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Door Man's Mugshot
Door Man's Mugshot
Door Man
In-Game Information
HP: 112 (Tier 3)
28 (Boss Gallery, The True Arena)
Weapon: Door Stopper
Weakness(es): Jewel Satellite
Affiliations: Dr. Wily
Type: Neutral
Occupation: Doorman, Combat Robot
Location(s): Tier 3 (MaGMML2)
Misc. Information
Script: ドアマン
Romaji: Doaman
Designer(s): Eric Ruth
Programmer(s): ACESpark
Artist(s): Eric Ruth
Gender: Male
Series Information
MaGMML Game Appearances: MaGMML2 (Boss, NPC)
MaGMML: Episode Zero (cameo)
Other Appearances: Mega Man ROCKS!
"Is common courtesy not programmed into your matrix!?"
―Door Man, heavily criticizing Mega Man's manners

Door Man is a boss from the fangame Mega Man ROCKS!, named and designed after the real-life occupation of the same name. Dr. Wily created him as one of eight Robot Masters in his dastardly plot to kidnap Eric Ruth and have him program his robots.

Door Man appears in Make a Good Mega Man Level 2 as the boss of Tier 3. As with most tier bosses, his attack pattern is moderately upgraded from his Mega Man ROCKS! battle.

Game Appearances[edit]

Mega Man ROCKS![edit]

Door Man is one of the eight Robot Masters. His stage takes place in a hotel filled with air-conditioning fans, ice machines, and of course, doors - from which enemies sometimes appear. Door Man attacks by staying close to one of six doors in his arena, occassionally entering one and exiting out of another, and attacking Mega Man with either basic buster shots, or his Door Stopper weapon. The latter is a screen-wide flash attack akin to the Centaur Flash, which damages Mega Man, is unavoidable, and can only be prevented through the use of Charge Shots.

Door Man is weak to Anchor Man's Anchor Shot, and his Door Stopper is the weakness of Hit Man.

Make a Good Mega Man Level 2[edit]

Door Man appears at the end of Tier 3, the Forest, in a small building on the forest's edge. He appears in a corridor admiring a portrait of himself, telling Mega Man he'll, "be with you in a moment." Entering the boss door will cause him to implore Mega Man to hold the door, which Mega Man doesn't. Filled with burning anger at Mega Man's lack of manners, Door Man powers up dramatically (gaining four healthbars) and prepares to send him to Silicon Hell in a battle to the death.

As in Mega Man ROCKS!, he will randomly enter and exit through the doors in his room (of which there are now seven as opposed to six), using one of the following attacks before entering and exiting through another pair of doors.

  • Run forward while shooting two small projectiles straight forward. Door Man will stop at the second door he passes.
  • Shoot five groups of small projectiles in a random spread.
  • Toss seven large spiked projectiles upwards, which then fall off the screen.
  • Charge an attack, while two door shields with 4 HP protect Door Man from the sides. Failing to shoot Door Man (likely by destroying one of the door shields) within approximately two seconds will result in him using the Door Stopper. Like it was in Mega Man ROCKS!, the Door Stopper cannot be avoided if Door Man successfully uses it.

Once Door Man's health reaches 84, the Energy Element will appear from one of the doors, and can be collected to end the battle immediately (to Door Man's embarassment). While Door Man's health can be depleted entirely, there is no reward for doing so, outside of a large health energy pickup. After his defeat, he appears as an NPC in Chateau Chevaleresque.

When fought in the Boss Gallery and the True Arena, the Energy Element never spawns, and Door Man must be defeated traditionally. However, he only has 28 HP in these modes as opposed to his original 112.

Pre-Battle Dialogue[edit]

Character Dialogue
(Door Man appears as an NPC in a boss corridor, looking at his own mugshot. Talking to him is optional.)
Door Man Looks good, doesn't it sir?

I feel like they captured my likeness very well.

I'll be with you in a moment sir, just wait for me.
(While walking through the door, Door Man runs after Mega Man.)
Door Man Sir! Hold the door please!
(Upon arriving in the boss room, Door Man slowly floats down from the ceiling.)
Door Man You, Mega Jerk! Is common courtesy not programmed into your matrix!?

Manners cost nothing good sir!

The anger that is building inside me burns with a passion yet unheard of.

Sir, that inner fire will send you into eternal damnation of Silicon Hell...

Prepare to burn along with all the photocopiers!
(If the Energy Element is collected before destroying Door Man, he stops with an embarrassed look on his face.)
Door Man Oh. Gordon Bennet,[sic] I left the Element in that room!

Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero[edit]

While neither a boss nor an NPC, Door Man nonetheless makes a very small cameo in this game's credits. He is seen in the Chateau Chevaleresque, having a (by the looks of it) very lively conversation with Saturn.

Damage Table[edit]

M.Buster H.ChaserH.Pumpkin J.SatelliteB.Barrier G.BusterN.BombL.Rocket T.BladeT.Cluster F.StopperC.Distorter S.ClawF.Beam W.CutterH.Trapper SakugarneM.Blast W.AdaptorC.Claw S.Arrow
1/1/2 3 6 2 1 N 2 1 2 4 2
Other Notes


  • In the cutscene before Door Man's battle in Tier 3, he states that he will damn the player character to "Silicon Hell", where they will burn "along with all the photocopiers". This is a reference to the British sci-fi television series Red Dwarf. In the series, robots are programmed to believe that upon death, they will go to either "Silicon Heaven" or "Silicon Hell"; at one point in the show, a character mentions the idea of "rotting in Silicon Hell along with all the photocopiers".
  • If Door Man is killed during his battle in Tier 3, he will drop a large energy pickup. This behaviour does not occur when Door Man is fought in any other part of the game.
  • Door Man is explicitly programmed to not use the Door Stopper if he emerges from the center door, since his doors would block the ladders to the upper level and prevent the player from reaching him in time to stop the attack.
  • The insult Door Man uses at the start of his pre-battle cutscene changes depending on the Costume the player is using. Most of these insults are just the first word of the character's name followed by "Jerk" ("Mega Jerk", "Proto Jerk", "Bass Jerk", etc.), but certain costumes get different insults:
    • Dr. Light: "Light Jerk"
    • Rush: "Dog Jerk"
    • Rockman CX: "CX Jerk"
    • Doropie: "Magical Jerk" (Referring to the title of her game of origin, Magical Doropie)
    • Beck: "Mighty Jerk" (Referring to the title of his game of origin, Mighty No. 9, as well as his status as a "Mighty Number")
    • Metall: "Hard Jerk" (Referring to "Hard Hat", one of Metall's many English names)
    • Marisa: "Magic Jerk"
    • Davwin: "Dav Jerk"
    • Cut Man?: "Scizzor Jerk" (Referring to the title of his ROM hack of origin, Cutman's Bad Scizzors Day)

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