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For article on the boss, see Chomp Man.
66th : Chomp Man

Make a Good Mega Man Level 2

I've definitely bitten off more than I can chew.
"There's an insane amount of enemies spammed everywhere that just make you die over and over and make it basically impossible to do this level buster only."
SnoruntPyro, excerpt from judge comment.

Chomp Man is the 66th place level in Make a Good Mega Man Level 2. It is a jungle-themed stage that uses a huge plethora of gimmicks, and an even bigger plethora of enemies.


As early as the second room in the stage, Mega Man faces a room filled with Wanaans, Walking Bombs, Cannons, and Jet Bombs, plus a Sniper Joe and a Bombier. The platform that the second Cannon is perched on holds the first Noble Nickel. The following room is a series of Count Bombs above a bottomless pit, accompanied by a Haehaey, a Gyotot, Jet Bombs, and two Apache Joes. After this is a room almost shaped like a staircase, featuring Walking Bombs, Bombiers, Wanaans, a Returning Sniper Joe, a Garyoby, a Jet Bomb, a Molier, a Katonbyon, and a Tatebo, with a group of horizontal Count Bombs at the end. After climbing up the ladder in a single empty room, Mega Man faces groups of Cannon Joes and Jet Bombs, plus a Cannon, a Bombier, a Walking Bomb, a Wanaan, and a Jumbig. Mega Man must then traverse a room partially submerged in water, surrounded by Sea Mines, with the additional threats of a Katonbyon, a Walking Bomb, a Submarine Flier, a Jet Bomb, a Rider Joe, and a Totem Polen. The room above this has a group of Count Bombs to jump across, with a Wall Blaster II, a Totem Polen, and an Apache Joe making the jumps more dangerous. The Count Bomb at the bottom right, right next to the Wall Blaster II, has the second Noble Nickel right above it.

In the next room, after surviving Jet Bombs, Wanaans, Walking Bombs, a Tatebo, a Katonbyon, a Molier, and a Jumbig, Mega Man must jump across two Fork Blocks while avoiding a Wall Blaster II. After another empty room is a room with a Garyoby, a Sniper Joe, a Shield Attacker GTR, Jet Bomb debris, and a magnet, which can send Mega Man into the pit on the right side of the room.

Shooting away Ballade Missiles and Dust Blocks while also minding a single Baby Metall, a Fork Block, a Komasaburo, and a Brain Break, Mega Man must step on the blue and red Sheep Man blocks, sliding through the passageway the red blocks create so he can make it past the yellow spiked blocks. Making it to the bottom and avoiding Fork Blocks, a Biree, a Brain Break, and Tellies, Mega Man must loop over to the top area, shooting away Ballade Missiles and watching out for a Fork Block, a Tatebo, another Biree, another Brain Break, an Elec Block, and a Baby Metall. He shouldn't step on the green Sheep Man blocks yet; doing so will force him to throw himself on spikes. Instead, he should slide through the passageway below him, which will take him to a place where he can safely step on the yellow Sheep Man blocks and get rid of them. Mega Man can then loop back around again, stepping on the green Sheep Man blocks. This will finally allow him to collect the third Noble Nickel, and exit the room after getting rid of some more Ballade Missiles and Dust Blocks, as well as the Tatebo, a Komasaburo, and a Wall Blaster II.

Now finding himself in the rain, Mega Man must watch out for a Returning Sniper Joe, a Katonbyon, and a Walking Bomb before confronting a Whopper. Past the Whopper is a long group of Crash Lifts, with the rain still affecting Mega Man's jumps. Also guarding the path in this room is a group consisting of Togeheros, Apache Joes, and Cloud Fliers. One pair of Crash Lifts can be ridden to obtain the fourth Noble Nickel. The room above this consists of climbing up and down while avoiding Cannon Joes. The room after this holds a Sniper Armor, a Walking Bomb, and a pair of Wanaans. Using a utility to take the path on the top left leads to the final Noble Nickel, guarded by a Cannon Joe. After climbing up the ladder to take the upper path and traversing one more group of Count Bombs while avoiding a Sniper Joe and a Heli Buton, Mega Man finally reaches the boss gate, at which point the only remaining obstacle is Chomp Man himself.

Skip Status[edit]

This level was deemed skippable by the judges, due to its extremely cluttered nature.

Judge Comments[edit]

Judge Comments
snoruntpyro snoruntpyro snoruntpyro : 22 / 50
Design Fun Creativity Aesthetics Functionality Skip Teleporter?
5 / 15 4 / 10 7 / 15 2 / 5 4 / 5 Yes

Holy crap, calm down with the enemy placement. There's an insane amount of enemies spammed everywhere that just make you die over and over and make it basically impossible to do this level buster only. It also REALLY doesn't help that the enemies that ARE spammed are some of the most annoying enemies in the engine - Sniper and Apache Joes. The Apache Joes have a horrendous tendency to jumpscare you and dunk you into pits, and Sniper Joes are just Sniper Joes - obnoxious, beefy time-wasters. And on top of the enemy spam there's just some seriously bafflingly designed rooms, like the room with the Sheep Man blocks. It's an okay concept, but you can easily get stuck if you go in the wrong order and there's just so many enemies dumped everywhere that it's difficult to even navigate the maze. And for a level called 'Chomp Man', you'd think there would be more Wanaans, but nope there's like three! And to top it all off, there's actually a pretty good boss fight at the end?!?! It's polished and pretty okay, even if the chomp attack is unfair sometimes. It's like the level and the boss were made by two different people.

JupiHornet JupiHornet JupiHornet : 15 / 50
Design Fun Creativity Aesthetics Functionality
1 / 15 0 / 10 12 / 15 2 / 5 0 / 5

I'm sorry but that level was a complete disaster. You used so many gimmicks but they were all executed very poorly, and this level clearly wasn't designed with other players in mind. After a while I got really tired of getting cheap shotted by the Copter Joes, specifically the ones over the count bombs. The part with the Sheep Man blocks was the worst, because if you don't do it correctly you can find yourself trapped WITH NO WAY OUT OTHER THAN TO USE THE SUPER ARROW. If you run out of Super Arrow and have no M Tanks on you, whoops! Too bad, you have to press the suicide key (2) and restart the section. The only salvageable thing about this level was the boss, which was a fun fight, although it took some learning. The rest of the level was just...bad. Get your levels tested by other people before you submit them!!!

Enjl Enjl Enjl : 16 / 50
Design Fun Creativity Aesthetics Functionality Skip Teleporter?
2 / 15 3 / 10 5 / 15 2 / 5 4 / 5 No

This level feels rather messy. It feels like somebody took a level and condensed it, jumbled it up to the point where it's overwhelming and the player will have a lot of trouble dodging every obstacle and proceeding in the level. There are also ideas which only briefly make an appearance and are never seen again. I also managed to get softlocked in this level. The level needs a lot of work. I think a good place to start is by introducing features one-by-one rather than dunking them all on the first screen, which allows you to ramp up the difficulty and add more features in a more controlled and less hectic environment. The boss of this level looks adorable, but I felt like his hitboxes were slightly too big.

Garirry Garirry Garirry : 28 / 50
Design Fun Creativity Aesthetics Functionality
4 / 15 5 / 10 10 / 15 4 / 5 5 / 5
I'm not sure how to look at the level design in this level. Obstacle placement is excellent, there is very few issues involving obstacles and other parts of the level. Despite this, the enemy placement is awful. There are way too many enemies around, many of them are either shielded or throw hard-to-avoid projectiles, and it's just overall hard to get through the level without draining all your life quickly. I mostly enjoyed this level. However, most parts involving enemy spam or bad enemy placement just suck. So I dunno, the main level was awesome, but the bad enemy design ruins certain parts of it. I really appreciate the design creativity of this level. While the theme itself is nothing new, the level design was handled with much creativity. Also custom boss so that's nice. Very very beautiful is all I have to say. Also music choice is pretty good. Works just fine.

I have many mixed feelings about this one. While I liked the stage layout, the level design was awful. The main issue is that there is a serious overabundance of enemies, which are also often placed poorly. Of course, this makes the stage very frustrating. On the bright side, I like how this stage looks, and as mentioned earlier, I liked the general stage layout and some sections of the level.

ACESpark ACESpark ACESpark : 21 / 50
Design Fun Creativity Aesthetics Functionality Skip Teleporter?
7 / 15 2 / 10 6 / 15 1 / 5 5 / 5 No

I don't see what's so Chompy about this level. If anything, this stage has a fetish for Missiles and Apache Joe. Anyway, yokes, this is a level with some really nice gimmick usage, absolutely ruined by it's enemy placement and selection.

Your first few screens, the ones with nothing but enemies - are absolute trash. They're really not very fun at all, as you are simply swamped with enemies. Strangely the further you get into the stage, the better the stage becomes.

Any segment without the enemy spam, I think is really good!

The stage doesnt work graphically either, half of the tilesets don't really match. I see what you were intending, but a lot of these don't work together.

This may end up being a controversial opinion, but your final few Count Bomb screens, as well as your use of Crash Man Platforms were pretty fun, and the Sheep Man block area would've been good had there simply not been 500 baddies over-running the place. These few moments in the level do not make up for the fact that many other areas are slogs.

I was really surprised by having the Robot Master turn up. Considering how difficult his stage is - he is a complete pushover. His attacks are largely worthless. Still, the stage is better for having him turn up, than without him.

Had the enemy spam been toned down, this level would've been pretty good, but the enemies just make this an awful experience to go through! And that is a real shame.

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