Metall Dance

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Metall Dance
In-Game Information
HP: 3
Attack Damage: 3 (contact)
2 (projectile)
Weakness(es): Sakugarne2
Tornado Blow, Thunder Beam3
Concrete Shot48H
Z-Saber (No Chip), Cutter Chip (Z-Saber, Blank Drive)EZ
Top Spin, Black Hole Bomb, Slash Claw, Plant BarrierMegamix Only
Category: Mets
Location(s): MaGMML2:
Forgotten Fortress
Blaze Man
Spiky Situation
Conveyor Mayhem
Bouncy Castle
Escape Sequence
Reality Core
Swiss Hotel
The Pit of Pits
Null and Void
Weapon Tutorials
Pint House Power House
Deep Dark Temple
Pandora's Parlor
MaGMML: Episode Zero:
Surveillance Canyon
Misc. Information
Script: メットールダンス
Romaji: Mettōru Dansu
Programmer(s): snoruntpyro
Series Information
Official Game Appearances: Mega Man 4
Mega Man III
MaGMML Game Appearances: MaGMML2 (Enemy)
MaGMML: Episode Zero (Enemy)
Megamix Engine

Metall Dance is an enemy from Mega Man 4. It is a variant of Metall EX that spins around.

Metall Dance was first made available in the devkit for Make a Good Mega Man Level 2, where it appeared in the entries Forgotten Fortress, Blaze Man, Spiky Situation, Conveyor Mayhem, Bouncy Castle, and Escape Sequence, as well as the Wily stage Reality Core, the Tier X stage Swiss Hotel, the Pit of Pits sub-levels "A missiled opportunity" and "Epic Wrap Battle", and in Null and Void. It also made an appearance in the Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero level Surveillance Canyon, and in the Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level stages Pint House Power House, Deep Dark Temple, and Pandora's Parlor, as well as in that game's Weapon Tutorials.


Metall Dances will hide in their helmet at first. When Mega Man gets close, it reveals itself and begins spinning around while firing three projectiles, one at a time. After firing three projectiles, it will hide again.

Damage Table[edit]

Make a Good Mega Man LevelMegamix Only[edit]

M.Buster M.Blade G.Laser S.Blaze T.Spin T.Wool B.H.Bomb P.Shot M.Card
1/1/3 1 1 2 3 0.5 3 1/5 2
Other Notes

Make a Good Mega Man Level 2[edit]

M.Buster H.ChaserH.Pumpkin J.SatelliteB.Barrier G.BusterN.BombL.Rocket T.BladeT.Cluster F.StopperC.Distorter S.ClawF.Beam W.CutterH.Trapper SakugarneM.Blast W.AdaptorC.Claw S.Arrow
Other Notes Top row is damage in MaGMML2; bottom row is damage from MaGMML2 weapons in the Megamix Engine

Make a Good Mega Man Level 3[edit]

M.Buster S.Chaser L.Trident W.Shield T.Blow T.Beam M.Shockwave I.Wall B.Dash
1/1/3 1 1 1 4 3 0 2 2
Other Notes

Make a Good 24 Hour Mega Man LevelMegamix Only[edit]

M.Buster S.Arm C.Spike Skeletup n' Pakkajoe
1/1/3 4/2 1/5 99
Other Notes

Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level[edit]

M.Buster F.Mixer R.Flush S.Shock S.Snake T.Blade S.Water C.Shot H.Sniper Beat
1/1/3 2 2 0 2 1/1/2 2 3 2 2
Other Notes With the Smite upgrade, all weapons do 999 damage.

Make a Good Mega Man Level: Episode Zero[edit]

Z-Buster Z-Saber Z-Burst Blank Drive
No Chip 1 4 2 99
Cutter Chip 2 4 3 4
Flame Chip 1 1 2 1
Icicle Chip 1 1 2 1
Zap Chip 1 1 2 2
Psycho Chip 1 1* 2 2
Other Notes *Reflected shots do 2 damage.

Megamix Engine[edit]

M.Buster T.Stopper P.Stone P.Barrier B.Dropper I.Slasher
1/1/3 Y 2 4 0 2
Other Notes


  • The MaGMML2 devkit and Megamix Engine refer to the Metall Dance as "Metall Spin".