Flooded Temple

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2nd : Flooded Temple

Make a Good 24 Hour Mega Man Level

This temple doesn't seem very flooded.

Flooded Temple is the second place level in the Make a Good 24 Hour Mega Man Level contest. It makes use of several Tornado Platform puzzles, as well as Wave Man Jetski segments with solid ground, and several Ring Ring and Shield Attacker GTR spawners.


The level starts with a long horizontal room facing left, with several Wave Steam cracks, Ring Rings, and Coltons blocking the path, as well as a single stationary Tornado Platform. At the end of the room is a Wave Man Jetski, with the room following it making brief use of the jetski with Ring Rings and a Shield Attacker GTR as obstacles. Reaching the end of the room and climbing up while minding the Colton guarded by Reflect Blocks leads to a room with a Colton and a Shield Attacker GTR spawner. The two rooms to the right feature simple Tornado Platform puzzles, with the second of these rooms having a ladder leading to another Wave Man Jetski. This jetski leads to a segment with raised solid areas and spikes serving as obstacles alongside the Ring Rings and Shield Attacker GTRs, ending with a battle against Octoboss.

Two rooms to the right of Octoboss is a pair of rooms where Mega Man must maneuver past Wave Steams while watching out for Ring Rings and Shield Attacker GTRs. To the left of the second room and below a room with an isolated Shield Attacker GTR above two Shield Attacker GTR spawners is two more rooms with Tornado Platforms, this time accompanied by a Shield Attacker GTR and two Ring Rings, with spikes forcing Mega Man to make very careful jumps (sometimes almost treating the platforms as moving Quicksand). Dropping down the second room leads to a brief stretch of land with a Colton, as well as several Ring Ring spawners, a Shield Attacker GTR spawner, and a couple more Tornado Platforms. Climbing down the latter at the end of this area leads to another set of rooms focused around Tornado Platforms specifically, with a single Colton and Shield Attacker GTR being the only other obstacles. At the end of this room is yet another drop down, leading to one last Wave Man Jetski segment, expanding on the use of solid surfaces and spikes in the second segment, with certain enemies placed in ways that make avoiding them especially difficult. At the end is a boss gate, leading to a fight against Centaur Man.

Judge Comments[edit]

Judge Comments
Pachy ParmaJon ParmaJon : 83 / 100
This level is technically designed really well. Going against box items slightly with the coltons really a ton to this level. The wave bike sections were fun and well scaled; and the tornado batteries were used exceptionally well for how annoying they can be. Also the shield attacker spawners were great! My primary gripe with this stage is the section after the second checkpoint.

I just found it to be so unforgiving and kinda aggravating. Starting with the wavestreams at the start of the section is fine the first time, ok the second time, and just plain annoying after that. Having to redo such a slowspeed section several times trying to get to the area thats a real challenge (the last room of the section) then making a stupid mistake got tiring. I mistoook the background pillar right before the final wavebike section causing me to panic and undershoot my jump just really bothered me when I finally got there. A few minor changes changes would go a long way here, but its far from being a bad level. Also fun fact, if your finger slips and you gold the wrong direction when getting off a wavebike it kills you.

MiniMacro MiniMacro MiniMacro : 83 / 100
I d like to preface this by saying that this level adhered very well to its theme of being a flooded temple. It certainly felt like one, and the graphics and music were spectacular, even if the background scrolls a little too distractingly fast. Now, I d like to mention that this level is probably the best way one could use the Tornado Man batteries. It was almost not frustrating to play. In addition, the Wave Bike segments were great. There were a lot of them, and I liked how they combined platforming and shooting. They were certainly better than in Wave Man s stage. Now there are two major problems I have with this level that, in fact, dragged down how much Fun I had. The first problem is the use of Shield Attackers. overall throughout the level, the Shield attackers were used rather poorly. The introduction to them was unexpected and sudden, and so were many other times throughout the level. There was no indication they would be there, but when walking on the ground, there s almost no time to jump over them without getting hit. This is all not to say there were parts they were used well, though. I liked the rooms where they were infinitely spawning and you had to move quickly. Those were a good challenge and they were used well. The other major problem I have with this level is the checkpoint placement. With a gimmick like the Tornado Man batteries, there really should have been more checkpoints than there were. If you are going to have big stretches over spikes like that, there should be more checkpoints so you don t have to go all the way back and do those all over again if you die past those. These two problems dragged down the Fun of the level for me, but everything else about the level was great.
CreshMan CreshMan CreshMan : 87 / 100
No super arm blocks. For shame :(

Wow this stage was gorgeous, if the inside tiles didn't really look too much like something from megaman, though there were some screens where it made collision confusing to decipher, mainly the gas leak room after the checkpoint.

There were some amazing small touches here, like a visual effect coming from enemy spawners and such that help with playability a ton, where there were a couple other levels where spawners felt poorly telegraphed, often leading to getting smashed in the face by an enemy that just kind of showed up.

The wave bike sections were fun enough, never getting annoying like in MM5 or other places where they are often used, and even the tornado man batteries don't overstay their welcome.

There are definitely some minor issues here, deflect blocks where there really didn't need to be any, mainly with the colton after the first wavebike section, where making him killable really wouldn't hurt the level design at all.

For the most part the weapons were fun to use, often having enemies placed for water wave, chill spike coming in handy for surprisingly tricky coltons, and time slow really putting in work with the gas sprayers. Still, shame on you for the super arm blocks >:(


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