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Chapter 3 : Lily Airpad

Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero

Passengers, be advised; your flight may be delayed due to a dense frog in the area.
"Don't you know who I am?! I'm Toad Man! I'm the greatest Robot Master ever!!! Or at least... I'm going to be..."
Toad Man, with a chip the size of Gamma on his shoulder

Lily Airpad is a level in Chapter 3 of Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero. A prequel to the Make a Good Mega Man Level 2 Tier X stage Hardcore Parkour, Zero infiltrates Toad Man's giant airship of doom in search of Energy Elements. Like the original stage, Speed Boosters and Quick Lasers are prominent gimmicks, but unlike the original stage, Zero has free reign over his arsenal without being restricted in any way. Much more focus is placed on moving quickly; somewhat handy, as the level is easily the most open-ended one in the entire game.


Exploring every area of the level is a daunting task considering its large size, vast open areas, and easily backtrackable design. As such, there is often more than one way to proceed through the level, though all paths lead to the same checkpoints.

The stage begins in an underground hangar area, with Pickelman Forks, Adamskis, and Tellies appearing as common enemies. Wind (visualised as a field of scrolling arrows) is a common gimmick, and will push Zero in the direction the arrows point in (usually sending him towards spikes). A valid option in this area is to stay on the higher parts of the stage (which tend to be less dangerous), but the highest areas require the Double Jump to reach. Doing so will eventually take Zero to a CD, resting on a ledge behind a Pickelman Fork. On the lowest path, Jet Lilies appear as the only means of climbing higher, requiring use of the stomp to bounce off of them. No matter the chosen path, by going right the first checkpoint will eventually be reached.

After the first checkpoint, an E-Tank can be grabbed in a short hallway, at the bottom of a long ladder climb populated with rotating drain-type Quick Lasers. At the top, Zero enters an outdoors area set against a city at sunset, and is faced with a long horizontal area filled with Puyoyons and Rattons; while here, Toad Man attempts to deter Zero from continuing. After this stretch, two paths can be taken; the higher of which has a green Speed Field that greatly boosts Zero's movement speed. This can be stacked with the Zap Chip for extra speed, but the Icicle Chip can be used to have a more manageable speed level. The second CD in the level can be glimpsed from the lower path, but reaching it requires going further in the stage, going to a lower level, then backtracking through a set of spike-lined hallways. Fortunately, a teleporter nearby the CD will return Zero back to where he first backtracked.

Past the second checkpoint is a Jet Lily: the first unavoidable one in the entire stage, forcing Zero to learn how they work. Yet another split path (and another Toad Man message) follows, with more emphasis on Wind and shifting tiles. Once again, going right will take Zero further into the stage no matter the chosen path. By airdashing into a small passage right next to a ladder leading to a boss door, the third and final CD will be found (as well as six ? Cans and a teleporter back outside). Beyond the boss door is a teleporter to the final part of the stage, with the tileset now identical to that of Hardcore Parkour.

Unlike the rest of the level, the final area is much more straightforward, with only one path open to Zero. Wind is combined with a Speed Field for a hectic speed section, which ends with a precise airdash from a Jet Lily between two rows of spikes. The Psycho Chip's reduced gravity may help in clearing the spikes without taking damage. Beyond this point, the ceiling slowly rises and falls, crushing Zero if he stands in an area where it will touch the ground. Obstacles and enemies will try to slow him down and get him crushed, while a Speed Field at the end helps to get Zero through quicker (especially when the Zap Chip is equipped). All the while, Toad Man makes one last plea to get him to stop, but by the end, (what can charitably be called) a boss fight with the Robot Master ensues.

Z-Phone Dialogue[edit]

Contact Transcript
ZPhoneWily.png Dr. Wily Lily Airpad?

What? Your coordinates are all messed up again. Way far out in space. Is that a mistake?

There's a massive airship near you, too. I'm guessing that that airship has some jammer.

Well, find out who's running that thing and stop it before they cause more damage than I can!

ZPhoneKrantz.png Agent Krantz Lily Airpad?

That airship seems to have some special Quick Lasers onboard.

They're constantly running, but move back and forth, so you should be able to avoid them with careful timing.

There's also Speed Boosters, push you in varying directions.[sic]

Speed Fields on the other hand, are green and will boost your movement speed as a whole.

Finally, there's Jet Lillies, which will shoot you high in the sky if you stomp on them!

ZPhoneGalaxy.png Galaxy Man (CD #1): Oh, at the veeerrrryy start of that construction site place, try to go as high as you can!

You might need some kinda air boost thingy to reach to the highest platforms, though!

(CD #2): Explore around for this one! If you see it, out of reach, just try to figure out where its area would be.

Like, say, keep in mind its vertical position, and drop down at the right place!

(CD #3): Right before you leave the construction site, there's a little cubbyhole in on a ledge!

Squeeze into it however you can, and the CD's right past there!

ZPhoneYamato.png Yamato Man Yamato Man: Toad Man?! No wonder he hasn't been coming to the Dojo recently!

Hey, Zero, put this thing on speakerphone. Right now!

Zero: Erm, okay.

Yamato Man: HEY, TOAD MAN!!!

Toad Man: H-Huh?! Y-Yamato Man?! I-It's not what it looks like, I'm actually my twin brother, Frog Man!

Yamato Man: Oh, okay! Could you tell Toad Man to return to the Dojo soon?

If he breaks up his training routine, it'll be much harder for him to pick it back up!

Frog Man?: ...I-I'll tell him that.

Zero: ...

ZPhoneKnives.png Knives Knives: Heeeeyyyy, Zero! Why're ya invading an airship for a date spot, huh? Isn't that private property???

Zero: Well, it certainly does not belong in an unstable void.

Knives: Mmmmmaaaybeeee... But I wouldn't mess with that pilot, you know!!!

He's so focused on the fact that he's seen as weak that he keeps training constantly...

I heard recently that he somehow survived getting sliced in half by an eldritch entity from another dimension!!!

Zero: Are you just making stuff up as you go?

Knives: No, really! He and another robot went through those Wargate thingies. They're the real heroes!!!

Zero: Sure.


  • In v1.0 of MaGMML: Episode Zero, the level had a brighter palette and completely different music ("Break Free" by amphobius). From v1.1 onwards, the palette was darkened (most notably with the sunset background) and the music was replaced at the original composer's request.
  • Knives's call references the fangame Skullman in: Scooby Doc 4 - The Destroyer (Featuring Atsushi Onita), where Toad Man is killed by the titular Scooby Doc right before the final boss. (This is also subtly referenced in the Cutter Golem's pre-battle cutscene, where Toad Man is among the many robots it slices apart.)

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