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Flashman85 (Nathaniel Hoover), also known as GeminiLaser, is a diehard Mega Man fan and a Minor Internet Celebrity™ known for his YouTube videos, Twitch livestreams, and Mega Man fangame OH JOES! (A Proto Man Adventure), among other projects. He participated as a contestant in MaGMML1, MaGMML2, and MaG48HMML; and he is a devteam member for MaG48HMML and a judge for MaGMML3. Additionally, he's in charge of maintaining the MaGMML website, and he curates what may be the largest list of Mega Man fangames on the internet. He is married to fellow contest participant Z-Saber.

MaGMML Contributions[edit]

As a contest participant, Flashman85's level submissions include Maze of Death for MaGMML1, Guts Man's Asteroid for MaGMML2, and Base in the Boondocks for MaG48HMML. His contributions to The Pit of Pits in MaGMML2 include Chilled to the Bone; Clouded Judgment; Limited Attrition; Lyrickrolled; Ocean Sickness; Once More, With Ceiling; Rise to the Challenge; and Trash Dash. He provided general devkit feedback during the development of MaGMML1 and MaGMML2 and playtested several contestant levels for MaGMML2 and MaG48HMML.

As a devteam member for MaG48HMML, he contributed to almost every aspect of the game's design in some capacity, including planning, playtesting, proofreading, graphics, coding, level design, and especially writing. He wrote the dialogue for the NPCs on the main deck; in many of the passenger cabins; and in Tiers 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, and 11. He also wrote the majority of the hints that appear during the Funky Fresh Beats, Credit Where It's Due, and Goody Two Shoes sidequests, along with other miscellaneous dialogue.

On December 24, 2017, Flashman85 was announced as one of the five judges for MaGMML3.

Contest Results Livestreams[edit]

To make the grand reveal of the contest results more exciting, SnoruntPyro gave Flashman85 an advance copy of MaGMML1 to play on livestream, announcing the results by playing through the submitted levels from lowest to highest rank. Including exploration of the hub, this took about 4 hours over the course of one livestream. The same process was followed for MaGMML2, but due to the significantly larger scope of the game, it took roughly 18 hours across 11 livestreams to cover every submitted level. Archived footage of the MaGMML1 and MaGMML2 results livestreams can be found here and here, respectively.


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