Mega Man II

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Mega Man II
MegamanII box.jpg
Mega Man II North American boxart

Mega Man II is the second classic Mega Man game on the Game Boy. Following the pattern set by Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge, the game features the four Robot Masters from Mega Man 2 not featured in the prior Game Boy game. There are still two fortress stages, but the first consists solely of four teleporters that lead to stages featuring Robot Masters from Mega Man 3, followed by a battle against the new character Quint. The ability to slide has been brought over from Mega Man 3, as has Rush.

Mega Man II was developed by a different team than the one that worked on the other four Game Boy games, and as a result, it has some noticeable differences, such as inconsistent enemy scaling, different sound effects, and a soundtrack that, while not necessarily considered bad, has startlingly high octaves. As a result, the game is the most criticized of the Game Boy Mega Man games, and one of the more criticized titles in the series overall.

Representation in MaGMML[edit]

Mega Man II provides very little original content to work with, and the small representation it has received covers most, if not all of the unique content in the game.



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