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Mega Man & Bass
MegamanAndBass box.jpg
Mega Man & Bass North American boxart (Game Boy Advance version)

Mega Man & Bass is a game in the classic Mega Man series, initially only released in Japan for the Super Famicom, but later ported to the Game Boy Advance and released internationally. True to its name, the game's playable characters consist of both Mega Man and Bass. The two characters have several differences between each other, with Mega Man being able to slide under objects and charge his buster, and Bass being able to dash, dash jump, double jump, and rapidly fire his buster in seven directions. They also get different support weapons, and their Robot Master weapons have aesthetic differences, but are otherwise functionally identical.

Unlike most classic Mega Man games, where the Robot Masters are fought in groups of four or eight, Robot Masters in Mega Man & Bass are made accessible by defeating specific Robot Masters in a set of three initially provided to the player. The game re-uses the art style and several enemies from Mega Man 8, including the Robot Masters Tengu Man and Astro Man (although they now provide new weapons), and the Wily 3 boss Green Devil (which is now only the intro boss). The game is sometimes nicknamed "Mega Man 8.5" because of the large amount of shared assets. Several sound effects from Mega Man 7 are used as well. A notable feature of the game is a database featuring profiles of almost every character to appear in the series up to that point.

Representation in MaGMML[edit]

Since the game lacks 8-bit sprites, re-uses several assets from 8, and de-emphasizes new ideas, Mega Man & Bass is one of the least represented games in the MaGMML series.


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Magic Card1
Ice Wall3
Tengu Blade48H

Devkit Assets[edit]


Melody Response Cannon3


Astro Wall3

Custom Assets[edit]


  • Dynamo Man, Cold Man, Pirate Man, Burner Man, and Magic Man all appear as NPCs in the hubs of Make a Good Mega Man Level 2, using custom-made 8-bit sprites. Burner Man reappears in Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero.
  • Pirate Man appears as an optional joke Z-Phone contact in MaGMML: Episode Zero, using a new set of sprites. He returns in Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level as that game's superboss.
  • MaGMML: Episode Zero features collectable CDs that unlock database entries, similar to the ones in this game.
  • The weapon-sensitive crystals seen in the mini-stage before the King stages are used in MaG48HMML's weapon tutorials.

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