of the duties, and is the right hand of the mansion's mistress. With her ability to manipulate space and time, the loyal maid will complete any task given to her, no matter how big or small, using her plethora of knives to shred through anyone that attempts to stop her mistress. As her most recent order, she was told to gather large amounts of energy to fuel any future upgrades to the mansion.
079 Haiker G Wicked Waterworks This larger version of the "Haiker N" model was put into production after a large oil spill demanded more intense water cleanup and filtration efforts. The project was a success, and the Haiker G has become a staple of most modern water filtration plants. Being based on the more compact Haiker N model, this robot is equipped with similar "defense mechanisms", but due to the Haiker G's larger water capacity, many more water projectiles can be shot out at once.
080 CWU-41B Wicked Waterworks Yet another model of the ubiquitous "CWU" line. While the series of robots is showing its age design-wise, their efficiency in water filtration processes has yet to be matched. This particular model has been equipped with a stronger weapons arsenal and more aggressive intruder detection system, thanks to an increasing number of strange incidents occurring in the world's sewage systems.
081 Intest Tinhead In the Flesh A large, metallic machine that was somehow whisked away into the belly of a menacing whale. This whale, with its infinite, unquenchable thirst to hoard all of mankind's known treasures to itself inside its personal storage, swallowed up this innocent underwater extraction unit and held it hostage alongside a valuable Energy Element. Fortunately, the legendary hero, Zero the Robot, was able to infiltrate the whale and rescue the goods from the purple pilferer. And also, destroyed this random robot.
082 Baskette Ball Space Jam A large sentient basketball designed inside the Space Jam space station as the first in a line of internet-connected "smart basketballs". Sadly, due to a miscalculation, she was made bigger than intended and no company or sports league funded the project once they saw it couldn't fit into any hoops. Since then, she has been filled with intense rage and has been locked up in a protected room in the depths of the space station for the safety of the workers.
083 Hyper Picketman Construction of Constructions Gone mad with power, this Picket Man mounted a menacing machine intending to wreak havoc on all things construction adjacent. While it is known that an Energy Element is at the center of the incident and was recovered, what a simple power battery has to do with driving worker robots crazy remains a mystery. Even with the incident quelled, however, the construction of the Pit of Pits is expected to be delayed due to Galaxy Man being easily distracted with new ideas and plans.
084 Chesder Refurbished Pyramid It's just a chest. Totally. It's not any sort of classic mimic chest or anything. I'm sure that you'll be able to walk up to it, all nice and easy, having a good time, and there will be absolutely nothing but good things inside of it. In fact, maybe there's nothing at all in it! A dried mushroom or something. But unless someone goes out into the world and seeks this chest, I guess we'll all never know. Truly, one of the greatest mysteries of our time.
085 Red Arremer Man Refurbished Pyramid Thanks to the success of Excalibur Man's Ghastly Heights theme park, a lucrative licensing deal brought many of the famous Ghouls n' Ghosts characters to life as advanced robots to breathe life (and fire breath, apparently) into the park. However, this particular Red Arremer went missing one day and could not be tracked down and recovered. It's speculated that its disappearance is linked to a power outage in the park around the same time, caused by an accidental overclocking of an Energy Element.
086 Amoeba Droid Toxic Tunnels Known to not be from this world due to being a non-CWU-related water filtration robot, this strange robot can travel effortlessly through acid and various other dangerous liquids with little to no effect on its material or systems. In fact, it uses acid to its advantage to create a thick outer shield for protection in combat. Such a strange robot could only be built by a mad scientist, yet none of its data matches up with any known signs of it being a Dr. Wily creation.
087 Psionic Man Psionic Space Station An enigmatic robot built with the ability to control psychic energies. Using every advantage he can get in a fight, this robot is armed with two Tele-Cannons for attacking and defending. He also has the ability to see into the future, which he loves to abuse for spoiling the end result of a show or tournament to others. This makes him a literal walking spoiler... or, should we say, flying spoiler. It may be possible that he saw the ending of Zero's journey, too, but luckily, he didn't get a chance to ruin it.

...Or did he?

088 Giga Count 2.0 Lily Airpad A modified version of the "Giga Count" AI, created recently to test the simulations' reactions to overheating. Instead of explosions, this version seems to channel its power into earthquakes and heat-seeking lasers. The bottommost part of the machine has become a spiked press as well. It's unknown how this simulation AI managed to make its way to Tier X - it might be possible that Tier X receives simulation "junk data" from excessive Energy Element output.
089 Cloud Devil 2.0 Code Landfill An upgraded version of the "Cloud Devil" AI, created recently to test the simulations' reactions to power surges. This more advanced version has significantly more power packed into its lightning strikes and a more dangerous arsenal of electrical attacks. It's unknown how this simulation AI managed to make its way to Tier X - it might be possible that Tier X receives simulation "junk data" from excessive Energy Element output.
090 Toad Man Lily Airpad Built by Dr. Cossack to assist in irrigating crops during dry seasons, Toad Man is a quirky, cute, and likeable Robot Master. Unfortunately, when hastily converted into a battle robot during Dr. Cossack's blackmail-caused world domination attempt, these qualities resulted in a humiliating defeat at the hands of Mega Man. Since then, Toad Man has struggled with an inferiority complex, doing more and more drastic and dangerous things in an attempt to "prove himself".
091 Elec Man Stormy Spire A Robot Master created by Dr. Light in order to control the voltage in power plants. Elec Man tends to be very conceited, but is still rather responsible with his tasks. His special weapon is the Thunder Beam, which fires large and powerful blasts of electricity. A comatose alternate dimensional variant of him has been discovered whose body is being controlled by a parasitic Gabyoall on his head.
092 Illumina Alpha Dr. Wily's Secret Bunker A massive robot that was somehow found residing in Null and Void shortly after it was built. It is unclear if the robot is a physical object or only a simulation-esque projection. The robot's weapon systems are equipped with massive laser cannons and similar "time-stopping" technology to Bright Man. When investigated after the initial construction of the castle, notes were found from an unknown source clarifying the robot as "Illumina Alpha" and claiming that, "she was made to destroy all the idiots".
093 Big Chungus Dr. Wily's Secret Bunker He's big.
094 Alter Archive Dr. Wily's Secret Bunker Inspired by Dr. Wily's Weapons Archive system, this is a database containing the Special Weapon data of a number of Robot Masters. At least three Special Weapons are known to be in the system; Quarantine Woman's Hazard Trapper, Sheriff Man's Badge Barrier, and Match Man's Match Blast. The Archive's administrators appear to be researching Robot Masters and their Special Weapons for some unspecified end-goal, with one product of their work being a device that completely turns one robot into another. They have also developed the Wily Archive, which contains data on Dr. Wily's more powerful robots and machines.
095 SRARA Met Rainbow Ravine The leader of SRARA, and seemingly the only one in the group with genuine plans. They speak in an excessively eloquent manner, similar to that of Zero's, but this certainly doesn't mean that they like each other. While one might expect the bossy superior to be a weak coward in reality, SRARA Met in fact is the strongest of the group, having upgraded themselves with teleporting and a significantly stronger weapons system.
096 SRARA Up n' Down Kingdom Crisis An easily angered and eccentric Up n' Down. They've become good friends with SRARA Shield Attacker, but they frequently bicker over the smallest things. While they don't really understand the true extent of SRARA Met's plans, they follow along enthusiastically due to their own fascination with the Energy Elements, on top of their friendship with Shield Attacker.
097 SRARA Shield Attacker Shift Posting An egocentric member of SRARA, Shield Attacker prides themselves on their very own online vlog show, which they record nearly every day, to the chagrin of their friend SRARA Up n' Down. The vlog only has a few viewers, partly in thanks to Shield Attacker insisting they publish it on the Undernet, claiming that "it's much cooler that way". Up n' Down, nicknamed "Uppity" by him, frequently tags along with them to keep them in "control".
098 SRARA Joe Looping Growth Garden Romantic and obsessed with their beloved roses, SRARA Joe has an overbearing personality, even compared to the rest of the group. Their greatest fear is seeing someone step on a flower. Surprisingly, they're also more mechanically inclined than the other SRARA members - while the others upgraded themselves, Joe built a helicopter for "combat". It's unknown what SRARA Joe's reasons for staying in the group are - maybe all they desire is an infinite flower paradise.
099 SRARA Dr. Wily's Secret Bunker Formerly a genuine inspection team, the "Simulation Recon and Regulation Administration", or "SRARA" for short, turned to criminal activity, shortly after an illegal simulation-related experiment destroyed a remote lab. It's highly speculated that these events are directly linked, but little is known otherwise. What is known is that SRARA, believing themselves to be protectors of the public, obsesses themselves with stealing Energy Elements and festival property to keep the world "safe". Or, they have another plan that they don't let people in on. Maybe both, actually.
100 Unununium Dr. Wily's Secret Bunker The result of a dangerously high concentration of a variety of energies fusing together, including Evil Energy and the energy from the Wargates. Little is known about how this entity even exists, or if it is even sentient at all. The sheer amount of chaotic energy it gives off is enough for Wargates to be effortlessly opened and closed by its presence. However, the entity's instability also causes extreme fragility, and despite being theoretically infinitely powerful, it crumbles in the face of even weak robots.
101 Duo Dr. Wily's Secret Bunker A powerful robot from the far reaches of space. A member of the enigmatic Star Marshals, he's something of an intergalactic police officer, fighting to eliminate evil from the universe and preserve peace and justice across the cosmos. He came to Earth years ago, after a battle with the traitorous Star Marshal Trio brought Evil Energy to the planet. Now, with Evil Energy finding its way to Earth yet again thanks to SRARA's actions, he appears once more to protect the world from its dangerous power.
102 Trio Dr. Wily's Secret Bunker Once a member of the Star Marshals, Trio betrayed his comrades for the evil Ra Moon and his Stardroids, having been seduced by the power of Evil Energy. He seemingly met his end at the hand of Duo thousands of years later, but his legacy lived on: not only did he deliver Evil Energy to Earth (and Dr. Wily), but his essence survived thanks to the extra-dimensional energy powering Earth's simulation technology. Every bit as cruel and controlling as his old masters, he will stop at nothing to rule the universe with his iron fist.
103 GameStop Duck Dr. Wily's Secret Bunker An enigmatic figure that stands among the strongest warriors in the galaxy. They put their key-like blade of unknown origin to incredible use, trapping their prey in deadly combos - including their signature near-fatal all-out attack, nicknamed the "Blinding-Flash Death-God Swing". However, they have also mastered a great variety of projectile attacks, making them unstoppable at all ranges. They seemingly wait for a worthy foe endlessly, at an unknown point in the universe...
104 CD Horizon Zero Short for "Compact Disk", CDs are circular flat objects used for digital optical data storage. Older CDs were very prone to being damaged via scratches on the readable surface and unable to be read, but newer CDs appear to be heavily resilient. Despite this improvement, this storage device has fallen out of use due to the arrival of flash drives, and tend to be used for novelty purposes nowadays. Many of these tend to each be used for storing a single data entry.


  • Due to a coding error in the first release of the game, the Skull Man CD in Rainbow Ravine displayed the number "021" when collected, even though it correctly gives you CD 025.
  • The CDs for Shadow Man, Quarantine Woman, Giga Count 2.0, SRARA Met and SRARA Joe all require the double jump to obtain them. The Shadow Man CD, being located in Midnight Aurora, is the only CD found in a pre-Chapter 3 level with this distinction.
  • Mr. X, Xander Payne, Ra Moon and Steel Massimo are the only CDs whose subjects have not made a physical appearance in neither MaGMML: Episode Zero nor any previous MaGMML game.
    • It is debatable if Mr. X counts as having not appeared, for if one doesn't subscribe to the theory that he was a real person, he is merely a disguise donned by Dr. Wily, who has appeared in nearly every MaGMML game to date.