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Chapter 3 : Ghouls n' Ghasts

Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero

Who you gonna call? The Ghostbusters, or the fire department?

Ghouls n' Ghasts is a level in Chapter 3 of Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero. While inside Tier X, Zero enters an area resembling a medieval English countryside, but with horror-themed enemies and burning windmills. The level draws heavily from the Make a Good Mega Man Level 2 stage Goblins n' Ghasts, and reuses many of that stage's graphics (albeit set at dusk instead of night). Like that stage, it is named and based on the Ghosts n' Goblins series, with a Robot Master based on a character from said series serving as the boss. However, instead of Arthur, it is based on an enemy: the Red Arremer.


The first major obstacle of the level are Rock Fatools that each attack in different ways, with the most dangerous being the ones that bounce while hiding inside their helmets. The Z-Saber is useful here, especially if combined with a chip like the Cutter Chip. Just beyond them are thin log bridges above a long chasm, with certain parts of them being Falling Platforms (distinguished from the rest by their blue colouring) that drop once stepped on. Bizziles rise up from the pit and try to hit Zero, while Tomsmorts and Evil Plants shoot slow aimed shots at him. Towards the end of this section, Windmill Wheels first appear, and their burning blades hurt Zero if he touches the flames. The first miniboss, Chesder, is fought immediately afterwards, with a teleporter taking Zero to the next area.

Windmill Wheels become a more prominent obstacle from here, with precise movement demanded to avoid the fire and other hazards, such as enemies that attack Zero. Succeeding this is a fiery area with flames blazing across the top and bottom of the screen. Fire Kamaitachis patrol this area, with some rising out of the flames as pillars or balls of fire to attack. More log bridges over a chasm appear near the end, again with Fire Kamaitachis posing a threat. If the Icicle Chip has been obtained, the Blank Drive's ice shield will protect Zero from several threats, make him immune to the burning windmills, and kill Fire Kamaitachis on contact. However, the slower movement imposed by the Icicle Chip may make avoiding Falling Platforms more difficult. Chesder's Revenge appears at the end of the section, with another teleporter appearing just beyond it.

Now set inside a stone castle, the next few screens are light on enemies, with the main challenge centering on platforming around Windmill Wheels. The section afterwards reintroduces enemies, with a GNG Kakinbatank standing guard at the entrance, and Bizziles hiding in multiple pits. While waiting for them to lower is the safe option, the Zap Chip's Z-Saber can freeze or destroy them from a distance if said chip has been found. After a screen with a Windmill Wheel and a bouncing Rock Fatool (both requiring careful timing to avoid), the final obstacle is a long stretch of Falling Platforms over a pit, with multiple Windmill Wheels spinning close by. With the Icicle Drive, much of the challenge can be safely negated; without it, caution is required to avoid being hit and falling down while stunned. On the other side, a final GNG Kakinbatank guards a teleporter leading to the boss, Red Arremer Man.

Z-Phone Dialogue[edit]

Contact Transcript
ZPhoneWily.png Dr. Wily Ghouls n' Ghasts?

Well, I can't tell where you are, but I can tell you that I'm detecting other Robot Master signals there.

So wherever you are, you're probably not alone. But maybe you already knew that. Or thought that.

You said "ghouls", right? Seen a ghost yet? Tell them I said hello.

ZPhoneKrantz.png Agent Krantz Krantz: Ghouls n' Ghasts?

Oh great, more skulls. Thankfully they aren't trying to kill anyone this time...

Zero: I see many windmills with their blades on fire.

The enemies also seem to be similar to those fought before, but with a keen interest in aiming directly at me.

Some areas also seem to have large fire chasms, with pillars stretching between the top and bottom areas.

Krantz: Look at you, analyzing the area all by yourself!

Just make sure to keep any skeletons you find in the proverbial closet, OK? That or destroy them, please.

ZPhoneYamato.png Yamato Man Chesder Yamato Man: Chesder?

Did you beat him already? I just see a treasure chest. Next time, call me before you beat the enemy!

Zero: The chest is the enemy.

Yamato Man: Huh? Oh! Devious!

Stay close to it and dash under it while it's jumping, then move away when he throws a bomb in an arc toward you.

It seems highly vulnerable to all of your weapons, too.

Zero: That sounds easy.

Yamato Man: Honestly, this guy is probably the worst Mimic I've ever seen.

Usually they wait until the target gets close for a surprise attack, but this one just revealed itself instantly!

Zero: It still tricked you, did it not?


Chesder's Revenge Chesder's Revenge?

Wait, there was a guy trapped in there all along?! ...Or is the guy inside actually Chesder?

Also, did the chest gain the ability to fly, or is that a power the guy inside has?

Hrrgghh... It hurts me to think too much!!! So let's just forget about it.

Chesder has an entirely new battle strategy, but it's fairly simple; he'll fly all around the screen while firing spreadshots
of fireballs, just pay attention and move out of the way if necessary; and try to keep your distance as much as you can.

Red Arremer Man Yamato Man: Red Arremer Man?!

T-That's a demon! Somebody call Pope Man, right this instant! We need to banish him back where he belongs!

Zero: My scanners tell me it is a robot.

Yamato Man: A... robot possesed by a demon?! T-Terrifying! But if you break it down, we should be safe!

When he's flying, pay attention to what projectiles he'll fire; standard ones just home in on you, but green ones go in a
downwards arc, and must be jumped over.

Use the Z-Burst to get as many shots as you can when he is above your range!

Zero: I did not know robots could be programmed to be superstitious.

Yamato Man: Superstitious? Bah, real judgemental. If spirits and demons aren't real, then Silicon Hell can't be real!

Zero: ...Y...You are correct. I was foolish.

ZPhoneKnives.png Knives Knives: Spooky. I like it! Especially the part where everything's on fire and stuff.

But the air is too dense from all the smoke and ghosts! It's bad for my allergies.

I like the aesthetic, but if you had lungs, you'd understand, Zero!

Zero: Well, I suppose I will count my blessings.

Knives: You should get one of those simulated lungs for robots so you can suffer with me!

Zero: No.


  • As an unfortunate side effect of this level lacking CDs and most of Chapter 3's stages having CDs reserved for entries that contain spoilers, both Chesder and Red Arremer Man had to have their CDs placed in a Chapter 2 level, Refurbished Pyramid (also made by SVNrenga).

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