Mega Man Powered Up

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Mega Man Powered Up
MegamanPoweredUp box.jpg
Mega Man Powered Up North American boxart

Mega Man Powered Up is a game in the classic Mega Man series. It is a remake of Mega Man 1 with chibi-style designs and a plethora of new features. The game can be played in either Old Style, which mimics the original game, or New Style, which includes several differences from the original game, such as an intro stage, two new Robot Masters (to fit with the typical amount of Robot Masters in Mega Man games being eight, as opposed to the six of Mega Man 1), new weapons, a revised weakness order to accommodate for the new Robot Masters, and three difficulty levels. The game also includes several enemies from later Mega Man games, such as Hotheads and Battons.

Mega Man Powered Up also includes several bonus features outside of the main game. Each of the eight Robot Masters can be unlocked as playable characters if Mega Man defeats them with only the Mega Buster, and they (alongside Mega Man himself) have access to special challenge stages centered around their play styles, as well as ten boss rush challenges that can be played with any character. Clearing all 100 challenges will unlock Proto Man as a playable character. Other unlockable characters include Mega Man with his slide ability from Mega Man 3, Mega Man with his slide and charge shot from Mega Man 4, Mega Man in his original form of "Rock" (referred to as "Mega" in English translations of this game), and Roll (who is downloadable). A level builder (referred to as "Construction Mode") is also available.

Representation in MaGMML[edit]

While the game provides more original material to work with than remakes such as Mega Man: The Wily Wars, Mega Man Powered Up is one of the less represented games in the MaGMML series, possibly because the game uses 3D models instead of 8-bit sprites.


Time Slow24H

Devkit Assets[edit]


Shield Guard3


Destroyable Block2
Water Block23
Oil Slick3
Switch Ball3
Switch Block3
Easy CubeMegamix Only


MaGMML3 Oil.png
Oil Man3


  • Time Man and Oil Man appear as NPCs in Make a Good Mega Man Level, the remake of said game, Make a Good Mega Man Level 2, and Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero. In MaGMML1 and MaGMML2, they use otherwise-unused sprites from the fangame Rockman 8 Famicom. MaGMML1R and MaGMML: Episode Zero use brand new sprites for them, with Time Man's coming from Mega Man Maker and Oil Man's coming from the Megamix Engine (which in turn takes the design for the latter from the Mega Man Archie Comics series).
    • Time Man's appearance in MaGMML: Episode Zero only occurs if the player does not have DirectX9 installed on their system, at which point he appears at the start of Temporal Pillar to offer a download link, as well as warning the player about the absence of a shader effect if they continue regardless.

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