Deleuze Pipi

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Deleuze Pipi's mugshot
Deleuze Pipi
Deleuze Pipi's mugshot
In-Game Information
Affiliations: Mega Man
Occupation: Avian Monarch
Misc. Information
Alt. Name(s): Bird King
Designer(s): CSketch
Artist(s): Protty
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Purple
Series Information
MaGMML Game Appearances: MaG48HMML (NPC)

Deleuze Pipi (also known as the Bird King) is an NPC in Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level. He is a Deluxe Pipi who roosts in the SS Elroy, and aspires to create the Avian Kingdom, a place where robot birds can live freely and in harmony with organic birds.

Mega Man first meets Deleuze Pipi in the beginning while looking for Beat; by finding him, he unlocks Beat as a weapon. From then on, he sells upgrades for Beat, which can be purchased using bolts, unlike Joseph's upgrades. Deleuze Pipi is also the focus of the Avian Kingdom sidequest, which is cleared by paying at least 1500 bolts to him over the course of the game; the reward for this quest is the Zetsabre he perches on.

List of upgrades[edit]

Any of these upgrades can be disabled or re-enabled manually from the pause menu. Some upgrades cannot be purchased without first buying one or more other upgrades.

Icon Name Bolts Description Additional Information
GenerousDonationIcon.png Generous Donation 10 Support the Avian Kingdom's development with a small donation! Does nothing but add bolts to Deleuze Pipi's total.
BeatRescueIcon.png Beat Rescue 300 If you fall into a pit, Beat will rescue you at the cost of some weapon energy. Trajectory is controllable.
BeatRoostIcon.png Beat Roost 100 Hold Down and shoot to make Beat circle around you and regenerate health slowly. Getting hit during a roost will waste energy.
BeatFetchIcon.png Beat Fetch 80 Allows Beat to home in on and grab most items, bringing them back to you. Beat will not grab keys, tanks, or Energy Elements.
LegendaryWingsIcon.png Legendary Wings 90 Increases the amount of time before Beat drops you after picking you up from a bottomless pit. Locked until Beat Rescue is purchased.
DrillBeakIcon.png Drill Beak 250 Increases Beat's damage output as well as giving him the ability to pierce enemy shields. Beat's damage output increases from 2 to 3, except against bosses.
EnhancedSensorsIcon.png Enhanced Sensors 110 Allows Beat to attack bosses as well as enemies.
BeatMedicIcon.png Beat Medic 200 Hold Down to prompt Beat to give you a large health pickup at the cost of some weapon energy. Replaces Beat Roost when active. Locked until Beat Roost is purchased.
FortifiedTalonsIcon.png Fortified Talons 160 Allows Beat to home in on heavy items such as E-Tanks. Beat will pick up E-Tanks, W-Tanks, and M-Tanks. Locked until Beat Fetch is purchased.
GoldenSeedsIcon.png Golden Seeds 500 Decreases the ammo consumption of Beat's moves. Cuts Beat's ammo usage in half. Stacks with Energy Saver. Locked until Beat Roost and Beat Fetch are purchased.
BeatHarmonizeIcon.png Beat Harmonize 50 Alters Beat's whistle. Beat's whistle can be changed via button combinations. Locked until Beat Roost is purchased.


  • Deleuze Pipi's name is a portmanteau of "Deluxe Pipi" and 20th century French philosopher Gilles Deleuze.

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