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Chapter 2 : Construction of Constructions

Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero

Red Guy! I need your help!

Construction of Constructions is an optional level in Chapter 2 of Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero. To unlock it, four Energy Elements from Chapter 2's levels must be collected. Taking place in the in-development Pit of Pits, Zero is tasked with helping Galaxy Man tame the construction workers, who have mysteriously gone berserk. Notably larger in level size and difficulty compared to most of the previous levels, Zero must traverse through underground construction zones and various segments themed after microstages from the Pit of Pits.


Hidden inside a pipe to the left of the starting screen is a W-Tank. After a short meeting with Galaxy Man, the stage itself begins with pathways blocked by Caricarries, Picket Men, and Pickelman Dadas, before reaching a short area filled with Lyrics. The end of this area has two invincible Lyrics pursuing Zero while a Pickelman Dada blocks the way to the first checkpoint. A Picket Man stands in front of the entrance to the next section, with two bottomless pits in front of it that Zero risks being knocked into. Beyond this Picket Man is an area populated by Galleon Cannoners, Remettaurs, Pressors, and Crickaleaps, with some parts having Doncatches in the ceilings. The ladder out of this area is guarded by a Pressor flying across it, and two Crickaleaps on either side of the top. By going left, a large room filled with Destroyable Blocks for every chip contains a CD on the other side. Reaching it requires breaking several of these blocks; at minimum, the Icicle Chip, Flame Chip, Psycho Chip, and Cutter Chip are required.

The next section over has Petit Snakeys attacking Zero, and to progress they must be destroyed so that their bodies are cleared out of the way. Often, other enemies will appear to attack alongside the Petit Snakeys, adding more hazards to avoid. At the bottom, a teleporter leads to a single screen with infinitely-spawning Flying Shells and a Pickelman Dada. The former will never open to attack, but can be safely cleaved through with the Z-Saber. The next teleporter takes Zero to an area with fast-moving Teckyuns, which itself leads into a vertical shaft populated with more construction worker robots. If the Zap Chip is unlocked, its Blank Drive handily clears through and freezes enemies on higher levels. Hidden to the left, through small corridors that Caricarries infinitely scroll by from, is a secret room; the bottom corridor leads to a CD and the only friendly Picket Man in the entire stage, and the top corridor leads to an E-Tank. At the top of the shaft is a desert-themed area with sand gimmicks: first Quicksand, then Sandstorms that blow in from the left that obscure the terrain. Spikes are often straight below Zero here, so finding safe ground to ride out the storm when it arrives onscreen is imperative.

After the desert area is a checkpoint with some power ups, and the screen above has Doncatches attacking from above while Crash Lifts ride by. To move forward, one of these lifts needs to be boarded, leading to a ride over a long bottomless pit. Several enemies and a few Petit Snakey Pillars conspire to knock Zero off the lift, so the Z-Burst and/or a Blank Drive attack is highly recommended to quickly clear out lots of obstacles at once. The end of the ride has a teleporter leading to a long staircase populated by enemies, to the left of which is a hidden room with a CD. The teleporter at the top warps to a screen with two Picket Men and multiple fake teleporters; a real one is at the very bottom, surrounded by two bottomless pits. The final area is a platforming segment with Moles drilling their way through the terrain, with one final Picket Man guarding the door to the ringleader of the berserk workers, Hyper Picketman.

Z-Phone Dialogue[edit]

Contact Transcript
ZPhoneWily.png Dr. Wily Construction of Constructions?

You're in the city again? Oh, right. I heard about that. Some ambitious underground construction project.

Energy Elements aren't some ancient energy source, though, so they couldn't have dug one up.

Well, all I can say is to find what you can, and pry for info. I guess.

ZPhoneKrantz.png Agent Krantz Construction of Constructions?

There's not much I can cover easily in the way of obstacles, since that place has multiple.

Though, your enemy variety largely consists of Met, Joe, and Shield Attacker types, all of which are weak to the Z-Saber.

It also has a few Caricarries, which are weak to the Z-Burst instead.

ZPhoneGalaxy.png Galaxy Man (CD #1): You gotta go left at the first junction! You'll be in some metal area.

But you'll need a buncha chips to solve the puzzle, sorry!

(CD #2): Oh yeah, to find one of the CDs here, you should keep an eye out for suspicious openings!

Like, say, when you're climbing in a rocky area, and there's a hole on the left? Sneak in there!

(CD #3): Oh, okay, at one point you're gonna see this huge set of stairs, right? Cool, right?

Well, climb DOWN 'em instead of up. The you'll be treated with a little surprise.

ZPhoneYamato.png Yamato Man Yamato Man: Hyper Picketman?

When it starts jackhammering the floor like a madman, rock platforms will start dropping from the ceiling on your location.

Three will drop in a row. Every so often, he'll dash from one end of the room to the other, and you won't be able to jump
over him unless you stacked at least two blocks!

The blocks'll also help you get shots in on the guy riding it without having to aim up.

Zero: Are you sure the flashing Energy Element core is not the weakspot?

That is bizarre, it seems to be drawing my attention like it wants me to aim my shots at it.

Yamato Man: Do you shoot car headlights because they look like they're drawing your attention, you psycho?!

ZPhoneKnives.png Knives Knives: Hey, we're not going on a date in some construction zone! All that dust'll get in your system.

And who knows what kinda weird stuff they've been digging up underground that'll obliterate you??

Like, say, some giant metallic living metal thingy that'll eat your soul!

Zero: That is oddly specific.

Knives: Just a feeling! I can take care of all that myself. It's you I'm worried about!

But yeah, pick a safer spot. Same danger, but less dust and stuff.


  • The following ministages are included in the stage: "Lyrickrolled", "Mega Man a - Areas 1, 2 and 3" (all merged sequentially into one section), "Puzzle Box", "Slippery Snakes", "Airbag", "Night of Semiramis", "da ba dee da ba di", "Sandstorm Base", "Magic Crash-Pit Ride", "Stairway to Nether", "Feelings", "Warp Zone", and "Geothermal Construction".
    • During the credits, the ministages "The Top 10 Most Commonly Used Enemies, In Increasing Order", "Epic Wrap Battle", and "Up and Down" can be glimpsed in the background.
  • Construction of Construction's Energy Element does not count towards the total needed to unlock S.R.A.R.A. HQ, making it entirely optional for the main story. It shares this distinction with Mojo Dojo.
  • Despite Galaxy Man's worries that the Pit of Pits will be unfinished by the time the second festival starts, the attraction remains in development until the postgame of MaGMML2, in part due to Galaxy Man "being easily distracted with new ideas and plans".
  • Talking to Galaxy Man a second time will prompt the space robot to kiss Zero and mention his need for new weaponry, foreshadowing his eventual boss fight at the bottom of the Pit of Pits in MaGMML2.
  • Though based on the Pit of Pits, the level is similar to Reality Core in concept, as it is made up of remixed tributes to the officially submitted ministages from the original Pit.
  • The stage that unlocks a guide for collecting missing CDs... has a CD that requires at least three chips to obtain, meaning 100% runs often ignore the level until long after it's unlocked to minimize backtracking. Ho hum.
  • Construction of Constructions is one of two levels in Episode Zero to contain more than one type of Destroyable Block, the other level being Nocturnal Assault.
    • To that extent, it's also the only Episode Zero level to contain every type of chip-sensitive Destroyable Block, courtesy of the room that homages "Puzzle Box" from MaGMML2's Pit of Pits.

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