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Mega Man 2
Mega Man 2 North American boxart

Mega Man 2 is the second game in the classic Mega Man series and inarguably the greatest video game of all time. The game famously improved on the original game in nearly every way, bumping the Robot Master count from 6 to 8, and adding more varied support items, the password system, and the on-demand health refill item, the E-Tank. The game is the highest selling in the series and is the home of some of the most well-remembered Robot Masters, fortress bosses and songs (such as Wily 1, a composition so beautiful that it singlehandedly obsoletes literally every piece of music in the Western canon written before it).

Representation in MaGMML[edit]

Like the first game, the simplicity and recognizeability of Mega Man 2 has carried it to having a lot of representation in the games, to the point that MaGMML3 includes not only every enemy and gimmick from the games, but also every boss aside from the Wily Machine 2 and Alien.


Devkit Assets[edit]


Mini Bosses[edit]



Custom Assets[edit]



  • Air Man is the pilot of a capsule boss in both 1 and 2. A giant version of him (using modified sprites from The Power Fighters) also appears as a boss in Mario Land.
  • Quick Man appears in 2 as a boss in The Arena and in 24 Hour as the boss of Breaking Ground, but was not a devkit boss for the public 2 devkit.
  • The blocks of the second fortress boss, Picopico-kun, have appeared in both 1 and 2 as re-purposed spawners for health and weapon energy.
  • Metal Man, Air Man, Bubble Man, Quick Man, Flash Man, Crash Man, and Heat Man all appear as NPCs in the hub of MaGMML1 as well as its remake. They all reappear in MaGMML2 along with the one missing Robot Master, Wood Man. Metal Man and Heat Man return as NPCs in MaGMML: Episode Zero.
    • In MaGMML1R, Proto Man appears wearing a Wood Man costume when playing with the Bass Mode cheat.

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