In the Flesh

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Chapter 2 : In the Flesh

Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero

Having been swallowed by God's whale, Zero's hopes of survival depend on one man - the one they call Geppetto!
"[...] Down below there be a terrible beast, no mere whale of the deep! Once it gets a sniff of anythin', up it rises to swallow it whole! It matters not if it be man, machine, ship, nor land; it'll devour it whole!"
Pirate Man, on the whale you're venturing inside

In the Flesh is the eighth level on the path to the Psycho Chip in Chapter 2 of Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero. For reasons perhaps best left unexplored, Zero's hunt for Energy Elements takes him inside a giant whale. While the threat of digestion is thankfully not present, a number of enemies and hazards are still lurking inside the sea creature, such as Jamacys spawning from mechanical background chutes, and spikes that aren't instant death, but still do considerable damage when touched. Frequently, Bouncy Tiles are nearby, and will help Zero reach higher places, and/or send him towards spikes in high places.


The first few areas of the level are fairly simple, mostly consisting of weak enemies and Bouncy Tiles. An important thing to remember about the latter is that airdashing will cancel Zero's vertical speed, which can stop him from hitting nearby hazards like spikes. Gradually, bulkier enemies are introduced in R Suzies and G.S.Qs, the latter of which also have a split projectile attack. Not long after, Acid Drops appear; a careful eye is required to see them, as their red colouration helps them blend into the stage's tileset. However, they will always be underneath a yellow block, making it easier to see them from a distance. After a checkpoint, floor-mounted Acid Drops appear, with their acid rising upwards instead of falling, creating an additional threat to watch out for.

A CD is visible in plain sight, guarded only by a G.S.Q and a few Acid Drops. Eventually, Fire Totems start to appear, with each one reaching any number of heights. If the Zap Chip has been collected, the Zap Saber's lightning strike can easily hit the head even when it's far above Zero. At another checkpoint, an Acid Drop hangs between two ladders, of which only the right one can be reached; even then, it requires dashjumping, then airdashing. The room above has a sidepath to the left, which holds another CD in a room filled with spikes and Bouncy Tiles. Once again, airdashing to cancel the momentum from a bounce is needed to avoid taking damage.

Fire Totems and other assorted enemies wait in the final few corridors, mostly trying to ambush Zero and cause him to take damage and/or fall into a pit. At a distance, the Z-Burst is a good way of clearing space and hitting out-of-the-way targets quickly. Although water is present in each of these rooms, Zero is never made to go underwater; in fact, falling into water means certain death as a bottomless pit is always underneath. A set of four Acid Drops blocks the boss door, and requires an airdash to bypass safely. In the boss corridor, however, a Nitro Truck will suddenly crash into him, although thankfully it does no actual damage. Even if Zero should die to the boss, Intest Tinhead, this truck never respawns in the corridor.

Z-Phone Dialogue[edit]

Contact Transcript
ZPhoneWily.png Dr. Wily Dr. Wily: In the Flesh?

...Excuse me? Why are you inside of a giant whale?!

Zero: Well, I am simply tracking whatever Energy Element signals I can find.

Dr. Wily: I'm honestly left speechless. I don't understand you at all. Good luck, I guess.

ZPhoneKrantz.png Agent Krantz Krantz: In the Flesh?

You got eaten by a whale? Who do I even call for this...

Zero: I am fine, a rescue attempt will not be necessary.

Krantz: Ooooooooooookay.

Well, I dunno if this will help, but if I remember right, there's a green appendage in whales that's very bouncy.

Zero: How do you know this?

Krantz: College Biology.

Zero: "Green appendage"?

Krantz: Hey, I never said I aced the class.

ZPhoneGalaxy.png Galaxy Man (CD #1): Oh, you should see this one in plain sight on a ledge, guarded by one of those trash guys!

Just remember to get up to that ledge when you can and you'll be able to snag the CD!

(CD #2): For this one, there'll be a ledge on the left towards the deepest part of that weird whale.

Hop up on that and you'll see the CD in no time, guarded by some tricky spikes!

ZPhoneYamato.png Yamato Man Yamato Man: Intest Tinhead?

I thought this diving robot was lost in an accident years ago. Who'da thunk you'd come across it, huh? Small world!

Zero: ...Urgh...

Yamato Man: Everything okay?

Zero: No, a truck just ran me over on the way here.

Yamato Man: Ohhh, how awful!

Listen, kid, I used to train by having 40 trucks run into me every day for three months! One truck is nothing!

Zero: Please, just supply me with advice.

Yamato Man: Fiiine.

This robot wasn't made for combat, so it's pretty easy to deal with.

Just be careful not to let it corner you when it dives into you, because then the aimed sparks it shoots will be much
harder to dodge.

ZPhoneKnives.png Knives Knives: You know, I like danger and all, but I prefer mechanical danger. Not... being in a whale.

It's kinda weird. Don't want you to get digested. What are you even made out of, anyways??

I'd love to dissect you someday to find out!

Zero: Stop talking.

Knives: Okay, okay, fine, I won't... but in return for you ALWAYS keeping BOTH eyes closed at night.


  • While the Nitro Truck before the boss is programmed to deal no damage to the player, using the Icicle Chip's Blank Drive can cause it to crush them against the boss door, killing them.

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