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For user-made costumes, see Custom Costumes.
Roll's Costume Shop in MaGMML2.

Costumes are purchasable unlockables in the Make a Good Mega Man Level series that change Mega Man's appearance. Aside from a few exceptions, they are purely cosmetic and offer no gameplay differences and/or advantages.

Make a Good Mega Man Level[edit]

Only a single costume can be found in the original Make a Good Mega Man Level game — the Proto Man costume, purchasable from Eddie's Shop from the beginning for a paltry 50 bolts. It does not change any dialogue (even the player's name), unlike in future installments.

Make a Good Mega Man Level Remastered[edit]

Roll runs a costume shop located right under Tier 5. Costumes of Proto Man, Roll, and Bass are available for 50 bolts each, as well as the Custom Costumes option for 200 bolts. The costumes now change dialogue containing Mega Man's name, with the exception of Holo-Justice Man's pre-fight dialogue.

Make a Good Mega Man Level 2[edit]

Costumes not only return from the first game, but are greatly expanded upon. Roll runs a costume shop located between Tier 4 and Tier 5, where the player can go at any time to purchase a costume or equip one they have already purchased. Some skins cannot use the alternate weapon set, due to not having the necessary sprites. In the Costume Shop, which costumes can and cannot use the alternate weapons are denoted by a pumpkin icon in the lower right corner of the skin display. When the Proto Man Mode and/or Bass Mode cheats are active, the Costume Shop will be closed off, preventing the use of costumes.

The game itself is inconsistent on whether the costumes are simply that — costumes — or actually changing the player into the character in question. When reentering the costume shop, Roll will greet the player with the costume's name in scare quotes as if she's merely playing along; on the other hand, if Mega Man wears a costume that matches the identity of an NPC, that NPC will disappear while wearing that costume. For example, equipping Hornet Man's costume will make Hornet Man disappear from Tier 3. The exceptions to this are Met and Dr. Light, who still appear in Tier 10 and the lab, respectively. Additionally, wearing any costume other than Mega Man (with or without his helmet) causes him to appear near the entrance to Tier 3. The exception to this is Roll, in which case Rock will run the costume shop in her absence.

Defeating Wily Machine SWORD in the Reality Core stage will automatically remove the player's costume, reverting them to Mega Man. This is intentional, to avoid plot holes when encountering megaman sprite game. This does not happen if the player battles Wily Machine SWORD via the Boss Gallery in the Dojo.

Many costumes provide unique dialogue with certain NPCs. A good amount of them also change the sprites for utilities, such as the Rush Coil, Rush Jet, and Sakugarne. They still function identically, however.

Several of the game's costumes were created via community submissions; perhaps unsurprisingly, a sizeable chunk of them are Mega Man edits of varying complexity.

List of Costumes[edit]

Costume Bolt Cost Alter Weapons? Unlock Condition Purchase Quote Notes
C megaman.png Mega Man N/A Yes N/A N/A
C protoman.png Proto Man 150 Yes N/A Ah, how did that tune go again? When Proto Man enters a level, his famous whistle briefly plays, a la Mega Man 10. His Proto Coil and Proto Jet from the same game replace Rush.
C bass.png Bass 100 Yes N/A Of all the--Oh okay, fine, suit yourself. So to speak. Bass has unique dialogue when battling Cheat Man. Treble replaces Rush.
C roll.png Roll 200 Yes N/A Oh, you want to be me? Well, who wouldn't? Though, I guess that means I'll have to be you. Oh, my. While using this costume, Rock takes over the shop in Roll's absence. He can be talked to for a few pieces of dialogue. Roll also has unique dialogue with Kalinka, Proto Man, Ice Man, and Oil Man. Tango replaces Rush.
C drlight.png Dr. Light 250 No Collect all the entry Energy Elements and talk to Dr. Light. You want to be Dad? Well, I won't judge... Rush Coil is replaced with the Proto Coil, and Rush Jet is replaced with a modified Item-2.
C rush.png Rush 300 No Defeat The Moon, Birdo, and Glass Man. This can be achieved either through their secret "levels" in Tier 10, or through battling them in The True Arena. A dog is man's best friend, and they're always so carefree. I don't blame you for wanting to be one. The Sakugarne is replaced with a spring that causes Rush to resemble Mega Man 5's Rush Coil, and the Rush Coil and Rush Jet are both replaced with Mega Man. When Rush enters a level, "READY" will be replaced with "BARK, WOOF!"
C rockmanhair.png Mega Man (Hair) 600 Yes Collect at least 50 Noble Nickels, then talk to Knight Man. Be careful going out like that; I've found out the hard way they don't make shampoo for robots.
C megamanquestion.png Mega Man? 100 Yes Collect at least 50 Noble Nickels, then talk to Knight Man. Are you sure about this? Well, if you really want to feel smug... Rush Coil and Rush Jet replace Rush with a new character called “Allegro”, who dons the same evil glare and scarf that Mega? has. Mega? changes the "READY" text to "ON THE SCENE!"
C copyrock.png Rockman CX 3 Yes Collect at least 50 Noble Nickels, then talk to Knight Man. So, wait, you're going to don the look of your ripoff? A ripoff of a ripoff? The Rush Coil is replaced with the Proto Coil, and the Rush Jet is replaced by the Floor item from the costume's namesake ROM hack. Rockman CX has unique dialogue with Cheat Man, Bass, and Mega Man.
C doropie.png Doropie 600 No Collect at least 50 Noble Nickels, then talk to Knight Man. Good choice! I approve of the cut of her gib. I mean, tunic. Doropie is a witch who debuted in the Mega Man clone The Krion Conquest, a game for the NES. Her Rush Jet is replaced with a broom. When starting a level, the intro says "GET READY!" instead of "READY".
C rokkochan.png Rokko Chan 300 Yes Collect at least 50 Noble Nickels, then talk to Knight Man. Stylish! Makes me wonder why I don't get out more. While wearing this costume, Rush Coil is replaced with the Proto Coil and Rush Jet is replaced with the Beetle Jet. Rokko Chan has unique dialogue with Jet Man.
C alterman.png Alter Man 100 Yes Collect at least 170 Noble Nickels, then talk to Knight Man. The appearance of a true winner! Though, it looks a bit... freaky. Rush Coil and Rush Jet will have Alter Man's eyes when he uses them.
C hornetman.png Hornet Man 250 No Defeat Alter Man in Identity Crisis. Wanting to relive Identity Crisis everywhere, huh? Hornet Man has a unique sprite for the Rush Coil and the Rush Jet, replacing them with a Flower Presenter and a Margherita projectile. Hornet Man uses his own palette when the Hornet Chaser is equipped instead of the default.
C brightman.png Bright Man 250 No Defeat Alter Man in Identity Crisis. Wanting to relive Identity Crisis everywhere, huh? Bright Man has a unique sprite for the Rush Coil, Rush Jet, and Sakugarne, which are replaced by a Dompan, Totem Polen, and a Battan, respectively. Bright Man uses his own palette when the Flash Stopper is equipped instead of the default. Talking to Magma Man in Tier 4 as Bright Man causes him to respond with unique dialogue.
C cutman.png Cut Man 350 Yes Clear the Arena. A true classic. One could say it's, I'm not saying that. Cut Man has a unique sprite for the Rush Coil, Rush Jet, and Sakugarne, which are replaced by a Flea, two Bladers and a Giant Suzy, respectively.
C beck.png Beck 200 No Find the secret dev room in Forgotten Fortress. People seem to laugh at this costume. I don't really know why. Beck is the protagonist of Mighty No. 9, a game made by Keiji Inafune, who worked on most Mega Man games. Rush Coil and Rush Jet are replaced with Proto Coil and Item-2, respectively.
C met.png Metall 200 No Purchase every upgrade from Eddie's Shop. Good choice -- Metalls are just so adorable! Rush Coil, Rush Jet and Sakugarne are replaced while wearing the costume, with Rush Coil being a Watcher, Rush Jet being a Guts Lift, and Sakugarne being a Pickelman Dada.
C joe.png Joe Man 150 No Defeat Joe Man R. I feel like I'm seeing these guys everywhere these days. Rush Coil and Rush Jet will have a Sniper Joe's eye when Joe Man uses them.
C quint.png Quint 150 No Enter Tier X. Oh, it's you, but from the future. Don't fulfill any stable time-loops by going back in time like this! Rush Coil and Rush Jet spawn a Rush that resembles Quint, having a green color scheme, sunglasses, and a crescent-shaped headpiece.
C sonic.png Sonic 300 No Clear the Mega Arena. Is it just me, or have we seen this guy at some point before? Sonic's Sakugarne is a spring from his home series, while Rush Coil and Rush Jet are replaced with Knuckles.
C marisa.png Marisa 350 No Defeat Cirno with only the Mega Buster. A cute appearance! I feel like I've seen her and some icy person hanging around the festival. Marisa Kirisame is one of the main protagonists of the Touhou series by ZUN. Notably, she is also the protagonist of MegaMari, a Touhou fangame that plays similarly to the Mega Man games. Marisa's Rush Jet is replaced with a broom, different from the one Doropie uses. Marisa has unique dialogue with Cirno.
C karrotman.png Karrot Man 250 No Clear 8 challenges. A creative choice. Carrots are always good for your eyes. Even robot eyes. Karrot Man is the avatar of Sprites Inc member Karakato, one of the artists who worked on the game. Karrot Man's buster is modified to shoot carrots: uncharged shoots a small carrot, mid-level charge shoots three small carrots, and full charge shoots a large one. Karrot Man's Rush Coil spawns a bunny instead of Rush, and Rush Jet spawns a carrot for him to ride. When starting a level, the intro says "GOOD FOR YOUR EYES!" instead of "READY".
C davwin.png Davwin 350 No Defeat Seven Force in either Unobtainium Mine or The True Arena with only the Mega Buster. Defeating it in the Boss Gallery will not work. Ah, you are a good judge of costume quality. (Get it? Hee hee.) Davwin is the avatar/fursona of ACESpark, judge of MaGMML2 and owner of Sprites, Inc. Davwin has unique sprites for Rush Coil and Rush Jet, which spawn his companion, Patch. Davwin has unique dialogue with Tango, Yellow Devil, Uranus, and Pluto. When starting a level, "READY" is replaced with "BARK, WOOF".
C bsd.png Cut Man? 300 No Clear Escape Sequence. Uhh... I didn't even know we had this one in stock. Yikes. Cut Man?, referred to as "Cut Man" by NPCs and "Bad Scizzors Cutman" by others, is the protagonist of the Mega Man 2 ROM hack Cutman's Bad Scizzors Day. Cut Man? has unique dialogue with Cut Man, Dr. Light (who gains a new sprite), Cheat Man and the displays outside Roll's shop. Roll will also express a bit of fear if you return to her shop in this costume. Starting a level as Cut Man? replaces "READY" with "LOZAR".
C meirl.png me_irl 100 No Get smashed by a Compactor. Same. me_irl's Rush Jet and Rush Coil are similarly squished, and his Sakugarne has Rush's face on it. When starting a level, "READY" is replaced with "HE'S HERE...".
C_breakman.png Break Man 150 No Clear 28 challenges. Ooooh, I wonder who could be under that mysterious mask~?
C saiyanrockman.png Super Saiyan Mega Man 999 Yes Defeat Knight Man. I'm not sure if that hairstyle suits you, but I won't judge your choices. Rush Jet and Rush Coil both gain Super Saiyan hair.
C zero.png Zero 999 Yes Defeat Absolute ZERO. W-what? Who is this guy? I feel... menaced. Zero always retains the same sprite. His standing sprite is the same as his jumping, sliding, climbing, damage, and looking up sprites. The only change it makes is changing colors for the weapons and facing different directions. Zero has unique sprites for Rush Jet and Rush Coil, being (similar to Zero himself) poorly made sprites of a smiley blob and a spring. Sakugarne also sports "eyes" similar to Zero. When starting a level, "READY" is replaced with "HE'S HERE..."

Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level[edit]

In Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level, costumes can be purchased and equipped from Double Action Boutique, a shop run by Bol'o and Nu'o on the SS Elroy. However, the shop is inaccessible until at least 7 Energy Elements have been obtained. None of the available costumes are locked, though the selection is mostly made up of returning MaGMML2 costumes, with only two brand new ones.

Unlike past games, MaG48HMML is more definitive with costumes being nothing more than costumes – in addition to Proto Man referring to the player in scare quotes if they're wearing a costume (and Bass calling out the player if talked to while using the Bass costume), the conclusion to the Bootcamp Graduation sidequest has the player's character tell Sarge that they're really Mega Man if they happen to be wearing a costume. Additionally, altered dialogue in response to costumes is scarce compared to MaGMML2 beyond altered pronouns and physical descriptors. There are a few exceptions to the rule – the Mega Man (Hair) and Rock costumes share the same dialog pools as the default Mega Man costume (as both represent Mega Man), while using the Roll costume will prompt Rock to take her place in Dr. Light's cabin, complete with alternate dialogue.

In addition to altered Rush utilities and palettes, MaG48HMML's costumes have unique Mega Buster graphics; however, their hitboxes aren't changed despite how big or small they may be.

The Proto Man Mode and Bass Mode cheats once again disable costumes; although Double Action Boutique can still be accessed for the Love Survivor sidequest, costumes cannot even be purchased. Additionally, save files with either cheat active will replace the costume total icon with Proto Man/Bass's head while giving credit for all costumes, regardless of how many have actually been bought. This allows "pure" Proto Man/Bass Mode files to achieve 100% completion without buying costumes.

List of Costumes[edit]

Costume Bolt Cost Notes
C megaman.png Mega Man N/A
C protoman.png Proto Man 100 When Proto Man enters a level (with a handful of exceptions), his famous whistle briefly plays. His Proto Coil and Proto Jet from the same game replace Rush. In Tier 11, Proto Man will wear a Mega Man costume while this costume is active.
C bass.png Bass 100 Bass has unique dialogue when spoken to on the SS Elroy. Treble replaces Rush. The Mega Buster uses enemy bullet graphics, as well as Bass's charge shot from Mega Man 7 and the arcade games.
C roll.png Roll 100 While using this costume, Rock replaces Roll in Dr. Light's cabin. He can be talked to for a few pieces of dialogue. Tango replaces Rush.
C rockmanhair.png Mega Man (Hair) 50
C rock.png Rock 50
C breakman.png Break Man 100 Like Proto Man, entering a level as Break Man plays his whistle. He retains the Proto Coil and Proto Jet. In Tier 11, Proto Man will wear a helmetless Mega Man costume while this costume is active.
C cutman.png Cut Man 100 Cut Man's Rush Coil and Rush Jet are replaced by a Flea and two Bladers, as in MaGMML2, though they now use a blue palette. When using a Charge Shot (represented as a large Rolling Cutter), Cut Man will throw it instead of shooting it.
C met.png Metall 100 Rush Coil becomes a Watcher, and Rush Jet becomes a Guts Lift. Both utilities now use a green palette. Uncharged Mega Buster shots resemble enemy bullets.
C maestro.png Maestro 100 Maestro is the main character and default player avatar in the fangame Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch. As in that game, he uses Rush instead of more unique utilities.
CustomCostumesIcon.png Custom Costumes 200 Cirno is included in the game's Costume folder as an example of Custom Costumes.

Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero[edit]

Only two costumes are available, and both can be purchased from Reggae in Dr. Wily's Secret Bunker for 250 bolts each. One of these is the Hooded Costume, Zero's hooded disguise in Make a Good Mega Man Level 2, and the other is the Original Costume, which gives Zero his original Mega Man X series design and uses his sprites from Mega Man Xtreme 2. When starting a new game, the option to start with the Original Costume is provided, while a code can allow the player to start with the Hooded Costume; in either case, the default costume (known as the Hasty Costume) becomes available for purchase in their place.

Custom Costumes[edit]

Main article: Custom Costumes

Custom Costumes are a unique subset of costumes that are unlocked in MaGMML2 by speaking to Knight Man after obtaining 100 Noble Nickels, in MaGMML1R by buying them at the Costume Shop for 200 bolts, and in MaG48HMML by buying them at Double Action Boutique for 200 bolts. As the name implies, they can be either designed by the player themselves with the appropriate template, or downloaded from their respective page on the wiki.

Custom costumes may or may not have access to alternate weapons, and can have unique sprites for the Rush Coil, Rush Jet, and/or Sakugarne. Custom costumes cannot be set to have unique "READY" sprites or dialogue with NPCs.


  • Prior to version 1.4 of MaGMML2, the Cut Man and Rokko Chan costumes were unable to use Alter Weapons.

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