Mega Buster

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Mega Buster
Mega Man with the Mega Buster equipped.
Shared‎ MaGMML2 (When "MM Color" is set to "MM9/MM10" in the options menu)

The Mega Buster is Mega Man's default weapon. It has appeared in every single Mega Man platform game to date, with the exception of Mega Man V, where it is replaced with the Mega Arm.

The Mega Buster can shoot up to three small projectiles straight forward at a time. Starting with Mega Man 4, Mega Man gets the ability to charge the buster either partially or fully, with the appearance of charged shots varying depending on the game.

Being Mega Man's default weapon, it has appeared in every MaGMML game to date (except Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero, where Mega Man isn't playable). By default, a charged shot has its appearance from Mega Man 6; however, in Make a Good Mega Man Level, its remake, and Make a Good Mega Man Level 2, Mega Man can purchase the Charged Buster Upgrade from Eddie's Shop, which gives the charged shot its appearance from Mega Man 5. Starting from Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level, costumes can give the buster completely different sprites (although the hitbox remains the same). Also appearing in MaGMML1R, MaGMML2, and MaG48HMML is the Uncharged Buster Upgrade (called the Shot Limit Upgrade in the latter), which increases the onscreen limit of uncharged shots from three to fifteen.

By default, uncharged and semi-charged shots deal one point of damage to everything, while a Charge Shot does three. In games with the Charged Buster Upgrade, a Charge Shot will do four points of damage while the upgrade is active. In MaGMML2, it also affects semi-charged shots, upping their power to two points of damage.

In MaG48HMML, Mega Man can obtain the Beat Saber upgrade from Joseph. With it, the Mega Buster can fire a large shockwave by holding Up when firing a Charge Shot. By performing certain button combinations before firing (all of which are the same combos used by Mega Man Battle Network 3's VarSwrd chip), it can fire additional shockwaves in multiple different ways depending on the combo entered. A successful combo input triggers a chime and a unique particle effect around Mega Man until he releases the shockwave. Enemies and minibosses take 4 damage from a Beat Saber shockwave, while bosses only take 1.5 damage.