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Chapter 3 : Null and Void

Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero

The end of the end can be found at the end of The End.

Null and Void is a level in Chapter 3 of Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero, and the final level of the game as a whole. To unlock it, at least six Energy Elements must be collected from Chapter 3's nine levels. Located in the void of Tier X, Null and Void is a large fortress constructed by the numerous Energy Elements gathered by Zero and SRARA. With all the Elements converging at one point, SRARA races inside the fortress, prompting Zero and Duo to pursue them, eventually challenging them to a final battle.

Like its chronologically later iteration, Null and Void is made of multiple "floors" with teleporters to several mini-stages, each made by multiple different creators. In each stage, a member of SRARA appears, making their way through the stage. However, once a stage on one floor is completed, Zero moves on to the next floor without the opportunity to backtrack to previous floors. Once Null and Void has been cleared at least once, a terminal opens up on revisits that can warp Zero to any desired floor, making it easier to experience every stage (unlike Make a Good Mega Man Level 2, there is no reward for doing so). Additionally, only one music track plays throughout the stage, with no option for variety.


Floor 1[edit]

The entrance to the fortress is guarded by four Shuhorns, each of which is surrounded by elevated terrain. Upon entering the first floor hub, Zero enters a room with five mini-stages, as well as two small Health Energy and Weapon Energy pickups on the bottom. Though they're almost useless on a first playthrough, during revisits Zero can return to this floor between stages to slightly recharge himself.


This stage draws heavily from Floria in Kirby Super Star, taking place in a similar forest area and having an identical season gimmick. By jumping into special crystals scattered throughout the stage, the current season changes, going from spring, to summer, to autumn, to winter, and then back to spring. The stage layout and enemy roster changes with each season, and certain obstacles can only be overcome in specific seasons.


Just like Projectile Party!, this stage uses enemy and boss projectiles (such as Metal Man's blades, Pharaoh Man's waves, and Stone Man's Power Stone) as hazards, with each one being frozen inside a Chill Man Block. Many of these blocks need to be destroyed to progress, with Zero having to avoid the freed projectiles. Sometimes, a La Jaba or Acid Drop will break ice blocks by themselves, freeing their contents. At the end, two copies of Quick Man are found frozen in ice; while they can be battled, it's easier to avoid them and exit the stage before they're broken free by two Acid Drops. Defeating them will reward the player with an M-Tank.


A stage heavily based on Star Man's stage from Mega Man 5, it is a space station-themed stage that reuses many of the original Star Man stage's enemies and gimmicks. Notably, Meteors (the one and only gimmick from the first six NES games missing from the initial release of the Megamix Engine) are used as a major hazard by falling down in large numbers. With the Icicle Chip's Blank Drive, however, Zero is protected from harm as long as his shield of ice remains intact.

Big Fish[edit]

Seemingly set atop a moving train, this stage focuses on avoiding Fire Spikes; both the traditional version, and more esoteric variants that move in more complex patterns (such as going back and forth, or moving in a rectangular path). Sheep Conveyors are also present, but instead of powering machines, Zero uses them to send out of reach Key Coins needed for Key Barriers towards him; some conveyors however are used to make avoiding Fire Spikes harder. A Sheep Conveyor is used at the end to defeat an invincible Stegorus by sending it into a spike pit, releasing a Key it holds in the process. The stage is also home to Hornse, small enemies resembling Centaur Man that toss their heads at Zero when defeated.


An aquatic stage that has Zero contending with Float Shoots (small turrets that shoot in three directions) and Sibuls as he navigates underwater areas. The main gimmick are Chasing Bursts, small explosive blasts that slowly but relentlessly pursue Zero in an attempt to damage him, even following him through walls. At different points, Zero needs to gather Keys for Key Barriers while being pursued by a Chasing Burst.

Floor 2[edit]

The hub on this floor has a set of Tomahawk Platforms that reach up to a set of teleporters on high ledges.


A "shooting gallery" stage, this one is light on enemies aside from Metall βs, Neo Heli Metalls, and Cannon Joes. The real gimmick is a crosshair that follows Zero in nearly every screen, and occasionally stops to "fire" (read: create a large explosion) wherever it's pointing. Much of the crosshair's threat is mitigated, however, by its slow speed and even slower firing rate - it takes up to seven seconds to fire, giving Zero ample time to outrun the cursor. If Zero grabs a Key found in the middle of the stage and takes it to the end, he can open a Key Barrier and reach an E-Tank.


This stage is filled with long rows of spikes and other lethal hazards, with no apparent means of crossing them. However, by touching Starmen that are placed across the stage, Zero will become completely invincible for a short time, and is able to stand on spikes without harm while also killing all enemies just by touching them. Quick movement is encouraged to reach the next Starman before the effects of the last wear off, particularly in the latter half which is set within dangerous lava. The most dangerous threat is a Melody Response Cannon inside lava (also known as the "Lavaproof Response Cannon"), which must be solved before Zero's current Starman wears off and he is killed by the lava.

At the end of the stage, all eight Robot Masters from Mega Man 2 are fought at once; this multi-boss battle is also known as "Mega Man 2 NETA" in the Dojo's Boss Gallery. However, Zero touches a Starman upon entering the arena, and can dash into each Robot Master to destroy them in one hit, wiping out most if not all of them before the effects wear off.


This stage is heavily based around electric-themed enemies, with the Spark Balls from Lightningrod Lab as an omnipresent gimmick. Like in that stage, much of the challenge revolves around avoiding them both as they crawl along surfaces, and as they travel up and down ladders. Many times, Zero will have to avoid them while close to a bottomless pit. Adding to the chaos are Zap Sparkys and Hum Sparkys from Volt Man Factory, who use their own ground-crawling electric sparks in conjunction with the Spark Balls, as well as Electriris from Stormy Spire.

T Money[edit]

This stage, featuring similar aesthetics to Napalm Man's stage, revolves around Landmines; both their default appearance, and a variant that sits atop a floating platform. Many Landmines are placed over spikes (acting as temporary platforms to stand on before they detonate),or are used as barricades (and must be deliberately triggered to remove). Adding to the explosive theme are Crash Blasters and invincible Bomb Pottons as enemies.

CSketch & TruffledToad[edit]

A stage that automatically scrolls at a slow pace, set against the backdrop of a desert environment for its first half, and a more technological aesthetic in its second. The main gimmick of the stage is an invincible Tamp that follows Zero throughout the stage, always teleporting above him in an effort to drop onto him. The section ends with a battle against an Octo Generator, with the Tamp once again posing a threat to Zero alongside the enemies the midboss creates.

Floor 3[edit]

This floor is a tall vertical tower, with four teleporters in each corner while a fifth stands alone in the middle. A set of four Crash Lifts are used to access the three highest teleporters.

Big Fish & MiniMacro[edit]

A stage set amidst a series of city skyscrapers, the focus of the stage is about passing through yellow and blue fields of light while avoiding the shots they create. Yellow fields send small aimed projectiles down from the top of the screen, while blue fields fire them from the bottom. Both fields also create lethal spikes in set locations while Zero stands within them; a few fields move from left to right, necessitating memorization of where spikes spawn and taking care not to stand in those areas when the field passes over Zero. The stage culminates in a battle against a Hyoey, with two yellow light fields on either side of the arena.


This stage, styled like a medieval castle, is a comparatively slower-paced stage that uses shifting tiles as its main gimmick. Zero is tasked with navigating small passageways while avoiding being crushed by the moving tiles, while Wall Blaster IIs and Ben Ks shoot at him, the latter often serving as a minor barricade that needs to be destroyed.


A volcano-themed stage, it starts as a short descent before reaching a Wave Man Jetski, which is used to cross over a long stretch of lava, with Killer Bullets and Rembakuns flying overhead. Halfway through the jetski ride, Fire Pillars start appearing in the lava while Fire Waves are fired to the right from offscreen, albeit with a warning indicating where one will appear. The source of the Fire Waves eventually reveals itself as the sub-boss Magmatron, whom Zero must battle while on the jetski.


Based heavily on Elec Man's stage from Mega Man, this stage is filled with Spines, as well as with Electric Gabyoalls and Gabylasters - a custom Gabyoall-type enemy with the ability to shoot projectiles at Zero. Additional hazards are invincible Octopus Batteries and Elec Blocks, often making it so that (combined with the many Spine variants) there is little safe ground to stand on. At the end of the stage is a battle against Elec Spine and his multitude of Spines.


This stage is filled with fire-themed hazards, chiefly Fire Boys, and dangerous flames similar to those created by ignited Oil. After a short beach section, the level's aesthetic gives way to a more industrial-themed one, with Acid Drops on the ceiling and Scrolling Tiles that must be climbed up or down to progress. After a short ride on one such set of Scrolling Tiles (in which SRARA Shield Attacker slowly flies by), Zero gets into a fight with Dust Man (who has two Acid Drops in his arena) before he can leave the stage.

Floor 4[edit]

This hub has four teleporters on the ground level, while a fifth lies in the centre, on a small high ledge. Four Guts Hovers can be used to reach this top teleporter.


This stage reuses the Acid Waves from Toxic Tunnels, as well as Cone Cannons and Chain Lightnings as enemies. The main challenge lies in platforming around the wavy acid, which often covers the ground needed to move forwards, but if Zero has the Double Jump, he will have an easier time navigating them. Another way to limit danger is to use the Icicle Chip Blank Drive to protect against the acid.


Set in an industrial facility/scrapyard, the main gimmicks are two kinds of Conveyor - traditional horizontal ones, and conveyors in the background (in actuality reskinned Quicksand) that will carry Zero up or down while he stands within them. However, Scworms will frequently send their pipes onto these conveyors, potentially overwhelming Zero if too many join him on a ride. The last stretch has Zero airdashing between background conveyors as they try to carry him into non-lethal spikes; after this small gauntlet, the Pico Shuffle sub-boss is encountered.


This stage is a mini-remake of Aircon Man's stage from Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chousensha, complete with a faux WonderSwan overlay mimicking the original stage's need to be played with the system oriented vertically. Many of the enemies all hail from the original stage, with Hammerfalls and Fatools being particularly prominent; the one foreign enemy are Rembakuns. At the end of the stage, an Octo Generator is battled in a recreation of its role as the original stage's midboss; however, Zero's expanded arsenal means he need not reflect shots off of the Fatools it generates.

Big Fish[edit]

This stage revolves around Shock Blocks that create dangerous electric sparks when touched, either by Zero or by enemies such as Wallingers or Press'ns. Their colour and orientation dictate what direction the sparks will travel in, and touching even one block will trigger all onscreen Shock Blocks, requiring an acute awareness of Zero's surroundings to avoid getting zapped.


A somewhat harder mini-remake of Zieldak's own Wicked Waterworks, this stage shares a recoloured version of its tileset, and many of its enemies and gimmicks. The two most notable new additions to this roster are the projectile-shooting Fugudoku, and a set of Underwater Fans that continually push Zero upwards. Natch, most of these fans are placed beneath deadly spikes. The hardest challenge appears near the end, where these fans are needed to cross a long corridor with a bottomless pit and spiked ceiling. As Zero's airdash ability isn't reset while travelling between fans, he must be careful about when he chooses to use the dash.

Floor 5[edit]

Two Bubble Floors line the ground, acting as a quick way to reach the three highest teleporters in the hub.


Using Konro Platforms resprited to look like Zero's Rush Jet in MaGMML2, Zero travels between three large airships, each of which he is required to travel inside to reach a Ship Core. Damaging this core enough times will trigger a 15 second countdown as the ship blows up, with Zero needing to escape on a pseudo-jet board that will take him to the next airship. If the countdown reaches zero, the airship explodes, sending Zero into the bottomless abyss below to his death. Each successive airship increases in size and complexity, with Subeils, Tatepakkans, and modified Tondealls (that fire only one shot at a time and have slightly more HP) acting as security robots in each ship. Mercury Blocks are also utilized as blockades.


Based on Hard to See Land from the original Make a Good Mega Man Level, this stage sees Zero using Top Spinners to move up tall towers and over long distances. These tops also act as a switch for Switch Blocks and "Switch Spikes", with red blocks/spikes becoming active while Zero rides on a top, and blue ones activating when he doesn't. As such, he is often required to jump off a Top Spinner at various points to deactivate blocks that otherwise keep him out. The Crystal Generators from the original stage's climax also reappear, with Zero having to move carefully around them as they drop into pits below.


This stage uses numerous gimmicks that require careful timing to bypass, chiefly Lightning Strikes and a vertical version of Rail Platforms. The latter of these will move either up or down based on the direction of their arrows, and invariably threaten to send him into a spiked ceiling or bottomless pit if stood on for too long. In addition to Lightning Strikes that happen periodically between Rail Platforms, there are also sections where "waves" of Lightning Strikes will strike a long corridor, requiring Zero to keep up with the strikes. For these sections, the Zap Chip's speed increase is invaluable.


This stage is set in and around a tall building, with many areas being set outside, with Toad Rain pushing against Zero while Lightning Strikes attack set points at regular intervals. Lightweight enemies such as Gobots and Ballonboos attack him in these areas, while interior areas have Zero avoiding Cyber Gabyoalls and Sniper Moes while crossing across Fork Blocks.


A stage using the same tileset as Elec Man's stage in Mega Man: The Wily Wars, this one focuses mostly on vertical climbs while being attacked by Wall Blasters, Watchers, and the rocket-powered Hyper Suzies. Embedded in the ceiling are lightning generators that periodically emit lightning bolts (identical to those used by Kaminari Kogoros in rain) downwards. Typically, a block underneath one of these generators will be gold-coloured, while a safe block is coloured green. At the end of this stage, Elec Man himself is fought as a sub-boss.

Floor 6[edit]

On this floor, two teleporters are on ground level, while three are higher up and are reached by a pair of green Brightman Platforms.


Set inside an industrial area within a volcanic environment, Zero is bedeviled by conveyors, lava, and Tackle Fire-based enemies and gimmicks, such as Hotheads, Tackle Fire Dispensers, and Lazy Tackle Fires; giant Tackle Fires that drop from the ceiling and stay still before eventually fizzling out. Midway through the stage, a Changkey Dragon is battled, and after its death the lava slowly rises up. Zero must then navigate a treacherous path of conveyors and Tackle Fires before the rising lava catches up to him and melts him down.


Based on Infinity Mijinion's stage from Mega Man X6, this stage pits Zero against the imposing gaze of Illumina Alpha, a giant robot in the background. Every so often, Illumina will cause the screen to flash, and if Zero isn't behind a set of brown background tiles, he will be sent back to the start of the current section. Another obstacle are invisible tiles that make discerning a safe path forwards difficult. However, Illumina's flash will briefly render them visible, and their length can be estimated by the way Turbo Roaders drive across them. At the end, Zero finds Illumina Alpha's core, while the giant robot takes on a more offensive mode to prevent him from destroying it. Once Zero does destroy the core, however, he will be able to exit the stage.

Big Fish, CSketch, & DeltaMudkip[edit]

This stage revolves around fighting Coccos and their Corocoros, while avoiding bananas that fall out of background palm trees at regular intervals. These bananas can cause Zero to fall into a pit if he's careless, so using the Icicle Drive is an ideal means of moving past the trees quickly and safely. Also encountered as enemies are Coltons modified to shoot carrots directly at Zero, and Robo-Rabbits. A rip-roaring battle for the ages waits at the end, where Zero must battle the one and only Big Chungus.


This stage acts as a micro-remake of Offshore Hangar Cluster, using the same tileset, jetski gimmick, and encouragement to gather as many Keys as possible (in this case, a total of five). At the end of the stage, Zero is forced to press a Frog Switch, inverting the active and inactive Frog Blocks and triggering a countdown that lasts one minute and thirty seconds. If enough Keys have been collected, a set of shortcuts gated off by Key Barriers can be taken, and if at least one Key is in Zero's possession once he reaches the exit, he can unlock a Key Barrier and grab an E-Tank.


The main gimmick of this stage are Spike Trains that travel across outlined paths, and will damage Zero if he touches them. However, they aren't directly capable of instantly killing him. Aiding them in their threat are Boostuns, Tellies, and Subeils patrolling the ground.

Floor 7[edit]

The penultimate floor before the end has only four teleporters, as opposed to the lower six floors' five, with no gimmicks at all. The layout of this floor is, in fact, identical to Null and Void's Floor 1 in MaGMML2.

Spin Attaxx & PhazonMotherBrain[edit]

Loosely based on Identity Crisis from MaGMML2, many sections of this stage are covered in spikes and/or bombarded by infinitely spawning projectiles. To navigate them, Zero must use Glass Blowers to encase himself in a glass orb that functions just like the Power Orb from Make a Good Mega Man Level Remastered. By using careful bounces, he must make his way through these dangerous areas before the glass shatters. At the end of this stage, Zero faces down the Alter Archive.

Scatman's World[edit]

Something of a sequel to Pepsi Zero, Zero returns to Pepsi City (or at least a version of it) and rides across a highway on a Frost Sled, with Pepsi Heads riding after him on Item-Ps and Nitro Trucks acting as obstacles to jump over/onto. Halfway through the ride, Pepsi Cans reappear in both rolling and bouncing forms. If Zero doesn't want to risk being pegged by a can, he can use his Z-Saber to cut them apart. After a while, Pepsi Man runs after Zero before jumping atop a truck, battling him once again as Pepsi Man's Revenge.


This stage puts Zero in an area resembling a laboratory, with numerous copies of him (known as Trailing Zero) being created en masse and mimicking his movements to the pixel, even if a platform he stood on earlier no longer exists. With no way to damage them, Zero is forced to outrun them and put distance between himself and his shadowy duplicates. There are five chambers of varying size and complexity, with each one focusing on at least one new or different gimmick compared to the last. If Zero uses the Icicle Drive, however, he can trivialise the Trailing Zeros' threat as they become unable to harm him so long as the shield is up. At the end of the stage, a single Trailing Zero is battled as a sub-boss.


Based heavily on Clown Man's stage from Mega Man 8, the stage features 8-bit versions of almost all its gimmicks, including Shuponpons, Clown Boxes, and even rotating spike blocks from Magic Man's stage in Mega Man & Bass. The only truly original enemies are the clown-like Bootsie, and Hatter Joes, the latter of which also serves as a recurring midboss.


On the eight and final floor, Zero encounters SRARA, and is soon pulled into a battle against all four of its members one after the other. Once he defeats them, he encounters the bizarre Unununium entity, before Trio is resurrected and flies into the sky. Chasing after him with Duo, Zero arrives in a starfield with no gravity (similar to the falling sections of Explosive Freefall). With free movement, the stage slowly scrolls to the left, with small Evil Energy skulls appearing as minor enemies. Every so often, Trio will fire blasts at him and Duo from offscreen, forcing him to take cover to avoid them. After about a minute, the final battle commences.

Z-Phone Dialogue[edit]

Contact Transcript
ZPhoneWily.png Dr. Wily Dr. Wily: Null and Void?

Stop speaking in riddles. And also, stop masking your coordinates!

Zero: I am not masking anything, I am simply not in this dimension any longer.

Dr. Wily: Are you trying to prank call me? Bah, I'm hanging up.

ZPhoneKrantz.png Agent Krantz Krantz: Null and Void?

Zero: Do you not have anything to say?

Krantz: I mean, it's called Null and Void, is it not?

Zero: ...

Krantz: Truth be told, I have no clue what lies beyond there.

I've lent as much help as I can up to this point. Now, you'll need to provide your own judgement.

I'm rooting for you, Zero!

Stern: ...

Krantz: Gil.

Stern: I'm... rooting for you too, Zero.

ZPhoneYamato.png Yamato Man Gannio Floor 1 Yamato Man: WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING?!

Zero: I feel an overwhelming sense of power! I am... invincible! Indomitable! Unyielding! Unflinching!

Yamato Man: Dear Gods, it's getting to your head!

Just plow through those robots and get the hell out of there before you go out of control!

Zero: I am a God of Destruction.

Yamato Man: Tomahawk Man, dial up Dr. Light.


Zero: What? I feel fine.

Yamato Man: Alright, lemme read you "Robot's Guide to Getting BURNED ALIVE BY LAVA!"

Zero: ...oh yes. There is lava around me, isn't there?

Yamato Man: I'm hanging up now. Hurry and hit the switches in the right order!

Magmatron Yamato Man: Magmatron?

That's... certainly, uh, something. Is it a fire dragon? A lava caterpillar? A mechanical war machine?

Well, whatever it is, just unload your arsenal and utilize the platforms to dodge the large fireballs that track you and the wall
of fire waves that shoot out one at a time; whenever one of those is about to move forward, it pulls back slightly, so keep your
eyes peeled!

...Seriously, though, what the hell is that thing?

Zero: Maybe its bizarre form is purposeful, meant to distract and confuse its enemies.

Yamato Man: By the Gods! Psychological warfare! My biggest weakness!!!

Elec Spine Yamato Man: Elec Spine? Isn't that just Elec Man with a hat? What's he doing here?!

He's meant to be running to generate electricity for the festival!

...Y'know, I hate slackers with a passion, but I can't stay mad at his killer sense of fashion.

Zero: I did not take you for the type to be interested in fashion.

Yamato Man: You fool! Fashion is extremely important in combat! Especially hats!

Why do you think Robot Masters have such flashy helmets most of the time?!

For now, though, focus on the opponent.

"Elec Spine" has a simple strategy, running across the room and simply summoning Gabyoalls, either standard ones or ones
that shoot at you.

His mission is to overwhelm you, but just keep your calm and jump over the Gabyoalls and you'll be fine, especially since he'll
make them vanish once they're out for long enough.

Dust Man Yamato Man: Dust Man?

What is he doing fighting you?! He has no chance of winning! I thought he didn't like sucking more than he could handle...?

Zero: Perhaps he was being literal, considering his sucking ability.

Yamato Man: In that case, beat him up before he sucks too much!

It should be easy, just move in the opposite direction when he starts vacuuming and jump over the Dust Crushers without
moving too much in either direction, since they split into four bullets in an X formation.

Zero: It is quite tragic that a robot made for sucking finds little enjoyment in the act.

Yamato Man: Meh, it's on him. The guy's got a perfectly good buster and he doesn't use it!

Remember, Zero, a warrior always uses every tool at his disposal!

Pico Shuffle Yamato Man: Pico Shuffle? Isn't that that new toy?

Zero: ...Toy?

Yamato Man: Yeah, I remember reading that after Dr. Light sold the patent for his house security system, nobody was buying it.

So they turned it into a toy...

I doubt the toy itself was this deadly though, somebody must've modified it!

Just take out all of the lit up Picos, and look at the number over their heads to figure out the order they'll shoot in.

Zero: Excuse me, but how exactly does this work as a toy?

Yamato Man: Have ya ever played Bop-It?

Zero: No.

Yamato Man: Yeah.

Elec Man Yamato Man: Elec Man? What's he doing here?!

He's meant to be running to generate electricity for the festival!

Grrr...I'll tell you what, Zero, I hate slackers more than most other things! I hate them even more than children!

Zero: What do you have against human infants?

Yamato Man: They're tiny, frail, bratty, and not good for fighting at all!

Zero: Uh-huh.

Yamato Man: Now YOU stop slacking and go punish that Elec Man for slacking!!

He hasn't even changed his fighting style one bit since that time he got reprogrammed by Wily, so he still has that crippling
weakness to sharp things; slice 'em up with that Cutter Chip of yours!!!

Zero: Quite a brutal punishment for, erm, slacking; do you not agree?


Illumina Alpha Yamato Man: Illumina Alpha? What kind of name is that?

If you were to take on the robot itself, you'd be in trouble; I mean, it's colossal!

Good thing whoever built it just left the core exposed out here!

Watch out for the shots the robot itself fires from the background though, and the security birds.

Zero: Security birds?

Yamato Man: Security birds!

Zero: Security birds.

Yamato Man: Hey, that ain't so weird! Hell, even the Dojo has one!

Tomahawk Man's pet eagle is always staring down everyone in the Dojo from a window in his room. Terrifying little fella.

This is basically the same thing, but, y'know, an infinite supply of robot birds. For maximum murder efficiency!

Zero: Security birds...

Yamato Man: Yup.

Big Chungus Yamato Man: Big Chungus? I'm hanging up.

Zero: W-Wait, what-

Alter Archive Yamato Man: Alter Archive? Oh right, one of these. Hmph.

Zero: ...Is something the matter?

Yamato Man: That fool Wily once made a machine just like this one, with data from a plethora of Robot Masters, and
guess what?!

He didn't use my data!

I guess he must think I'm not good enough to beat that Mega Man, even though I only lost to him once after he shoddily
reprogrammed me!

...Now that I think about it, ALL of those Robot Masters lost to Mega Man, why did he not pick me then?!

Zero: Yamato Man, please focus on the present.

Yamato Man: Harrumph. Fine. That cowboy aims his shots at you so keep that in mind when you dodge 'em.

The blobs fired by the hazmat girl slide back down towards her after sticking to the wall.

Lastly, get right below the match with eyes when he jumps and creates fire waves on both sides.

Seriously though, what do any of these guys, or the ones from that Wily plan, have that I don't?!

Pepsi Man's
Yamato Man: Pepsi Man? Again?

What, did they make another one? It seems this one gets tired more easily, since it prefers to fire off attacks while standing
on top of a truck instead of the trademark running of the original!

Be careful when the truck pulls the brakes, and move left so you don't get rammed.

And weave between the gaps when he fires that blob that splits into tons of tiny drops mid-air!

I wonder what flavour that Pepsi is. Hey, Zero, what's your favourite Pepsi flavour?

Zero: I have not consumed any kind of Pepsi liquid, so I cannot say.

Yamato Man: Well, my favourite is Pepsi Ice Cucumber! It's not available here in the States, so I keep importing it.

Would you like to try some later?

Zero: ...I shall pass.

Trailing Zero Yamato Man: Trailing Zero? Y'know, they say every hero has a doppelganger!

Zero: Does that... make me a hero?

Yamato Man: He is a shadow, the true self! The foil to your good heart and kind nature! The yin to your yang!

...He seems quite content with just copying your movement, though. Be careful with how you move, and don't stand still for
too long.

Though, if you're far enough ahead, it could be smart to stand in place for a moment so that he'll also stand in place once he
reaches that point, letting you pelt him with bullets!

Zero: ...I feel quite underwhelmed by this doppelganger.

Yamato Man: Hey, beggars can't be choosers!

Hatter Joe Yamato Man: Hatter Joe?

Isn't he the guy that pops up from the different hats in explosions of confetti and throws cards at you?

Zero: When you word it like that, he does seem quite simplistic, yes.

Yamato Man: I gotta wonder though. You know, magicians... they pull things out of hats, but they don't come out of hats
themselves, right?

Zero: From my limited knowledge on magicians, that seems to be correct, yes.

Yamato Man: What if the guy coming out of the hats isn't Hatter Joe then?

What if he's some unseeable entity that keeps pulling out card-throwing Joes out of hats until he's had enough?

What if he's still out there?! This Hatter Joe might be the true mastermind! Our greatest foe!

Zero: ...I believe you are overthinking a simple flashy battle strategy.

Yamato Man: And I believe you lack some serious imagination!

SRARA Yamato Man: SRARA is making you fight all of them in a row?! That's barely fair!

But don't think they'll be as easy as last time. They've been training hard and getting stronger, like you!

Let them serve as an example of how important training is! Train and fight, Zero! TRAIN AND FIGHT!!!

Zero: Advice, please.

Yamato Man: TRAIN AND-- Ehem. They've all gotten stronger, but their moves are still basically the same, just with extra

That Up'n'Down looks like he's learned a new move though...

Remember to rush to the middle for health refills from Duo in-between each victory!

Unununium Yamato Man: ...I'm reminded of a certain someone.

Zero: Who could that be?

Yamato Man: ...

Nevermind. Just like that certain someone, it's much stronger than it looks!

I sense very entropic energy, so expect fast erratic movements all over the battlefield, and a smattering of projectiles too!

Keeping your distance seems like the best option in general, as it may allow you to get a grip on its movement and

Don't lose your cool when it corners you with two portals on both ends though.

What is even coming out of those portals?!

It seems to be random what kind of creatures it summons, but they all have very simple patterns, so, again, don't be

Trio Yamato Man: That robot isn't familiar to me... but that potent evil I feel... That is familiar.

Such a cold, lifeless aura... I've read stories of the Evil Energy's effects on people, and I'm warning you, Zero, don't you ever
be deceived!

Power obtained by Evil Energy is not true power! And with your true power, and Duo's help, you can persevere!!

Try to rush in while he's focusing on your partner, but cover for them if they need support!

In fact, that Duo seems to know a lot more than me about this evil robot, so pay attention to whatever he says!

Communication and mutual support is always key to a good relationship!!

And buying nice gifts is also a good way to show that you care!

Zero: You are starting to ruin the mood a little.

Yamato Man: Just go get him!!!

ZPhoneKnives.png Knives Knives: Woaahhh, you're so dedicated to me! You're thinking of me even during the final boss fight!

Zero: The what?

Knives: You'd never understand. So I won't even have to explain!

But I can't really fly out there 'cuz that's, like, a special area. No dates there!

It just doesn't work! Otherwise, I'd totally do it. All space-y and nothing-y and stuff.


  • The starfield that leads up to Trio is considered a separate stage internally, and has the name "Celestial Ridge". This name is still present in the jukebox tracks for Null and Void.
  • The lead-up to Trio initially had original music composed for it, but it was replaced with Gideon's Subspace from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game to be more atmospheric. The original music can still be heard from the jukebox in Chateau Chevaleresque.
  • For Buster's room, the skull platforms seen in Clown Man's stage were intended to appear as a gimmick, but were removed due to issues with getting them to work. The platforms still appear in a room past the end of the stage, but they merely hang in the air and do nothing.

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