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Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level
Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level

Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level, abbreviated as "MaG48HMML" (or sometimes "MaGMML48H", though technically incorrect,) is the sequel to Make a Good 24 Hour Mega Man Level. Just like its predecessor, the contest centered around contestants randomly drawing a "box" with specified enemies and gimmicks available in the engine and then having to make a level using those box items in a specified amount of time. Three enemies and two gimmicks were provided in the box, and, as specified by the title, contestants had 48 hours to complete their level. The boxes were handled on Discord, with a bot randomly (Note: Some suspect that it is not actually random, and instead favors fire items and Venus Waterfalls) generating the boxes.

The contest was conducted using an early version of the Megamix Engine as a beta test for the engine. Submissions opened on July 25th, 2018, with the bot shutting down on August 23rd, 2018, meaning that the final deadline was August 25th. It was hosted by head judge ParmaJon, with M-Jacq, Freems, and PKWeegee rounding out the judge panel. It garnered a final count of 107 valid submissions, a surprising increase from MaGMML2. Judging officially finished on March 29th, 2021, although the final results weren't released to the public until the game itself was released.

A trailer was released on August 7th, 2021, confirming a release date of September 4th of that same year. However, the release was postponed by two days due to last-minute development complications, and the game was finally released on September 6th, 2021.


Mega Man and his family are on vacation on the cruise ship SS Elroy, which is currently hosting a Simulation Fair event filled with simulations. After a brief detour to find Beat, Mega Man explores the festival. Some time later, he encounters a Kamikamin, who accidentally reveals he's a member of the "Box Cartel" before fighting Mega Man, losing, then running away.

Not long after, the SS Elroy is hijacked and held hostage by the Box Cartel, whose members all idolize Dr. Wily and wish to become part of his army. With the ship chained to their underwater fortress, the Cartel's leader, Don Atetemino, demands a ransom while challenging Mega Man to stop them. Dr. Light discovers the fortress, but notes that it would be almost impenetrable. Mega Man, recalling the Reality Core incident, comes up with a new plan – gather a large number of Energy Elements from the Simulation Fair, and use them to create a submarine strong enough to breach the hideout's defenses.

As Mega Man gathers more Elements, the other members of the Box Cartel board the ship to battle him, but none of them are able to defeat him. Meanwhile, Don Atetemino chastises them for their shortcomings, leading to a growing sense of disgruntlement among the Cartel. Eventually, Mega Man gathers enough Energy Elements and (with some help from Dr. Light and Joseph, the ship's engineer) builds a small submarine to assault the Cartel Hideout. By the time Mega Man reaches Don Atetemino's lair, the Box Cartel abandon their leader in disgust with his leadership and treatment of them, leaving him to fight Mega Man alone while the police are alerted to the Cartel's location. During their battle, Don Atetemino reveals the Box Cartel's members came to him believing that as one of Dr. Wily's robots, he would let them join the mad scientist, when in reality Wily had abandoned him after the events of Mega Man 8.

Ultimately, Mega Man proves victorious, with Don Atetemino unable to escape. The Box Cartel, however, have a change of heart and return to support him, recognizing his gruffness towards them as tough love, even after he admits he's no longer part of Wily's forces. With renewed vigor, the Box Cartel proceeds to attack Mega Man simultaneously, and as he calmly teleports out they mistakenly believe they managed to destroy him. The arriving police robots share the same belief, and attempt to arrest the criminals, before the hideout releases the SS Elroy and sinks further beneath the sea, trapping the Box Cartel and the police inside. They all play cards, though, so it's not all bad.


The standard gameplay itself is identical to basically every MaGMML game starting from MaGMML2, with various concessions such as infinite lives, a dedicated slide button, and shoulder buttons for switching weapons. In addition to these, a new feature, the Weapon Wheel, has been added, and Weapon Tanks are also included.

In addition, MaG48HMML has a robust inventory system (accessed from the Weapons pause menu with the "shoot" key), with four categories – Items, Beat, Junk, and Quests. Items and Beat Equipment can be toggled on the fly by the player. Junk can be used to craft new Items by Joseph. Quests are not tangible items, but merely track progress in various tasks across the SS Elroy.

Sidequests are another new feature added to the game. Around the SS Elroy, players can talk to certain NPCs and complete various objectives to pick up Junk as rewards.

Special Weapons[edit]

Weapon Original Robot Master Original Game
FlameMixerIcon.png Flame Mixer Konro Man Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chousensha
RainFlushIcon.png Rain Flush Toad Man Mega Man 4
SparkShockIcon.png Spark Shock Spark Man Mega Man 3
SearchSnakeIcon.png Search Snake Snake Man Mega Man 3
TenguBladeIcon.png Tengu Blade Tengu Man Mega Man & Bass
SaltWaterIcon.png Salt Water Neptune Mega Man V
ConcreteShotIcon.png Concrete Shot Concrete Man Mega Man 9
HomingSniperIcon.png Homing Sniper Search Man Mega Man 8
RushCoilIcon.png Rush Coil N/A Mega Man 3
RushJetIcon.png Rush Jet N/A Mega Man 4 (Variant)
BeatIcon.png Beat N/A Mega Man 5
TrebleBoostIcon.png Treble Boost N/A Mega Man & Bass (Bass Mode only)


107 valid entries were submitted, plus 10 which were disqualified or pulled, making it the largest MaGMML contest at the time (though eventually surpassed by MaGMML3).

Excluded Entries[edit]

48 Hour is the first MaGMML contest to outright exclude some submitted levels from the final game, most of which were excluded for not following the contest's special rules:

  • Not using box items and/or putting custom objects in a level were grounds for complete removal. Levels excluded for these offenses were "Chaos of the Factory", "Air Woooosh", "Do You Have the Guts to Conquer Gravity?", and "Wasteland Beach".
  • Partnering up when both players already received a box was disallowed, as this would allow the pair to get up to six boxes. Box swapping in general was also disallowed, both offenses being prohibited under rule 2. "Chaos of the Stone" was excluded for violating this rule.
  • The contest allowed resubmission of entirely new levels to replace previously submitted ones, as long as the submitter still had boxes left. Levels excluded because of resubmission were "Air Control", "Platform Lab", and "AAAAAA".
  • "Night Highway" was disqualified and excluded for being submitted too late.
  • "Air Woooosh" and "thebestleveleverxdlmao" were excluded for being horrendously bad, low-hanging-fruit troll levels. "thebestleveleverxdlmao" also broke a minor rule that discouraged the usage of the placeholder tilesets.


The game's hub takes place on the SS Elroy, a cruise ship hosting a simulation fair. Starting off in Dr. Light's Cabin, the ship has a variety of locations and NPCs that gradually open up as they progress. Rather than the majority of the tier entrances being spread out like previous MaGMML entries, Tiers 2 through 10 are accessed by a central elevator, while only Tiers 1 and 11 have their own unique entrance. Unlike past MaGMML hubs, nearly every NPC is a minor stage enemy from across the Classic series, with Robot Masters being almost completely absent.

As a first for the series, rather than having a single shop to purchase upgrades, the player purchases upgrades for Beat using bolts, but gains upgrades by trading in Junk to Joseph's Workshop. A traditional shop where E-Tanks can be purchased, meanwhile, is completely absent, and ways to acquire them outside of levels are rare. Sidequests also are introduced here in the series, giving the player a lot more to do in the Hub than usual.



Devkit Bosses[edit]

Every devkit boss available in the Megamix Engine was available here. However, only a few of them ended up not getting used.

Name Location Weakness Original Game
MM1 CutMan.png
Cut Man Scissors 'n Shrimps Concrete Shot Mega Man
Guts Man Outer Excavation
Curious Skymachine
Homing Sniper Mega Man
MaGMML3 BombMan.png
Bomb Man Hopping High Above Danger
Bunker 20XX
Flame Mixer Mega Man
Fire Man Burning Bunker
Crashing in the Dark
Spicy Banana Bread Storehouse
Rain Flush
Concrete Shot
Mega Man
Metal Man Cornerstone to Dominate Salt Water Mega Man 2
Air Man Gettin' out of Dogecity
Windy Conditions
Spark Shock Mega Man 2
MaGMML3 BubbleMan.png
Bubble Man Running Down a Drain Spark Shock Mega Man 2
Quick Man Alpha-Omega
Weapon Testing Facility
Lime and Lame
Search Snake
Tengu Blade
Homing Sniper
Mega Man 2
Crash Man Ordinance With Lyrics Tengu Blade Mega Man 2
MaGMML3 FlashMan.png
Flash Man Cryonics Lab Homing Sniper Mega Man 2
MaGMML3 HeatMan.png
Heat Man Volcanic Facility Rain Flush Mega Man 2
MaGMML3 WoodMan.png
Wood Man Gettin' out of Dogecity
Flamecrush Forest
Flame Mixer Mega Man 2
MaGMML3 BooBeam.png
Boobeam Trap Combustible Quagmire Flame Mixer
Spark Shock
Tengu Blade
Salt Water
Mega Man 2
MaGMML3 Enker.png
Enker Enkers Revengeance Homing Sniper Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge
Gemini Man The End of Needle Man?! Search Snake Mega Man 3
Top Man Spicy Top Action Tengu Blade
Concrete Shot
Mega Man 3
MaGMML3 Spark.png
Spark Man The Abyss
Obligatory Enemy Spam Level
Tesla Coil
The End of Needle Man?!
Short-Tempered Circuit
Lasers and Platforms
Cloudy City
Rain Flush
Spark Shock
Tengu Blade
Mega Man 3
MaGMML3 KamegoroMaker.png
Kamegoro Maker Cascade Search Snake
Tengu Blade
Concrete Shot
Mega Man 3
MaGMML3 DynaMan.png
Dyna Man Base in the Boondocks Flame Mixer Mega Man (DOS)
MaGMML3 SonicMan.png
Sonic Man Sonic Man's Spaceship Search Snake
Tengu Blade
Mega Man (DOS)
Toad Man Robot Recycling Center (Toad Man Quadruple)
Down the Drain
Twilight Fortress
Bunker 20XX
Toad Man's Underwater Sea Lab
Search Snake Mega Man 4
Pharaoh Man Deep Dark Temple Spark Shock Mega Man 4
MaGMML3 DustMan.png
Dust Man Robot Recycling Center
A Waste of Space
Combustible Alien Variable Events
Into the Furnace
Concrete Shot Mega Man 4
MaGMML3 MetallDaddy.png
Metall Daddy Sleet Citadel
Cossack's Playground
Planet Xanlordus
Salt Water
Flame Mixer (Sleet Citadel)
Mega Man 4
Quint Space Pipes
Slipping Through Time
Concrete Shot Mega Man II
MaGMML3 GiantSuzy.png
Giant Suzy Pint House Power House
Fortified Base
Central Computer
Spark Shock Mega Man III
MaGMML3 Punk.png
Punk Obligatory Enemy Spam Level (Punk Duo)
Scrub City
Rocky Blocky Cavern
Tengu Blade
Salt Water
Mega Man III
Iron Ball Faint Flying Factory
Exoplanet Everest
Wily Station
Spark Shock Mega Man: The Wily Wars
Gravity Man GraviMan INC.
Frozen Lab
Homing Sniper Mega Man 5
MaGMML3 GyroMan.png
Gyro Man Oh No
Robot Recycling Center
Braving New Depths
Rain Flush Mega Man 5
MaGMML3 StoneMan.png
Stone Man Copper Cave
Just a Space Level
Salt Water Mega Man 5
MaGMML3 DarkMan4.png
Dark Man 4 Flower Core
Seahorse City (Toxic Seahorse?)
Rain Flush
Mega Man 5
MaGMML3 Ballade.png
Ballade Short Base
Warehouse of Conveyors
Homing Sniper Mega Man IV
MaGMML3 HunterA.png
Hunter Type A GraviMan INC.
Asinine Factory
Homing Sniper Mega Man IV
MaGMML3 Blizzard.png
Blizzard Man Air Labs Tengu Blade Mega Man 6
Plant Man Perilous Mountain
Void Quest
Flame Mixer Mega Man 6
MaGMML3 Rounder2.png
Rounder II Forest Castle Flame Mixer Mega Man 6
MaGMML3 PowerPiston.png
Power Piston Footloose Homing Sniper Mega Man 6
MaGMML3 Mercury.png
Mercury Cosmological Factory
Combustion Castle
Tengu Blade Mega Man V
MaGMML3 Saturn.png
Saturn Saturn Fortress
Exoplanet Everest
One Night in Xanadu
Concrete Shot Mega Man V
MaGMML3 Uranus.png
Uranus Outer Excavation
Caution: Moving Parts
Tengu Blade Mega Man V
MaGMML3 GreyDevil.png
Grey Devil Through the Crabacombs Spark Shock Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chousensha
MaGMML3 Dangan.png
Dangan Man Ordinance With Lyrics Concrete Shot Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chousensha
MaGMML2 KomusoMan.png
Komuso Man Obligatory Enemy Spam Level
Rain Flush Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chousensha
MaGMML3 Oil.png
Oil Man Well Oiled Machine Flame Mixer Mega Man Powered Up
MaGMML3 SharkPreview.png
Mega Mech Shark Water Park Sup (tail only)
Minari Hydrospace Center
Planet Xanlordus
Rain Flush
Spark Shock
Mega Man 9
MaGMML3 HoneyWoman.png
Honey Woman Taking a Dip
Ancient Ziggurat
Flowers and Thorns
Flame Mixer Mega Man 9 (Unused Boss)
MaGMML3 CommandoMan.png
Commando Man Commando Caverns
Orbital Assault
Tengu Blade
Salt Water
Mega Man 10
MM10 ChillMan.png
Ice Treatment Facility
Flame Mixer Mega Man 10
MaGMML3 SolarMan.png
Flaming Fortress
Spicy Top Action
Rain Flush Mega Man 10

Modified Bosses[edit]

As MaG48HMML's rules strictly banned custom programming, this game has no custom entry bosses to speak of. However, custom graphics were allowed, resulting in a handful of spriteswaps of existing bosses and minibosses.

Name Location Weakness
BombMan.EXE Abandoned Mine Flame Mixer
Mother Brain Megatroid N/A
The City of St. Petersburg Mega Man Saves Canada from the Evil Clutches of Everything
Bandana Wander Bell Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmoon Base Search Snake
Concrete Shot
Quick Man Duo Super Pipe World Spark Shock
Salt Water (normal)
Flame Mixer (dark)
Darkwing Duck Darkwing City Flame Mixer
🔥 Man Frigid Inferno Rain Flush
Lich Man Realm of the Lich Lord Rain Flush
Salt Water
Empress Elysia Mystic Museum Search Snake
Not Napalm Man Mystic Museum Spark Shock
Statue of Wizard Swenner Mystic Museum Tengu Blade

Box Cartel[edit]

Name Location Weakness
Kamikamin Tier 2
Pandora's Parlor
Concrete Shot
Dockalocker Tier 4
Pandora's Parlor
Tengu Blade
Blocky Tier 6
Pandora's Parlor
Salt Water
Square Machine Tier 9
Pandora's Parlor
Spark Shock

Fortress Bosses[edit]

Name Location Weakness
Sea King: The Aftermath Deep Sea Break-In Salt Water
Shinsopod What! & Shinkhangel Where! Hydrothermal Layer Search Snake
Don Atetemino Pandora's Parlor Flame Mixer (Phase 1)
Beat (Phase 2)

Other Bosses[edit]

Name Location Weakness
Shadow Imposter SS Elroy Spark Shock
Pirate Man Pirate Man's ship None


  • MaG48HMML is the first contest to retire the Least Favorite concept (after MaG24HMML omitted Favorites entirely).
  • This is the first MaGMML game where Dr. Wily makes no appearance.
  • In quite an incredible coincidence, MaG48HMML contains the same amount of entries as MaGMML1, 2 and 24H combined.

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