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Chapter 2 : Hot Steps

Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero

It's only a little flame, what harm can it do?

Hot Steps is the second level on the path to the Flame Chip in Chapter 2 of Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero. Set within a disused warehouse filled with oil, the level is overrun with invincible Tackle Fires that slowly float towards pools of oil, igniting them on contact. With no means of stopping them, Zero is often forced to move quickly to safer ground before the oil is set ablaze. Notably, the oil is always one tile below the ground, and Zero is unable to step on it; its only threat comes from when it is ignited. A number of X Blocks are also present to either block passages, or act as a makeshift "train" as flames force them to move.


Beginning in a long area outside, pools of Oil Slicks are seen before being ignited by invincible Tackle Fires. The first pool is low enough that the flames can't reach Zero, but all following pools are higher up. Suzy Gs are introduced soon after, as well as Birees patrolling small platforms. With oil everywhere underfoot and Tackle Fires dropping slowly towards them, it's recommended to move quickly before the latter start fires, while taking care to evade the Birees. The first checkpoint appears shortly after entering the warehouse proper, with an X Block barricading the path forwards, and a teleporter with a CD label on the left. By taking the teleporter, Zero is tasked with racing a Tackle Fire to the end of a small obstacle course to obtain a CD; if the Tackle Fire reaches the end first, Zero will die. To outrun the Tackle Fire, stompdashing is almost a necessity; alternatively, the Zap Chip's speed increase can help if Zero has it.

By shooting X Blocks with the Z-Buster, Zero can move them forwards a little; however, shots from a Suzy G will also move them, undoing his progress. One X Block wedged into an alcove requires shooting it from the other side to open the way, with the only path back being a small gap that can be airdashed through. Beyond this point, a vertical Auto Scroller section filled with Tackle Fire and Oil Slicks follows, with a row of Tackle Fires slowly creeping down from the top of the screen, followed by the second checkpoint. Another teleporter to a CD is present, leading to another auto scrolling section. The floor is constantly burning here, with three X Blocks constantly pushed by the fire acting as the only safe ground. By carefully avoiding stationary Tackle Fires and the flames below, Zero will eventually be carried to the stage's second CD.

On the main path, one last auto scroller begins with a wall of Tackle Fires coming in from the left, slowly getting closer as the section goes on. Oil Slicks are again a common sight, with the Tackle Fire wall inevitably igniting them on contact - both Suzy Gs and Birees will try to slow down movement to safer areas, as does the auto scroller. Eventually, Zero will take a short ride over flames on a set of X Blocks, before airdashing past pre-lit flames to reach the boss door. From here, he must defeat the almighty Fire Boy GH to obtain the warehouse's Energy Element.

Z-Phone Dialogue[edit]

Contact Transcript
ZPhoneWily.png Dr. Wily Hot Steps?

That's one of those storage bases, right? I think it's not in operation at the moment, though.

Stray robots messed up some things and the government's priority is on the festival now.

Makes sense there's an Element there that nobody found. ...Hopefully it didn't catch on fire.

ZPhoneKrantz.png Agent Krantz Hot Steps?

That place is filled with flammable oil. The wild Tackle Fires there can set it off, among other flames.

At the very least, it doesn't seem like there's any oil on the ground that can affect your movement.

There's also storage blocks that you can only move with the buster, but you can also use chip variants.

However, enemy attacks and fire will also set off the blocks.

ZPhoneGalaxy.png Galaxy Man (CD #1): Oh! Make sure you take the first teleporter instead of continuing! And then you gotta win a little race...

Just dashing might not be enough. Try to master your stomp dash thingy to secure a victory!

(CD #2): Make sure you're looking for those teleporters throughout the level! For this one, take the second one!

Then all you gotta do is brace yourself for a flaming-hot challenge! The CD's waiting for you at the end!

ZPhoneYamato.png Yamato Man Yamato Man: Fire Boy GH?

I remember reading about that robot that turned himself into a makeshift war machine, but was trapped inside of a small cave.
That little fella could be the strongest robot ever, but he's got nobody to show it to.

Rather poetic... until you broke in and ruined it, of course.

Zero: I have a mission. Ruining poetry is simply collateral damage.

Yamato Man: Well, despite what I just said, the little guy is at his toughest during the very beginning. The bounce on his bouncing
fireballs can be quite unpredictable, so I recommend staying close to them and airdashing right after they do a high bounce, since
they cannot do two high bounces in a row.

His third transformation is also a great opportunity to get damage in, since he becomes a stationary target and his attack is easy
to dodge.

Zero: Why does he even transform if his first form is his most threatening one?

Yamato Man: It's not just about efficiency... it's about style!

Zero: I believe they call that, "form over function", and it is not often talked about with positive terms.

ZPhoneKnives.png Knives Knives: Hey, whaat? That place is a little TOO on fire for it to be a good date spot!

Yeah, I love places being on fire, but the pH has to be at or lower than 5.5. THEN it's good.

I don't wanna date on a giant unmoving truck, anyways!

Zero: ...What? This isn't a truck...

Knives: What are you talking about? Have you not been paying attention to maps? It's a HUGE TRUCK!!


  • In this stage, Suzy Gs only shoot one projectile instead of their usual two.
  • Knives' call in the stage references a visual quirk of Hot Steps' appearance on the overworld map; the building's cuboid shape, combined with the placement of small oil barrels along the side, causes it to resemble a giant burning truck.

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