Cutter Golem

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Cutter Golem
In-Game Information
HP: 42
Attack Damage: 4 (contact)
2 (underside flame)
4 (claw)
2 (Cutter Buster)
4 (Rolling Slash)
2 (Cutter Burst)
3 (sliced Cutter Burst)
2 (Cutter Drive)
4 (rock fragment)
Weakness(es): Psycho Chip (Z-Saber)
Type: Cutter
Main Stage: N/A (Roamer)
Misc. Information
Script: カッターゴーレム
Romaji: Kattā Gōremu
Designer(s): BBLIR
Programmer(s): Cheez
Artist(s): BBLIR
Eye Color: Grey
Series Information
MaGMML Game Appearances: MaGMML: Episode Zero (Boss)

The Cutter Golem is a boss from Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero. It is a mysterious giant robot Golem with bladed arms and a Cut Man-esque head, and attacks with a variety of blades and cutting weapons.

The Cutter Golem is a roaming boss, capable of appearing over almost any stage on the world map, but it will not appear until 28 Energy Elements have been collected from Chapter 2's levels. Because S.R.A.R.A. HQ unlocks with only 27 Energy Elements, it's entirely possible to never encounter the Cutter Golem in a playthrough; even when it appears, it makes no attempt to chase Zero unlike the SRARA roamers. When defeated, the Cutter Golem drops an upgrade that halves the Cutter Chip's energy drain rate.


The Cutter Golem attacks by using one of four attacks, never using the same attack twice in a row:

  • Shooting small cutters identical to the Cutter Chip's Z-Buster, which fly in one direction before going back. One claw stays above the screen, firing shots downwards, while the other stays low and fires them forwards. This will always be the first attack of the battle.
  • Planting one claw in the ground, while the other moves in different directions to use a large spinning slash identical to the Rolling Slash.
  • Firing the Cutter Chip's Z-Burst, before slicing the shots apart, making them rain down on Zero.
  • Holding its claws out in the air, and firing four cutters that spiral outward, similarly to the Cutter Chip's Blank Drive. It does this three times in a row.

A blind spot exists in the corner behind the Cutter Golem, but if Zero hides out there, it will put its claw into the ground and dig up a spray of rock fragments. This attack is unavoidable, and will only stop when he leaves the corner - alive or dead.

Z-Phone Dialogue[edit]

Contact Transcript
ZPhoneYamato.png Yamato Man Yamato Man: Cutter Golem?

Did you get hit by a truck? That sounds like a magic creature from a fantasy world.

Zero: It looks very real and very mechanical to me.

Yamato Man: ...Now that you mention it, I've heard urban legends about robots like these.

But why are their abilities so close to your Chipamajig system?

Whatever the case, your knowledge on those should prove useful against these foes!

When it stabs one arm into the ground and starts spinning its other arm like a buzzsaw, continually jump and
airdash over the arm in the ground into whatever side the free arm is not in, but delay your jump if it spins
right over your head! It's a complex attack, but if you keep up a rhythm, you'll be fine.

Damage Table[edit]

Z-Buster Z-Saber Z-Burst Blank Drive
No Chip 1 1 2 46
Cutter Chip 1 2 2 2
Flame Chip 1 2 1.5 2
Icicle Chip 1 1 1 1
Zap Chip 1 1 1 1
Psycho Chip 2 3 2.5 2.5
Other Notes


  • Among the objects sliced up during the Cutter Golem's intro is Toad Man, referencing the final boss of Skullman in: Scooby Doc 4 - The Destroyer (Featuring Atsushi Onita), where Toad Man is sliced in half by the titular Scooby Doc.
  • In a rather tragic case of irony, the Cutter Golem's anti-blind spot attack can be used to defeat it in record time. Should Zero possess the Psycho Chip when battling the Cutter Golem, he can get behind it to trigger its rock fragment attack, and then proceed to spam the Psycho Saber to reflect all of the fragments back for 3 damage each.

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