Dr. Light's Lab

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Dr. Light's Lab

Make a Good Mega Man Level, Make a Good Mega Man Level 2


Dr Light's Lab is a location in both Make a Good Mega Man Level and Make a Good Mega Man Level 2.


Make a Good Mega Man Level[edit]

The first game is set inside Dr. Light's Lab. All the features of the game, with the exception of the levels themselves, are accessed from the Lab.


Cool Robots Room[edit]

The Cool Robots Room is an attic Guts Man dedicated as a hangout out spot for all the "cool robots". Initially, it only hosts Guts Man, but as you progress through the game more characters will be added: Oil Man, Galaxy Man, Solar Man, Crash Man, Sheep Man, Air Man, Wind Man and Raocow. After completing the game the entrance to the Arena will appear here. Bright Man can be accessed through the wall to the left.

Target Practice[edit]

The basement houses numerous amounts of breakable targets to test your weapons on and a constant supply of weapon refills. Bomb Man and later Quint inhabit this room.


You can unlock NPCs by playing through the game.

Dr. Light (unlocked by default)[edit]

By default[edit]

"Mega Man! We have to move quickly. Collect all of the energy elements!"

After collecting 24 elements[edit]

"Quickly, Mega Man! We have to defeat Wily before it's too late!"

Auto (unlocked by default)[edit]

"Lots of the Robot Masters are gathering here to cheer you on. Some have useful advice!"

Bomb Man (unlocked by default)[edit]

"We've set up a little target practice down here, if you want to mess with your weapons."

Roll (unlocked by default)[edit]

"Good luck, Mega Man! Remember to use your special weapons!"

Beat (unlocked by default)[edit]


Tango (unlocked by default)[edit]

(Tango is asleep. Aah, cats. So much better than dogs.)

Dr. Cossack (unlocked by default)[edit]

"I'm helping with Dr. Light's research on Wily's barrier. We need all the help we can get in times like this."

Guts Man (unlocked by default)[edit]

"This is the attic, where all the cool robots hang out."

Cut Man (unlocked by collecting 1 element)[edit]

"Isn't it cool how we can just teleport wherever we want? It's CUTTING EDGE technology!"

"Hahahaha! No? Okay, sorry."

Fire Man (unlocked by collecting 2 elements)[edit]

"The city is under attack again?! I will smite the perpetrators with the FLAMES OF JUSTICE!"

Galaxy Man (unlocked by collecting 3 elements)[edit]

"The Black Hole Bomb can suck up bullets! Even Quick Lasers are no match for it."

Elec Man (unlocked by collecting 4 elements)[edit]

"How does Dr. Light not know that Eddie is running a shady shop in his OWN LAB?"

Time Man (unlocked by collecting 5 elements)[edit]

"I don't have time for this Wily nonsense...I just want to get back to my research."

Ice Man (unlocked by collecting 6 elements)[edit]

"I was gonna be a boss but then Wily decided to revive fangame robot masters =("

Oil Man (unlocked by collecting 7 elements)[edit]

"Aw yeah! This is a sweet place you got here, Mega Man!"

Metal Man (unlocked by collecting 8 elements)[edit]

"My weapon is simply unstoppable. Who needs other special weapons when you have Metal Blade?"

Charge Man (unlocked by collecting 9 elements)[edit]

"Did you know? You can use Magic Card to grab items!"

Gemini Man (unlocked by collecting 10 elements)[edit]

"The Gemini Laser is actually segmented, so on rare occasions it can multi-hit enemies."

Solar Man (unlocked by collecting 11 elements)[edit]

"It's actually better to use the Solar Flare at close range. Hitting an enemy before the flare explodes will cause double damage."

Sheep Man (unlocked by collecting 12 elements)[edit]

"I can't believe it! They made my weapon actually useful! I feel so happy and loved! Wait, they still hate me?"

Top Man (unlocked by collecting 13 elements)[edit]

"Whenever you use the Top Spin, you're completely invincible! Bullets go straight through you!"

Crash Man (unlocked by collecting 14 elements)[edit]

"The Black Hole Bomb isn't actually a bomb. False advertising. Awful. I'm suing Capcom."

Air Man (unlocked by collecting 15 elements)[edit]

"Were you expecting an 'I Can't Defeat Airman' joke? Sorry to disappoint you, I'm not making one."

Bass (unlocked by collecting 16 elements)[edit]

"The old man left me out of his plans again, so I just came down to your lab. Also I'm not a fish. It's Bay-ss.

Centaur Man (unlocked by collecting 17 elements)[edit]

"Someone once told me that I was 'part man, part horse fish'. I'm still trying to figure out what that means."

Bubble Man (unlocked by collecting 17 elements)[edit]

"I wonder what that barrier thing is. It must block something important.

Plant Man (unlocked by collecting 18 elements)[edit]

"They wouldn't let me up in the attic. They said I wasn't cool enough. What a bunch of jerks."

Plug Man (unlocked by collecting 19 elements)[edit]

"Hey guys, visit the websites Talkhaus and Sprites INC! Get it! Because I'm called Plug Man?! HEUEUEHUEHEUHEUEHEU"

Concrete Man (in a Kalinka costume) (unlocked by collecting 20 elements)[edit]

"Eddie sells some great costumes! I bought this one last week."

Snake Man (unlocked by collecting 20 elements)[edit]

"I'm pretty sneaky, y'know? I purposefully chose to be in here, a room no one would really ever visit. Except you, I guess."

Stone Man (unlocked by collecting 21 elements)[edit]

"Man, I get to stand next to the teleporter to the TOP 4! I feel so honored."

Wind Man (unlocked by collecting 22 elements)[edit]

"HAH! I got into the cool robots club and Plant Man didn't! Take that, loser!"

Quint (unlocked by collecting 23 elements)[edit]


raocow (unlocked by collecting 24 elements)[edit]


Make a Good Mega Man Level 2[edit]

The lab has noticeably been downsized in the second game, leading to almost all the features being removed. The only thing that remains are a few NPCs, a sign explaining who the judges are, and the shop.

A variation of Dr. Light's Lab appears at the end of the Mega Arena before fighting Volt Man the Assimilator. All of its NPCs are replaced with Volt Man. Attempting to leave the lab will trigger the fight against Volt Man the Assimilator. Notably, this is the only occasion the Cool Robots Room is accessible in the second game. The shop is also open, and it sells a free "Volt Upgrade". However, you cannot afford it due to having -1 bolt.