Mega Man 4

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Mega Man 4
Megaman4 box.png
Mega Man 4 North American boxart

Mega Man 4 is the fourth game in the classic Mega Man series. On top of having a more polished presentation compared to the third game, it also refined the gameplay further. The game marks the debut of Eddie, and adds the ability to charge the Mega Buster, a feature that would continue to appear in games afterwards (with the exceptions of Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10). Finally, the idea of additional stages between the Robot Masters and Dr. Wily was given a larger story purpose; the four additional stages take place in the citadel of Dr. Mikhail Sergeyevich Cossack, the (supposed) new villain of the game, and Dr. Wily's involvement in the plot is not revealed until after Dr. Cossack has been defeated.

Representation in MaGMML[edit]

While Mega Man 4 has more or less received an average reception, it has received strong amounts of representation in the MaGMML series, to the point where every standard enemy and midboss will be included in the devkit by MaGMML3.


Devkit Assets[edit]


Mini Bosses[edit]




  • Bright Man appears as a secret boss in MaGMML1.
  • Bright Man is one of the four Robot Masters playable in the MaGMML2 entry Identity Crisis.
  • An unused object from this game appears in the MaGMML3 Judge Application Level Magnum Man, functioning as a spring.
  • A Haehaey, Bright Man, Toad Man, Ring Man, and Skull Man appear as NPCs in the hubs of MaGMML1. The latter three reappear in MaGMML2, along with the previously absent Robot Masters Drill Man, Pharaoh Man, Dust Man, and Dive Man, while Bright Man only appears in the forms of statues in his likeness. Up'n'Downs also appear as NPCs in the same game.
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