Key Barrier

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Key Barrier
In-Game Information
Type: Special Interaction
Location(s): MaGMML2:
Quirky Unconsistent Incomprehensible Nonsensical Track
The Dampening
Forgotten Fortress
Maze of Significantly Less Death
Gunpowder Cellar
Ruined Lab
Sector Upsilon 6
Launch Man & Shuttle Man
Beneath Sand and Rock
Identity Crisis
Classic Castle
Inner Sanctum
Unobtainium Mine
Reality Core
Nightwalk Castle
Wily Fortress VR
Hardcore Parkour
Deep Thoughts
Swiss Hotel
Null and Void
The Pit of Pits
MaGMML3 Judge Application Levels:
Gate 303
MaGMML: Episode Zero:
Defeat the Giant Spear Man!
Twilight Terrace
Hot Steps
Offshore Hangar Cluster
Pepsi Zero
Stormy Spire
Cursor Corruption
Toxic Tunnels
Shift Posting
Ice Breaker
Null and Void
Proxima Station
Programmer(s): SnoruntPyro
The Stove Guy
MaGMML Game Appearances: MaGMML2
MaGMML3 Judge Application Levels
MaGMML: Episode Zero
Megamix Engine
Key Barrier
Key (MaGMML2) Key (Megamix Engine)
Key Coin (MaGMML2) Key Coin (Megamix Engine)

The Key Barrier is a gimmick from the Make a Good Mega Man Level series. It is a wall that must be unlocked with a Key.

Key Barriers were first made available in the devkit for Make a Good Mega Man Level 2, where they appeared in 10 entries, as well as the Wily stages Classic Castle, Inner Sanctum, Unobtainium Mine, and Reality Core, the Tier X stages Hardcore Parkour, Wily Fortress VR, Deep Thoughts, Swiss Hotel, and Null and Void, and the Pit of Pits sub-level "Water Test". They also appeared in the Stage 1 Make a Good Mega Man Level 3 Judge Application Level Gate 303, and the Stage 2 MaGMML3 judge application level Proxima Station. Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero used them in 12 levels, most prominently in Offshore Hangar Cluster.


Key Barriers serve as solid objects. If Mega Man collects a Key in the level, he can use it to unlock a Key Barrier, making it disappear. Mega Man can obtain a Key either by picking up a single key or by picking up a certain amount of Key Coins (the amount required depends).


  • The design and functionality of Key Barriers are based on the locked doors from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.
  • In MaGMML2, the sprites for Keys and Key Coins were taken from Super Mario Maker, where they serve as sprites for the game's Key and Key Coin objects when the style of the level is set to Super Mario Bros. 3. Starting with the Megamix Engine, Keys and Key Coins use custom sprites instead.
  • The sound effect used when a Key Barrier is unlocked is the same as when a Wheel Cutter is released.