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CDs are collectibles that can be acquired in Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero. Between zero and three CDs can be found in a given stage (the exception being Dr. Wily's Secret Bunker, which has eight), with various difficulties of obtaining. Separating itself from other collectibles in the MaGMML series is the fact that CDs, much like those in Mega Man & Bass, have information regarding various characters and bosses from not only the MaGMML series, but a few from the Mega Man Archie Comics and other sources.

By beating Construction of Constructions, Galaxy Man can be called to receive hints on the location of missing CDs. In total, 104 CDs are available in the game.

List of CDs[edit]

No. Character Level Information
001 Zero Explosive Freefall Once a prototype for Dr. Wily's ultimate robot, he was damaged beyond repair years ago, and hastily converted into a decoy robot to cover Wily's escape. Despite his grotesque appearance, he is rather intelligent and well-versed. His power and combat skill was originally very low, but he has since been upgraded with a saber and burst weapon to make him a stronger force to be reckoned with. But does he truly know what he's fighting for?
002 Zero (2) Vertical Hunger Upgraded with Sophie Hyde's Drive System, Zero can use special chips that alter the properties of his weapons. With them, his weapons can be charged with fire, ice, electricity, a strong cutting field, and even psychokinetic energy. Beyond upgrading his arsenal, Zero can also use the Drive System itself as a weapon, with each chip altering the system's output drastically. However, each chip can only be in use for a limited time, and cannot be used again without a special recharge. Better make each use count, then!
003 Mega Man Abandoned Lab The world-famous hero hailing from Mega City (which, in fact, was renamed in his honor). As the story goes, after the nefarious Dr. Wily took control of his rival Dr. Light's original six Robot Masters, his humble house robot Rock volunteered to be converted into the battle robot Mega Man to save the day. Since then, he's gone on dozens of world-saving adventures, armed with his trusty Mega Buster and Variable Weapons System. Recently, Mega City has begun to hold festivals in his honor, and the next one is rumored to use cutting edge simulation technology.
004 Dr. Light Robot Ink Printing Facility The father of modern robotics, and the foremost authority on robot AI technology. He is the founder of the Robot Master line, and is the surrogate father of the first members of the line - Blues, Rock, and Roll. His creations, known as the "Dr. Light Numbers", have been integral to making society what it is today. Nowadays, he is working alongside Dr. Cossack and the festival committee in order to stabilize the simulation technology. However, rumors have spread about an additional project of his, seemigly connected with a failed IC chip revision.
005 Dr. Wily Volt Man Factory A notorious mad scientist who wants nothing less than world domination. The longtime rival of Dr. Light and archenemy of Mega Man, he's created many robots to destroy his nemesis, and isn't above stealing others' creations to further his own goals. Persistent to a fault, he never lets failure get in the way of his schemes. Even after his most recent defeat, he's already begun plotting his next plan: this one involving his latest invention, the world-altering Reality Core.
006 Dr. Hyde Construction of Constructions A member of the festival committee, and a researcher into simulation technology. The creator of the Drive System, she is happy to give it to Zero to help him stop SRARA. She is known as a skilled programmer, creating many facets of simulations hat confounded her peers, and she's rumoured to be working on a simulation that uses a person's memories as a basis. though perhaps someone should tell her to stop pulling all-nighters...
007 Roslyn Krantz When Spike Drops Freeze Over Roslyn Krantz - Rosie to her friends - is a federal agent who works alongside her partner, Agent Stern. Unlike her gruff partner, she's more approachable, laid back and trusting of others, particularly robots. Even though she's the "good cop" of the two, she's still devoted to her job and will risk her life to stop criminals, whether they be terrorists, a mad scientist, or a quartet of evil robots causing havoc.
008 Gilbert Stern Frosty Fields A federal agent, Gilbert D. Stern is known for his imposing build and his grumpy character. Unlike his younger partner, he's more cynical and distrusting of others, and of machines (especially robots). He also has a reputation as a conspiracy theorist among his colleagues. Despite this, he genuinely believes in truth and justice, and when someone manages to get past his rough exterior, he won't be ashamed to show genuine care for them... in his own way.
009 Galaxy Man Construction of Constructions A Robot Master built by Dr. Light to instantly calculate rocket trajectories, with a love for stargazing. He was originally scheduled for destruction under the Robot Expiration Date law, but was used by Dr. Wily in one of his schemes shortly beforehand. A legal loophole enabled his survival afterwards (as Mega Man had destroyed him in battle) until the law was fully repealed. These days, he's looking down to earth, making plans for some sort of giant pit attraction.
010 Yamato Man The Red Woods Originally created for the First Annual Robot Tournament, Yamato Man is a fierce Robot Master originating from Japan, who ever since the end of the Mr. X incident has been attempting to establish large training facilities to make the general public "stronger". He has taken Tomahawk Man under his wing as his apprentice, and together, their latest project has proven their greatest success yet, with an official dojo being under construction for the second festival.
011 Pirate Man Wicked Waterworks A former member of King's army, Pirate Man was created to attack and loot cargo vessels at sea. A compulsive criminal with no scruples, he continued to rob and steal even after King's revolution was quelled, both hiring himself out to the highest bidder and plundering for himself. Lately, he has started operating his own radio station, broadcasting without a license (he despises the thought of getting one fair and square).
012 Bass Entrance Succession Based on Mega Man's design, Bass was created using Bassnium, an extremely powerful energy source. Though determined to destroy Mega Man, he has on occasion fought alongside him to stop Dr. Wily when the latter interferes with Bass's plans. Compared to Mega Man, Bass is more agile and has a wider range, but his Bass Buster's energy output is weaker. Lately, Bass has found himself sidelined during the doctor's more ambitious plans, much to his chagrin.
013 Treble Midnight Aurora Created as Bass's counterpart for Rush, he is capable of fusing with Bass utilizing stolen upgrades meant for Mega Man. Extremely loyal to Bass, Treble is probably the only robot Bass would willingly call "friend". As a result, he's generally aggressive towards most other people.
014 Reggae Skyhigh Ridge Even mad scientists get lonely within their castles and factories, and one such day Dr. Wily felt especially lonely. He's nothing if not a problem solver, however, and so he built Reggae as a loyal pet and companion in his never-ending quest to rule the world. He may not be as cute as smaller birds, or as friendly as a dog or cat, but Wily wouldn't dream of scrapping his precious Reggae... even if he's noisy and loves laughing at his master's many blunders.
015 Mega Man Killers Forgotten Fortress: The Lab A trio of battle robots made by Dr. Wily for the sole purpose of fighting and destroying Mega Man. First came to proud but gloomy Enker with his energy-reflecting Mirror Buster, then the independent-minded and sawblade-armed Punk, and finally the competitive (if simple-minded) Ballade and his powerful explosives. Technically speaking, all three of them were completely destroyed after their battles with Mega Man; they were rebuilt, but have completely new cognitive circuits. Can we even consider them the same robots?
016 Genesis Unit The Red Woods A trio of elite robots Dr. Wily developed after receiving inspiration from an ancient folktale. The rowdy, immature Buster Rod G leads the group, the intelligent Mega Water S comes up with plans and strategies, and the carefree, easily-flattered Hyper Storm H acts as a powerful enforcer. Wily created them as a special taskforce, but all three were completely destroyed on their first assignment - the takeover of the Chronos Institute. Since then, they have been rebuilt with new cognitive circuits.
017 Shadow Man Midnight Aurora Formerly a member of the "Kuiper Droids", an ancient unit of extraterrestrial soldiers lead by the Stardroids, Shadow Man was found by Dr. Wily alongside his master Ra Moon after thousands of years of hibernation. Shadow Man was then remodeled into a stealthy ninja robot with deadly poison blades, and fought against Mega Man in the doctor's third plot. After his revival, Shadow Man continued, and has continued, to serve Dr. Wily as a right-hand man of sorts, remaining fiercly loyal even after so many years.
018 Tomahawk Man Hot Steps An American Robot Master built for the First Annual Robot Tournament. After the tournament's cancellation due to the Mr. X incident, Tomahawk Man's only purpose has been to train and become stronger, until he can become a fighting champion. Recently, he's been training under Yamato Man, with hopes of becoming as powerful as him; though sometimes he questions some of his training methods, such as brewing coffee and getting kicked into somersaults.
019 Justice Man S.R.A.R.A. HQ Created by Dr. Light to assist Mega Man in his "Rock Force" project, Justice Man was built to match Mega Man's combat capabilities, as well as to test a more advanced build of IC chips. Unfortunately, the IC chip proved to have a dangerous defect discovered after its distribution, leading Justice Man to go insane and take drastic measures to fight for the cause of abolishing the Robot Expiration Date law. While Justice Man was killed in the struggle, he succeeded in his goal in the end.
020 Xander Payne When Spike Drops Freeze Over The leader of the Emerald Spears terrorist organisation, Xander Payne was a fanatical and dangerous criminal with an anti-robot agenda. After an incident at the Chronos Institute (where he was arrested), his grasp on reality worsened as he claimed to have seen mankind's end at the hands of robots. Some time later, Xander mysteriously vanished, leaving behind numerous etchings of the letter "X" on his cell walls. He remains missing to this day.
021 Quint Psionic Space Station An eccentric green robot wielding a jackhammer weapon known as the "Sakugarne". Was one of Dr. Wily's strongest enforcers, used during his takeover of the Chronos Institute. A similar robot - or possibly the same robot - appeared much later, leading the "Dimensions" before being defeated by Mega Man and Bass. Supposedly Mega Man from the future, albeit few believe this tale. However, scientists have taken a great interest in him due to him apparently having been drastically affected by dimensional instabilities.
022 Mr. X Forgotten Fortress: The Lab A mysterious billionaire who ran the X Foundation. He sponsored the First Annual Robot Tournament, during which he took control of the strongest participants and declared his intention to conquer the world, having funded Dr. Wily's past schemes. He was later revealed to be Dr. Wily himself, causing the Foundation's dissolution. While Mr. X is dismissed by many as a fake identity, there are some who believe he was a real person, and that Wily had disposed of him and stolen his identity for his own ends.
023 Ra Moon Looping Growth Garden A mysterious and ancient supercomputer found in the Lanfront Ruins, South America. It was destroyed years ago, though analysis of Ra Moon's remains show it was made of a metal not found anywhere on Earth. It's thought to have been powered by an extraterrestrial energy source, with the closest known match being the Evil Energy Dr. Wily abused during one of his world conquest schemes.
024 Dr. Cossack Code Landfill A Russian scientist whose engineering skills are second only to Dr. Light himself. While he once faced public scorn for his apparant attempt at world domination (in reality a play involving blackmail by Dr. Wily), he has since won back the world's trust. Dr. Cossack has conducted research into simulation technology, as well as the potential for Energy Elements to power them. Unfortunately, an accident with the latter caused the Wargate Phenomenon to become widespread, prompting him to send his robots out to prevent otherworldly foes from taking advantage of his mistakes.
025 Skull Man Rainbow Ravine When Dr. Cossack was blackmailed in Dr. Wily's fourth plot, he created Skull Man as a pure war machine, balanced both in offense and defence. His Skull Barrier protects him from almost any attack, giving him time to observe his enemy's weaknesses and then exploit them. Through he no longer works for Wily, his passion for combat hasn't left him; indeed, he is so focused on fighting that he knows nothing else. hampering his social skills. Lately, he has exploited the Wargate phenomenon to satisfy his urges, picking fights with other realms while simultaneously fixing his creator's mistakes.
026 Energy Elements S.R.A.R.A. HQ
027 Wargates S.R.A.R.A. HQ
028 The Moon Midnight Aurora
029 Birdo Kingdom Crisis
030 Glass Man Stormy Spire
031 Shadow Gacha Force Facility
032 Air Capsule Gusty Gorge
033 Wily Machine TROPHY Surveillance Canyon
034 Haunt Man Scarlet Temple
035 Quarantine Woman Toxic Tunnels
036 Cyber Man Cursor Corruption
037 Launch Man & Shuttle Man Horizon Zero
038 Sheriff Man Surveillance Canyon
039 Match Man Scarlet Temple
040 Taco Man Shocking Wacko Stage
041 Neon Man Force Facility
042 Seven Force Lily Airpad
043 Excalibur Man Refurbished Pyramid
044 Steel Massimo Code Landfill
045 Wario Bubble Base
046 The US Military Surfboard Showdown
047 Knuckles the Echidna Surfboard Showdown
048 Construction Workers Mojo Dojo
049 A Truck In the Flesh
050 Tornado Man Skyhigh Ridge
051 Splash Woman Bubble Base
052 Fighting Fefnir Scorched Factory
053 Giant Spear Man Defeat the Giant Spear Man!
054 Thwomp Man Kingdom Crisis
055 Dethgerbis Skyhigh Ridge
056 Honey Woman Twilight Terrace
057 Doc Robot Abandoned Lab
058 Giga Kuwagata Vertical Hunger
059 Elemental Aces Scorched Factory
060 Fire Boy GH Hot Steps
061 Blade Man DOS Dispute Over Sawblades
062 Sparky Horizon Zero
063 Blizzard Man When Spike Drops Freeze Over
064 Stomp'n Violet Nocturnal Assault
065 Hindjoe BlockBunker
066 Neapolitan Man Metropolitan Neapolitan
067 Force Guard Force Facility
068 Pepsi Man Pepsi Zero
069 Quick Man Entrance Succession
070 Volt Man the Real Volt Man Factory
071 Alastor Shocking Wacko Stage
072 War Blur Out of Order
073 Totem Polen EX The Red Woods
074 Bone Dragon String Theory
075 Recluse Woman String Theory
076 Internet Destroyer Bubble Base
077 Cursor Cursor Corruption
078 Sakuya Izayoi Temporal Pillar
079 Haiker G Wicked Waterworks
080 CWU-41B Wicked Waterworks
081 Intest Tinhead In the Flesh
082 Baskette Ball Space Jam
083 Hyper Picketman Construction of Constructions
084 Chesder Refurbished Pyramid
085 Red Arremer Man Refurbished Pyramid
086 Amoeba Droid Toxic Tunnels
087 Psionic Man Psionic Space Station
088 Giga Count 2.0 Lily Airpad
089 Cloud Devil 2.0 Code Landfill
090 Toad Man Lily Airpad
091 Elec Man Stormy Spire
092 Illumina Alpha Dr. Wily's Secret Bunker
093 Big Chungus Dr. Wily's Secret Bunker He's big.
094 Alter Archives Dr. Wily's Secret Bunker
095 SRARA Met Rainbow Ravine The leader of SRARA, and seemingly the only one in the group with genuine plans. They speak in an excessively eloquent manner, similar to that of Zero's but this certainly doesn't mean they like each other. While one might expect the bossy superior to be a weak coward in reality, SRARA Met in fact is the strongest of the group, having upgraded themselves with teleporting and a significantly stronger weapons system.
096 SRARA Up n' Down Kingdom Crisis An easily angered and eccentric Up n' Down. They've become good friends with SRARA Shield Attacker, but they frequently bicker over the smallest things. While they don't really understand the true extent of SRARA Met's plans, they follow along enthusiastically due to their own fascination with the Energy Elements, on top of their friendship with Shield Attacker.
097 SRARA Shield Attacker Shift Posting An egocentric member of SRARA, Shield Attacker prides themselves on their very own online vlog show, which they record nearly every day, to the chagrin of their friend SRARA Up n' Down. The vlog only has a few viewers, partly thanks to Shield Attacker insisting they publish it on the Undernet, claiming "it's much cooler that way". Up n' Down, nicknamed "Uppity" by him, frequently tags along with them to keep them in "control".
098 SRARA Joe Looping Growth Garden Romantic and obsessed with their beloved roses, SRARA Joe has an overbearing personality, even compared to the rest of their group. Their greatest fear is seeing someone step on a flower. Surprisingly, they're also more mechanically incline than the other SRARA members - while the others upgraded themselves, Joe built a helicopter for "combat". It's unknown what SRARA Joe's reasons for staying with the group are - maybe all they desire is an infinite flower paradise.
099 SRARA Dr. Wily's Secret Bunker Formerly a genuine inspection team, the "Simulation Recon and Regulation Administration", or "SRARA" for short, turned to criminal activity, shortly after an illegal simulation-related experiment destroyed a remote lab. It's highly likely that these events are directly linked, but little is known otherwise. What is known is that SRARA, believing themselves to be protectors of the public, obsesses themselves with stealing Energy Elements and festival property to keep the world "safe". Or, they have another plan that they don't let people in on. Maybe both, actually.
100 Unununium Dr. Wily's Secret Bunker
101 Duo Dr. Wily's Secret Bunker
102 Trio Dr. Wily's Secret Bunker
103 GameStop Duck Dr. Wily's Secret Bunker
104 CD Horizon Zero Short for "Compact Disk", CDs are circular flat objects used for digital optical data storage. Older CDs were very prone to being damaged via scratches on the readable surface and unable to be read, but newer CDs appear to be heavily resilient. Despite this improvement, this storage device has fallen out of use due to the arrival of flash drives, and tend to be used for novelty purposes nowadays. Many of these tend to be used for storing a single data entry.


  • Due to a coding error in the first release of the game, the Skull Man CD in Rainbow Ravine displayed the number "021" when collected, even though it correctly gives you CD 025.