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Outside the Chateau

Chateau Chevaleresque is a pub owned by Knight Man that appears in Make a Good Mega Man Level 2. It is one of the central locations in the game, being an area where the player can get rewards in exchange for Noble Nickels they have collected. It also serves as the equivalent to the attic from the first game, being a place where many NPCs show up as Energy Elements are collected. The hooded figure is first met here in a required cutscene.

The pub returns in Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero as part of Mega City. Although it lacks unlockable bonuses, it is still home to a number of gradually-appearing NPCs. On the lower level, the Sound Test can be accessed from a jukebox, and some questionably-useful Z-Phone contacts can be discovered. The game also ends inside the pub, in a recreation of Mega Man's meeting with the hooded figure in MaGMML2.


Make a Good Mega Man Level 2[edit]

Knight Man[edit]

Knight Man will give the player bonuses whenever you talk to him after reaching a certain amount of Noble Nickels. A number of these are permanent upgrades, though they can be disabled or enabled by talking to Reggae at Dr. Light's Lab. Knight Man can also be fought after collecting all 220 Nickels.

List of rewards[edit]
Icon Reward Nickels Required Information
FastTravelIcon.png Hub Fast Travel 10 Allows fast travel between previously visited areas when using the Exit Utility in the hub.
VIPPassIcon.png VIP Pass 20 Allows access into the Challenge Tent. Obtaining this also causes notifications to appear upon fulfilling challenge requirements.
SpecialBrew.png Beer 35 Causes a tank of beer to continuously spawn next to Knight Man.
CostumeUnlock.png Costumes 50 Unlocks the Mega Man (Hair), Mega Man?, Rockman CX, Doropie, and Rokko Chan costumes in the Costume Shop.
EnergySaverIcon.png Energy Saver 80 Halves the energy consumption of all Special Weapons.
CustomCostumesIcon.png Custom Costumes 100 Unlocks the ability to use Custom Costumes in the Costume Shop.
AutoMapIcon.png Level Mapper 120 Allows a map of the current stage to be displayed by holding the Previous and Next Weapon buttons simultaneously. This map displays the locations of Noble Nickels and Energy Elements.
AlterWeaponsIcon.png Contest Weapon Data 170 Unlocks the Alter Weapons Haunt Pumpkin, Badge Barrier, Neapolitan Bomb, Truffle Cluster, Cyber Distorter, Force Beam, Hazard Trapper, Match Blast, Launch Rocket, Shuttle Jet, Chomp Claw, and Carry. The Alter Man costume in the Costume Shop is also unlocked.
KnightManIcon.png Knight Man Battle 220 Initiates a battle with Knight Man; upon his defeat, Super Mode is unlocked.


Beer is located next to the bar and is a reward for 35 Nickels. Touching it distorts your vision until you enter the pause menu. Beating a level with this effect is needed for a Challenge.

Super Mode[edit]

After handing all 220 Noble Nickels to Knight Man and defeating him in battle, Super Mode can be accessed from his bar. It is activated and deactivated by touching the Noble Nickel floating above the bar. Super Mode allows the player to toggle free-range flight by tapping the jump button in the air, removes the projectile limit for all special weapons, increases the power of your charged shot (uncharged shots become half-charged shots, half-charged shots become fully charged shots, and the fully charged shot now explodes out in every direction), and reskins Jewel Satellite to resemble the Chaos Emeralds from the Sonic the Hedgehog series, also making them unaffected by barrier blocks, giving it a much higher speed when fired and the ability to pierce just about every enemy instead of disappearing upon hitting an enemy with more than 2 HP.

Crystal Man[edit]

Crystal Man is located in the basement. Paying him 20 bolts will cause him to give you a hint about the location of a Noble Nickel you do not have.

Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero[edit]


A jukebox in the basement can be found to the right, from which any song in the game can be played. Nothing is required to access it; however, in order for new tracks to appear, the respective levels where they are played must be cleared.

Pirate Man[edit]

Pirate Man can be talked to in the basement, and will register himself in the Z-Phone whether the player likes it or not. He can then be called on at any time to listen to his pirate radio show.

Fake Man[edit]

After defeating at least one of the five Golems, Fake Man will appear inside the pub, close to the entrance. By talking to him, the player can disable or enable the chip efficiency upgrades; however, chip upgrades cannot be enabled/disabled individually. Disabling the upgrades also has no effect on the Giga Crush if it is unlocked.

Mysterious Note[edit]

After clearing Null and Void, a mysterious note left by a secret admirer will appear on the leftmost side of the basement. It asks Zero to find their number and call it; however, no clues to the number exist in-game. The only hint given is to look "somewhere else entirely".


In both games, more NPCs start appearing the further the player progresses in the game.

Make a Good Mega Man Level 2[edit]

  • Bomb Man
  • Yoku Man
  • Freeze Man
  • Knight Man
  • Crystal Man
  • Shameless Plug Man
  • Hyper Storm H (after collecting 13 Energy Elements)
  • Grenade Man (after collecting 15 Energy Elements)
  • Shade Man (after collecting 25 Energy Elements)
  • Nitro Man (after collecting 32 Energy Elements)
  • Magic Man (after collecting 43 Energy Elements)
  • Glue Man (after collecting 46 Energy Elements)
  • Storm Man (after collecting 60 Energy Elements)
  • Compass Man (after collecting 102 Energy Elements)
  • Milk (after beating it)
  • Ombuds Man (after beating him)
  • Door Man (after beating him)
  • Scorch Man (Sunrise, after beating him)
  • Future (after beating him)
  • Butter Nezumi (after beating him)
  • Hooded Figure (only before obtaining 10 Energy Elements)
  • Contest Weapon Data Fan Sniper Joe (added in Version 1.4, appears after unlocking the Alter Weapon set from Knight Man)

Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero[edit]


  • Cheat Man, Scorch Man (Zook Hero Z), Jet Man and Lord Elewoofro are the only tier bosses to never appear in the Chateau. Zook Hero Scorch Man appears in Tier 7, while Cheat Man appears next to the lab once you get 100% to give you Cheat Mode. Jet Man and Elewoofro do not appear anywhere outside their boss rooms.

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