Flip Platform

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Flip Platform
In-Game Information
Type: Platform
Location(s): MaGMML2:
Shovel Knight
Water Ducts
Swiss Hotel
The Pit of Pits
Programmer(s): Renhoek
Series Information
Official Game Appearances: Mega Man 6
MaGMML Game Appearances: MaGMML2
Megamix Engine

The Flip Platform is a gimmick from Mega Man 6, found in Wind Man's stage. It is a floating platform on a hinge that flips 180 degrees when landed on.

Flip Platforms were first made available in the devkit for Make a Good Mega Man Level 2, and appeared in the entries MegaLondo and Shovel Knight, as well as the Wily stage Water Ducts, the Tier X stage Swiss Hotel, and the Pit of Pits sublevel "Skull Man Kills".


When Mega Man jumps onto a Flip Platform, it will drop down and swing back up to the opposite side of the hinge it is attached to. If Mega Man doesn't jump off the platform before it drops, he will fall off it. Flip Platforms act as top-solid objects, allowing Mega Man to jump onto them from underneath.

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