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Cresh (also known as CreshMan) is a sprite artist who has provided graphics for a number of MaGMML games, such as Make a Good Mega Man Level 2 and Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero. For the former game's contest, he created the level Neon Man, which ranked 56th place overall (but 1st place in his heart).

In Make a Good 24 Hour Mega Man Level, Cresh was one of the three judges (represented by his favourite son, Neon Man), as well as the designer of the first Wily Fortress stage, Abyss Balcony. In all of his reviews, he opens with a remark on how the level did or didn't include Super Arm Blocks (in the end, only one entry did).

Level rankings

Judge Ranking Official Ranking Stage Name Creator Judge Score Note
#6 #6 Nauseous Greenhouse ThatOneEnder 18 / 100
#5 #5 Pollution Park Entity1037 57 / 100
#4 #4 Air Trick Smeddy Too 75 / 100
#2 #3 X Factory ACESpark 76 / 100
#1 Breaking Ground NaOH 76 / 100
#1 #2 Flooded Temple ACESpark 87 / 100


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MaGMML3: Mick Galbani/Blackmore DarkwingACESparkFlashman85PachyShinryu
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