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Chapter 2 : Cursor Corruption

Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero

MaGMML EZ Cursor Corruption Fixed.png
Looks like someone downloaded a novelty cursor from a dodgy website...

Cursor Corruption is the fourth level on the path to the Psycho Chip in Chapter 2 of Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero. Based on Cursor Curse from Make a Good Mega Man Level 2, it takes place in a mysterious facility in the woods surrounding the Psycho Chip path's early levels. While on the hunt for SRARA and Energy Elements, Zero gets pulled into a computer and is forced to put up with the antics of the mischievous Cursor. Like it did in its original appearance, it will try to "delete" Zero, as well as drag enemies and objects around to bedevil him.


The level begins in a small forest/jungle area devoid of life, before giving way to a mechanical area where Zero is beamed into the computer. Once inside, the stage starts off almost exactly like Cursor Curse did, complete with the Cursor trying to delete Zero. To progress, it needs to be goaded into deleting the Cursor Block blocking the path below (rather than it deleting it after a set amount of time as in Cursor Curse). The next screen also has Cursor Blocks that need to be cleared, though a small number of them can be jumped on to reach two large Bolts on a high ledge. The next two screens have Beaks shooting at Zero while the Cursor behaves like a(n untouchable) Pointan, followed by an introduction to Chromers. The Cursor then drags an invincible Chromer across the screen while Zero is faced with a spike-filled hallway; careful airdashes are needed to avoid both the Chromer's shots and the lethal spikes.

After another Cursor Block barricade, Zero reaches a checkpoint, and a long corridor with a Cursor Block "bridge" over spikes. The Cursor will once again try to delete Zero and any nearby blocks, so baiting it into attacking an empty space is an effective way to safely cross. On the other side, two Cursor Blocks block a path to the right and a ladder going down; both will eventually take him to the same room, but the ladder leads to a fight with Internet Destroyer and a CD. To reach the door on the other side, Zero needs to climb up a few screens filled with enemies (and the Cursor using Pointan windows) before dropping back down on the other side. After entering the apparant "boss room", the Cursor cuts Zero out of the level, before pasting him into a cyberspace area (using Sheep Man's tileset).

While airdashing over spike pits, Moz 6604s debut by flying in from the top and firebombing the ground. By avoiding them (and a few more enemies), Zero reaches an area with a long chasm. The only way to cross it is to follow a trail of Cursor Blocks created by the Cursor, but a white "phantom" Cursor will follow a small distance behind it, deleting the blocks with a large explosion. With Chromers and Moz 6604s attacking during this, the Z-Burst is an effective anti-air option, as is the Z-Saber with the Zap Chip equipped. After crossing the gap, two small Cursor Blocks block a passage on the left, while a large one barricades one on the right; going through this one leads to a room with a Key on the other side of a pit, with two Chromers protected by Reflect Blocks attempting to knock Zero down with their shots. By grabbing this Key, Zero can unlock a Key Barrier on the next screen down, and lure the Cursor into deleting several Cursor Blocks so that he can grab another CD.

Another "snake block" segment follows, but now there are additional "phantom" Cursors that will move down and destroy any blocks they pass, making holes in the chain and potentially sending Zero into the pit if he stands too close to the blast radius. This section is very difficult and at least a few deaths are certain, but with some memorisation and careful movement, it can be overcome, and another checkpoint reached. The rest of the stage, by contrast, is considerably easier, with only a few enemies and easily crossed hazards, though the area leading up to the boss arena does have a few spikes poking up that can catch Zero if he jumps carelessly. The Cursor once again uses Pointan windows for this final stretch, before ultimately engaging Zero in a boss fight. Once it's defeated, Zero is beamed out of the computer, and can reach the room on the other side to grab the Energy Element within.

Z-Phone Dialogue[edit]

Contact Transcript
ZPhoneWily.png Dr. Wily Cursor Corruption?

Why am I detecting a computer system all the way out there? Who put that there?!

All these scientists these days hiding what they're doing. They're ripping me off!

Whatever. Just find out what's going on there. An Element's probably powering that thing.

ZPhoneKrantz.png Agent Krantz Outside area Cursor Corruption?

All I see is a computer out there... this should be easy for you, at least I think?

Inside the computer Krantz: Cursor Corruption?

You're in a computer? How even...

Zero: I assume that this is a simulation imprinted on my mind from the computer nearby.

Krantz: A hallucination then?

Well, whatever it is, it seems similar to one of the festival's simulations.

In it, a specialized Pointan would create different objects to attack you.

Here though, it seems they're capable of destroying specific "pop-up" platforms too.

As for the enemies, they all seem to be based around different applications.

Moz6604 will dart off very fast, dropping fire as it moves, while Chromer will fire shots in a circular pattern.

ZPhoneGalaxy.png Galaxy Man (CD #1): When you're in the first part of the computer zone, there should be a ladder blocked by some junk!

Get that crazy cursor to delete those blocks outta existence! Then, the path should be clear.

(CD #2): Oh, this one's a TWO-FOLD one! First, you gotta break through a suspicious block on the right.

Lead the cursor around to do that! Then, snag the key and use it to break a keydoor later!

After that, you'll need to do some more leading around, and the CD'll be within reach!

ZPhoneYamato.png Yamato Man Internet Destroyer Yamato Man: Internet Destroyer? Whoa, I sense a very bitter rage coming from your opponent! I wonder why...

Zero: From what I can gather, Internet Explorer is an outdated web browser.

This must be some kind of software related to it, resentful of being forgotten.

Yamato Man: ...Wait, Internet Explorer is outdated? I use Internet Explorer! It's the web browser installed into my AI, in fact!

Zero: That... might explain quite a bit. No offense.

Yamato Man: Offense taken! If you're going to be that high and mighty, then at least tell me what web browser is installed into you!

Zero: It's called G. Ultron.

Yamato Man: Well, see?! That's... Uh... I don't know enough to insult you about that. My web browser is taking a while to load results.

Zero: Are you going to give me advice or not?

Yamato Man: It floats around and fires spreadshots! Figure the rest out yourself with your "G. Ultron", smartypants!!

Cursor Cursor? I very much doubt this is just a standard Pointan, it's way stronger!

Pay attention to the screen in the middle, as it telegraphs what attack it's going to do.

When it litters the floor with spikes, they'll eventually disappear after a while.

But if you can lure its right-click Delete attack over to them, you can make it delete them early!

Don't worry too much anyway, those spikes only deal damage.

ZPhoneKnives.png Knives Knives: Inside a computer?? Whaaaat?? What if it crashed on us?? Too unstable!!

Look, I like the risk, but I don't wanna know what happens if we're stuck in a crashy computer.

Actually, on second thought, maybe we'd be stuck in a void together forever...

Hehehehe... This might be the spot, actually!

Zero: I am hanging up.


  • Unlike the stage it's based on, Cursor Corruption uses an actual NSF file of the Golem theme from Little Samson, instead of a lower-quality recording.
  • Originally, the Cursor had dialogue at multiple points across the stage; however all of it was removed to improve the level's pacing.
  • The level's miniboss was originally a variant of the Yellow Devil poorly drawn in MS Paint, but it was also removed to improve the pacing.
  • In v1.0 of Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero, the checkpoint after the second snake block section is absent; it was added in v1.1 onwards in response to players finding the level (and the block section in particular) punishingly difficult.

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