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Mega Man (DOS)
Mega Man (DOS) North American boxart

Mega Man, known more commonly as Mega Man DOS, is a PC game released sometime in 1990 for DOS-based systems. Rather than being developed by Capcom, it was licensed to publisher Hi-Tech Expressions. Instead of being a port of the original NES Mega Man, the game is a wholly new creation, with original Robot Masters and stages. It is, however, noticeably poorer than its NES contemporaries; there is no music of any kind, and there are minimal sound effects. The game also contains only three Robot Masters, and the level design suffers from poor enemy placement where it is easy to respawn said enemies and their projectiles. The game is not considered canon by Capcom, who have never referenced it in any capacity.

But hey, it was developed entirely by one man (an ex-Capcom USA employee named Stephen Rozner), so maybe we shouldn't be too hard on it.

Representation in MaGMML[edit]

The game has minimal representation in the MaGMML series, likely due to its relative obscurity, non-canon status, and having mostly generic enemies. However, Volt Man was added as a devkit boss in Make a Good Mega Man Level 2, and the Megamix Engine later added his fellow two Robot Masters to complete the set.

Devkit Assets[edit]


MaGMML2 VoltMan.png
Volt Man23
MaGMML3 SonicMan.png
Sonic Man3
MaGMML3 DynaMan.png
Dyna Man3



  • The sprites for Volt Man and (in MaGMML2) Dyna Man were taken from the fangame Mega Man's Christmas Carol. The latter was given a brand new set of sprites when he was included as a devkit boss.

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